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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 42: Red River expedition.--continued. (search)
Alex. S. McWilliams; Acting-Ensigns, W. L. Constantine, Pat. Donnelly and J. H. Rivers; Acting-Master's Mates, John Pybus, W. A. Birchard and Julien D. Coriell; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Ezekiel Reynolds; Acting-Second-Assistant, B. S. Bull; Acting-Third-Assistant, T. K. Hill. Steamer Naumkeag. Acting-Master, John Rogers; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, E. LeRoy Draper; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, H. B. Mears; Acting-Ensigns, Arthur O'Leary and Jos. Meyer; Acting-Master's Mates, John Dunlop, F. D. Campbell, Alex. Proctor and Wm. Cassidy; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, Edmund Cage; Acting-Second-Assistant, J. A. McCormack; Acting-Third-Assistant, James B. Byland. Steamer Silver Lake Acting-Master, Jos. C. Coyle; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, J. H. Mills; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, G. D. Rand; Acting-Ensigns, G. W. Bone, F. G. Jobson and H. H. Pierce; Acting-Master's Mates, John Fisher and Samuel McKee; Engineers: Acting-First-Assistant, John Connolly; Acting-Second-Ass
stant, although there were some few who did not behave well. My staff officers, Captain J. W. Pegram, Assistant Adjutant-General; Lieutenant J. D. Darden, Aid-de-camp; Lieutenant W. L. Randolph, Ordnance Officer, and my volunteer Aids, Lieutenant John Dunlop and the Rev. J. C. Joyner, Chaplain of the Fifty-seventh Virginia, did all that men could do, and did it well. Lieutenant Dunlop was especially much exposed in carrying orders. Lieutenant R. T. Daniel, Jr., Adjutant of the Fifth regimenLieutenant Dunlop was especially much exposed in carrying orders. Lieutenant R. T. Daniel, Jr., Adjutant of the Fifth regiment, reported to me on the twenty-seventh ultimo, as volunteer Aid. He rendered valuable service in a bold reconnoissance, and for his subsequent gallant conduct I have to refer you to the report of Major Cabell, Thirty-eighth Virginia. And for the meritorious conduct of many others, I respectfully refer to the respective reports of the subordinate commanders. I would also mention the good conduct of one of my clerks, private A. T. Darden, of Upshur's Randolph dragoons. He was with me all the
W. C. Davis, of Orr's rifles; Captain C. D. Barksdale and Lieutenant John M. Munro, of the First South Carolina volunteers; Lieutenants J. A. May and Hunnicutt, of the Twelfth; Captain A. K. Smith and Adjutant W. D. Goggins, of the Thirteenth South Carolina volunteers. Among the wounded were the following officers: Lieutenant Cothran, of Orr's rifles; Lieutenant-Colonel McCready, of the First South Carolina volunteers; Lieutenant-Colonel McCorkle, Captain Bookter, Captain Grist, and Lieutenants Dunlop, Sharpe, Bingham, Dornin, Gwinn, White, Thode, Hankle, and Rollins, of the Twelfth South Carolina volunteers; Colonel Edwards, Lieutenant-Colonel Farron, Major Brockman, Captain R. L. Boudon, Captain P. A. Eichelberger, Captain J. W. Meetze, and Lieutenants Copeland, Crooker, Grice, Thorn, and Felloes, of the Thirteenth South Carolina volunteers; Colonel McGowan, Captain Stuckey, Captain Brown, and Lieutenants Robertson, Carter, and Allen, of the Fourteenth South Carolina volunteers.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.14 (search)
around the circle in which was the monument, and stands for two thousand people, and considerable space reserved for the veterans. Inside of the rope were several policemen, some of them special officers, who kept out all persons who did not show tickets. Distinguished people. Mr. J. R. Blunt had charge of the speakers' stand, which was arranged to seat about one hundred people. Among the first to arrive there were Bishop Gallagher of Louisiana, Honorable J. L. M. Curry, and Mr. John Dunlop. During the exercises the following persons had seats on this stand: General A. L. Long of Virginia; Colonel Charles S. Venable, University of Virginia; Colonel Walter H. Taylor, Norfolk; Colonel Charles Marshall, Baltimore; and Colonel T. M. R. Talcott, Richmond—all members of General R. E. Lee's staff; Generals Charles W. Field of Kentucky, D. A. Weisiger of Virginia, and Dabney H. Maury of Virginia, Mr. Calderon Carlisle of Washington, Misses Mary and Mildred Lee, Mrs. Fitzhugh Lee
The writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 6. (ed. John Greenleaf Whittier), The black men in the Revolution and the war of 1812. (search)
criptions had been received from such men as Lord Holland, the Dukes of Bedford and Norfolk, and the Earls of Essex and Leicester—was laid with imposing ceremonies in the beautiful burial-place of Calton Hill, Edinburgh, by the veteran reformer and tribune of the people, Joseph Hume, M. P. After delivering an appropriate address, the aged radical closed the impressive scene by reading the prayer of Joseph Gerrald. At the banquet which afterwards took place, and which was presided over by John Dunlop, Esq., addresses were made by the president and Dr. Ritchie, and by William Skirving, of Kirkaldy, son of the martyr. The Complete Suffrage Association of Edinburgh, to the number of five hundred, walked in procession to Calton Hill, and in the open air proclaimed unmolested the very principles for which the martyrs of the past century had suffered. The account of this tribute to the memory of departed worth cannot fail to awaken in generous hearts emotions of gratitude towards Him wh
Passengers per Steamship Roanoke, Geo. W. Couch, master, from New York, Nov. 9th: C. B. Hunt, Isaac Dozier, D. Cramer, Thomas Morgan, Chas. Lynch, Geo. W. Emmons, L. J. Carland, Miss Gill, Miss Platt, Chas T. McKenzie, Geo. Burns, Jno. Ryder, Thos. Munston, D. K. Leach, W. H. Prime, Charles L. Prime, Mrs. Driscoll, M. Hess. W. H. Mulson, J. O. Sefts, Dr. G. W. