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gement. The casualties were as follows: Company A. Killed: Private James Henley. Wounded: Privates James G. Tate, in leg; H. Snodgrass, in arm; H. It. Coltherco, in head: A. J. Pierce, in left shoulder. Company B. Killed: Private James T. Sanders. Wounded: Corporal George W. Gross, in thigh; private Daniel Munick, in mouth. Company C. Killed: Private George Snuffer. Wounded: Privates John Newby, James M. Sloan. Company D. Wounded: Privates S. E. James, William Umbarger, James Duncan, Isaac Broun, A. O. Saunders. Company G. Killed: First Lieutenant Robert C. Taylor. Wounded: Sergeant E. McIngles, privates William Duarty, John Craig, J. H. Kropff, E. D. Cradock. Company H. Killed: Sergeant Samuel G. Rapp. Wounded: Privates J. A. Leech, John O. Lewis, James F. Reynolds. Company L. Wounded: Sergeants Samuel J. Sleper, John H. Kepps, Corporal Henry D. Price, private Joel R. Cook. Killed: Private Samuel G. Sites. recapitulation of casualties, June 27. Wo
Archibald H. Grimke, William Lloyd Garrison the Abolitionist, Chapter 4: the hour and the man. (search)
be just for one moment, it is hallowed forever; and if it be inequitable, not a day should it be tolerated. In 1824, eight years after the publication of Bourne's book, and five years before Garrison announced the doctrine in the Genius, the Rev. James Duncan maintained it, in his Treatise on slavery, with no uncertainty of sense or conviction. But neither Bourne nor Duncan had been able to effect an incarnation of the doctrine, without which the good which it aimed at could not be achieved.Duncan had been able to effect an incarnation of the doctrine, without which the good which it aimed at could not be achieved. What they failed to effect, it is the glory of Garrison that he achieved in his own person. He was total and immediate Abolition personified. Truth is mighty and will prevail, is a wise saying and worthy of acceptation. But this ultimate prevailing of truth depends mainly upon individual effort, applied not intermittently, but steadily to a particular segment of the circle of conduct. It is the long, strong, never-ending pull and tug upon the wheels of conduct, which marks the great reform
Archibald H. Grimke, William Lloyd Garrison the Abolitionist, Index. (search)
York, 170. Courier, Boston, 128, 129, 217. Courier and Enquirer, New York, 171. Corwin, Thomas, 372. Cox, Abraham L., 185, 203, 209. Crandall, Prudence, 165-168, 199. Cresson, Elliott, 150, 151, 153. Cropper, James, 154, 205. Curtin, Andrew G., 372. Curtis, Benjamin R., 354. Cuyler, Rev. Theodore L., 384. Davis, Jefferson, 338, 376. Disunion Convention at Worcester, 361-363. Dole, Ebenezer, 86. Douglas, Stephen A., 353, 365. Douglass, Frederick, 300, 344. Dred Scott Case, 364. Duncan, Rev. James, 008-109. Emancipator, The, 283, 285, 286, 328. Emerson, Ralph Waldo, 281. Evening Post, New York, 208. Everett, Edward, 30, 31, 243, 244. Farnham, Martha, 16. Fessenden, Samuel, 141, 148. Follen, Prof. Charles, 201, 203, 247. Forten, James, 144. Foster, Stephen S., 310, 375. Foster, William E., 390. Fremont, John C., 361. Free Press, 27, 34. Fugitive Slave Law, effect of, 345-347. Fugitive Slaves, The Crafts, Shadrach, Sims, Burns, 349. Fuller, John E., 219. Furness,
