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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
chard, Robt. G. Thompson, Thos. W. Toler, R. R. Williams, Geo. W. Wynne. Co. D. Private J. A. Collins, James Gilliam, J. W. Gay, L. J. Laughton, Private G. C. Nicholson, D. D. Trainham, John W. Vaden. Co. E. Sergeant W. W. Tayleure, H. B. Harrison, W. C. Johnson, Corporal John R. Turner, Thad. Branch, Robert Hatcher, Chas. M. Walsh, Private I. R. W. Atkins, A. A. Allen, John R. Armstead, Henry Cousins, Jas. R. Cowles, E. K. Daniel, R. B. Davis, Private James Dunlop, Jr., H. Fitzgerald, T. S. Gilliam, Benj. Harrison, J. R. Jolly, R. H. May, B. J. Peebles, A. S. Rainey, J. C. Riddle, F. M. Robbins, W. H. Rogerson, W. T. Tannahill, F. C. Willson, R. C. Sibley. Co. F. Sergeant J. A. Whitehorn. W. S. Davis, Corporal J. D. Ivey, A. S. Allen, R. H. King, Private H. W. Barnes, J. A. Collier, R. H. Candle, D. Eason, Private A. J. Ferguson, Joseph Gray, R. H. Harrison, W. M. Hogwood, William Hitchcock, T. W. Seward, W.
apprehended calamity — greatly embarrassed the business community. Satisfied that something ought to be done for their relief, the Directors of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia yesterday determined to suspend specie payments. The following are their proceedings: "at a meeting of the President and Directors of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, this 30th day of November, 1860: present — Wm. H. MacFARLANDarland, President; Wm. C. Allen, Joseph R Anderson, J. J. Waggoner, Samuel C. Robinson, James Dunlop. Theodorick Robertson, Jno. E. Wadsworth, Rd. O Haskins-- resolved, unanimously, that, in view of the distrust which prevails, of the suspension of the large money trade with the South usual at this season, and of the pressure of the law requiring the Banks of this city to redeem the circulation of their branches-- a law which bears with special severity on this Bank, because of the number of her branches-- specie payments be for the present suspended; and that a course of policy be
Bank Directors. --We append a list of the Directors of the Farmers' Bank and Bank of Virginia, recently elected by the stockholders of the two institutions, and those appointed by the Executive: Farmers' Bank of Virginia.Richmond. By the Stockholders. Wm. H. McFarland, W. C. Allen, James Dunlop, John E. Wadsworth, Edwin Wortham. By the Executive. R. O. Haskins, J. J. Wagoner, S. C. Robinson, N. C. Read. Norfolk. J. M. Smith, Kader Biggs, John James, W. B. Rogers. D. S. Cherry, W. H. C. Ellis, W. D. Reynolds. Petersburg. John Kevan. Chas. Corling, Andrew Dunn, John McGill. T. O. Hinton, R. R. Collier, T. C. Elder. Fredericksburg. J. H. Wallace, John Coakley. Samuel Gordon, Joseph Alsop. W. S. Barton, John J. Chew, W. Roy Mason, Jr. Farmville. Clem. C. Read. Chas. D. Anderson, John T. Thornton, Jas. McNutt. J. J. Walker, N. H. Cobbs, Jas. B. Hilliard. Danville. Wm. L. Green
The Daily Dispatch: may 27, 1861., [Electronic resource], Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch. affairs in Old Louisa. (search)
Sad result of a duel in play. --We are informed that on Saturday, two youths, one named Richard Dunlop, son of James Dunlop, the other Thomas Anderson, son of the late Frederick Anderson, instigated by a negro boy belonging to Dr. Coleman, foug. By his direction, after stepping off ten paces, they turned and fired — young Anderson having a five-shooter and young Dunlop a pocket pistol. The latter fired first and missed, Anderson's pistol was then discharged, the ball entering his companion's stomach, just above the navel. A gentleman who came by the scene of combat conveyed young Dunlop home, where he now lies in a very dangerous condition, Dr. Snead having yesterday probed to the depth of over two inches, and found no traces of the ball. The lads were warm personal friends, aged — Anderson 10, and Dunlop 11 years. The little fellows shewed pluck in standing up to be shot at, but it is hardly probable they could have imagined what was to be the termination of their intended
The Daily Dispatch: November 8, 1860., [Electronic resource], Servants' Clothing--Servants' Clothing. (search)
ank,3,726,286.71 1st October.--Aggregate debt due by the Bank,3,624,429.78 1st August.--Aggregate of outstanding debts due to the Bank,6,130,782.09 1st September.--Aggregate of outstanding debts due to the Bank,6,188,587.86 1st October.--Aggregate of outstanding debts due to the Bank,6,039,849.88 The undersigned, Directors of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, certify that the foregoing statement has been examined, and is believed to be correct. Wm. H. Macfarland, R. O. Haskins, Jas. Dunlop, James J. Waggoner, Theo Robertson, Wm. C. Allen. State of Virginia, City of Richmond, to wit: J. A. Smith, Cashier of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, this day personally appeared before me, a Notary Public of the city aforesaid, and made oath that the annexed statement made out from the books of the Bank, and from the quarterly returns received from the branches, is correct to the best of his knowledge and belief. Given under my hand this 29th day of October, 1860.
re here for purposes touching those questions which concern our honor and dignity. We are here as a band of brothers, such as Virginians have ever been and ever will be in times of peril — impelled by honor, by duty and by patriotism to action. He then invited the persons present to give utterance to such sentiments as may be called for by the occasion. Mr. David J. Burr nominated as Vice Presidents the following gentlemen, and they were chosen by acclamation: R. B. Haxall, James Dunlop, Abram Warwick, R. G. Morriss, Wm. Palmer, Jas. A. Cowardin, Robt. A. Paine, Ambrose Carlton, Jos. R. Anderson, R. O. Haskins, Thos. H. Ellis, John Jones, Lewis Webb, Chas. W. Purcell, John A. Belvin. Mr. John Purcell nominated as Secretaries the following gentlemen, and they were elected: R. Milton Cary, John H. Montague, John Thompson Brown, John H. Claiborne, J. Adair Pleasants. Mr. George W. Randolph offered a resolution, which was adopted, for the
due by the Bank3,217,225.40 1st January.--Aggregate debt due by the Bank3,831,843.53 1st November.--Aggregate outstanding debts due to the Bank5,937,510.52 1st December.--Aggregate outstanding debts due to the Bank5,870,859.33 1st January.--Aggregate outstanding debts due to the Bank6,273,670.44 The undersigned, Directors of the Farmers' Bank of Virginia, certify that the foregoing statement has been examined, and is believed to be correct. Wm. H. Macfarland, R. O. Haskins, Jas. Dunlop, John E. Wardsworth, James J. Waggoner, Wm. C. Allen, S. C. Robinson, Exchange Bank, Norfolk, January 24, 1861. His Excellency John Letcher, Governor of Virginia: Sir: I enclose a statement of the condition of this Bank on the 31st December, 1860. I have the honor to be, very respectfully, &c., G. W. Camp, Cashier. Comparative State of the Exchange Bank of Virginia, including the Branches, on the 31st December, 1859, and 31st December, 1860: 185
Appointment of Bank Directors. --A meeting of the stockholders of the Farmers' Bank was held yesterday at their banking- house in this city, when the following Directors for the year 1864 were appointed: Wm. H. Macfarland, J. E. Wadsworth, E. Wortham, Jas. Dunlop, A. Y. Stokes. As soon as the appointments for the State are sent in by the Executive, we will publish a full list of them in our columns.
Perdue; the conductor, J. T. Bragg; the fireman, H. c. Deales, and wm. Parish, a brother-in-law of the conductor, riding on the engine. when in the deep cut two miles and a half this side of Petersburg, and exactly opposite the residence of Mr. James Dunlop, the boiler of the engine blew up with a tremendous noise, which was heard at a distance of ten miles. The engineer, with both legs and his right arm blown off and his head horribly mangled, was thrown over into an adjacent field. The conduhough it was running at the rate of ten miles an hour. Some idea of the violence of the concussion caused by the explosion can be formed from the fact that, though the engine was in a deep cut at the time, every pane of glass in the windows of Mr. Dunlop's house, a hundred yards off, were broken out. The explosion being heard in Petersburg, and the cause conjectured, assistance was immediately sent to the wrecked train. Two of the victims of this disaster--Mr. Bragg, the conductor, and Mr.
One thousand Dollars reward. --Ran away from my premises, on the 22d instant, my negro woman Barbara. She is about forty years old; black; stout; above the medium height, and speaks rather abruptly — She came from New Kent, and has probably endeavored to make her way back. I will pay one thousand Dollars for her apprehension and delivery to me. James Dunlop. de 27--3t
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