career, 1.192, 273; generosity to G., 1.93, 2.84; prize for A. S. essay, 1.204; at Peace Convention, 228.—Letters from G., 1.192, 260, 284, 306. Douglass, Frederick [b. Talbot Co., Md., Feb., 1817], 2.292.—Portrait in Life, and in Autographs of Freedom, vol. 2. Douglass, Robert, 2.222. Downes, John [1786-1855], 2.330. Dresser, Amos, Rev., 2.327. Duclos de Boussais, 2.384. Duffield, George, Rev. [b. Strasburg, Pa., July 4, 1794; d. Detroit, Mich., June 26, 1868], 1.399. Duncan, James, Rev., 1.144.—But see particularly the Postscript which immediately follows the Preface to Volume I. Durfee, Gilbert H., 2.103. Dwight, Timothy, Rev. [1752-1817], 1.21. Earle, Thomas [b. Leicester, Mass., Apr. 21, 1796; d. Philadelphia, July 14, 1849], biographer of Lundy, 2.323; nominated for V. President, 342, 343, 435, democratic views, 343; of committee to recover Emancipator, 351. Eastburn, John H., 1.73. Eayrs, Joseph H., 2.263. Eclectic Review, 1.301. Edwards, Justin, Re<
Francis Jackson Garrison, William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879; the story of his life told by his children: volume 1, Chapter 6: the genius of Universal emancipation.1829-30. (search)
n which appears to have been made in the United States prior to the above declaration of Garrison's, was in A Treatise on Slavery, in which is shown forth the Evil of Slaveholding, both from the Light of Nature and Divine Revelation, by [Rev.] James Duncan. This was a small volume printed at the Indiana Register office, in Vevay, Indiana, in the year 1824, in which the author showed the fallacy of gradualism, at the very outset, in his preface. The work is a remarkable one, and indicates that MrMr. Duncan possessed great powers of reasoning, and rare clearness of vision, for that day, on the subject of slavery. He devoted much space to proving slavery to be a violation of all the Commandments, and of the Divine Law, opposed to republicanism, and hurtful to masters as well as slaves. Slaveholders were warned that they could not escape perdition for their sins, if they failed to repent and release their captives. The book, written from the extreme orthodox standpoint, bore evidence on ever
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Paroles of the Army of Northern Virginia. (search)
ements, 20. I certify, on honor, that of the men returned on this roll only (26) twenty-six were armed on the morning of the 9th inst. [61] T. R. Adams, 1st Lt. Commanding Johnston Artillery. Roll of Captain Thos. Kevill's Company United Artillery (Unattached) Virginia Volunteers. John T. Bullock, 1st Sergeant. Alphonso Bullock, Sergeant. Wm. F. Costino, Sergeant. Jno. Gillis, Sergeant. Geo. J. Allen, Corporal M. Gavian, Corporal. Privates. John Fowler, Jas. Duncan, John P. Kevill, Chas. Fisher, Geo. Scullatas, James Stokes, Wm. P. Pitt, Riddick Miller, Jno. Stare, Jno. Morriss, John Fliym, R. O. Vaughn, Geo. Thompson, William Dudley, Wm. Colonna, Geo. Land, Chas. Reid, John Thomas, Geo. T. Parker, J. H. Dean, Jas. B. Yarborough, Wm. Morgan, F. J. Robinson. [29] Public property on hand: 5 muskets, 5 cartridge boxes, 5 cap boxes and belts, 5 bayonets and scabbards. I certify, on honor, that of the men returned o
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
Edwards, Nathan Odom, Private C. S. Alligood, Asa Holt, W. M. Isler. Co. D. Private William Howell, Hawkins, John Tatum, William Catledge. Co. E. 3d Sergeant John W. Jones, Private H. Holtzclaw, Every Stokeley, Private William Bailey, Wm. C. Bryan, N. W. Howell. Co. F. 1st Sergeant F. M. Brown, Private J. A. Hill, Wm. A. Lindsay, Private James Newson, J. A. Taylor. Co. G. 1st Sergeant C. W. Bannerman, 2d Sergeant J. F. Reichert, 5th Sergeant James Duncan, Private John H. Brooker, Thomas Freeman. Co. H. 1st Sergeant J. J. Hawkins, Private John Parker, Private W. C. Durham. Co. K. 1st Sergeant W. H. Bryan, Private D. T. Stringer, J. W. Clarke, S. B. Zeigler, Private H. Leger, Comm'y Sergeant F. M. Sweatman, Private William Hawkins, John T. Lynch. [47] Eighth Florida Regiment. Co. A. Private J. G. Clements. Co. B. Corporal O. R. Griffin, Private J. M. McJenkins, Private F. W. Andrews, W. F. Mess
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 36. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.1 (search)
ry Wirz. Finding—The Commission, after having maturely considered the evidence adduced, find the accused guilty, as follows: Of specification to Charge 1, guilty, after amending said specification as follows: In this, that the said Henry Wirz did combine, confederate and conspire with them, the said Jefferson Davis, James A. Seddon, Howell Cobb, John H. Winder, Richard B. Winder, Isaiah H. White, S. Reed, R. R. Stephenson, S. P. Moore,——Keer (late hospital steward at Andersonville), James Duncan, Wesley W. Turner, Benjamin Harris, and others whose names are unknown, maliciously and traitorously and in violation of the laws of war, to impair and injure the health and to destroy the lives of a large number of Federal prisoners, to-wit, 45,000 soldiers, etc. The court implicated with Wirz, President Davis and members of his Cabinet and other high officials of the Confederate service, but the others mentioned were never brought to trial. On Nov. 6, Wirz was sentenced to death, an<
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 36. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.30 (search)
861, at Manassas, of typhoid fever. Dowell, Major M., wounded August 30, 1862, in second Manassas battle; killed July 3, 1863, at Gettysburg. Dunett, Thomas D., captured April 26, 1862, at Yorktown. Exchanged August 5, 1862; wounded in hip July 3, 1863, in battle at Gettysburg, and captured. Exchanged August 28, 1863. Dowell, R. E., wounded in hip in battle at Brook Church, May 12, 1864; little finger shot off in battle at Cold Harbor. Dowell, Ezekiel, enlisted August, 1863. Duncan, J. B. Draper, John, discharged on regular detail. Edwards, Tazewell S., discharged by conscript act, over 35 years of age; re-enlisted and promoted fourth sergeant. Edwards, Brice J., wounded in head in battle of Gaines Mill, June 27, 1862; discharged by conscript act, over 35 years of age. Eastin, Granville, wounded in battle of Seven Pines, June I, 1862; killed in battle at Boonsboro, Md., September 14, 1862. Eastin, Henry, killed at Yorktown April 26, 1862. Eheart, Adam G.
h the time of their arrest and the date of the discharge of such as have been releases: names.age.age'd.Disch'd. W. W. Webster23Oct. 11Disch'd. T. A. McElroy25Oct. 17Disch'd. Martin Hawley23.Oct. 17Disch'd D. A. Wolfe23Oct. 26Dec. 13 Mrs. Laura Steele23Oct. 26Nov. 30 Geo. Ives23Nov. 20Nov. 30 M. J. Lewers.23Nov. 20Nov. 30 S. W. Kincheloe23Nov. 4Nov. 30 Chas. Goham23Nov. 712-04">Dec. 4 M. L. Lewis23Nov. 8Dec. 10 C. G. Duncan34Nov. 8Dec. 16 J. F. Duncan34Nov, 8Dec, 16 Jas. Duncan34Nov, 8Dec, 16 B. F. Ducan25Nov, 8Dec, 16 J. F. Jones30Nov. 8Dec, 16 Jas. Wilhite30Nov, 8Dec, 16 Joel Hamilton33Nov, 8Dec, 16 Strother Roberts33Nov, 8Dec, 16 J. F. Smithers33Nov, 8Dec, 16 George Heady33Nov, 8Dec, 16 N. B. Morris33Nov, 8Dec, 16 John Ves38Nov, 13Dec, 16 W. P. Ryan38Nov, 13Dec, 16 T. B. Mattingly32Nov, 15Dec, 16 Benj. Dulaney32Nov, 16Dec, 6 Louis Sheets31Nov, 16Dec, 16 Thomas White20Nov, 16Dec, 16 Geo Lalle20Nov, 16Dec, 16 James Ratchford42Nov, 16Dec, 12 J.
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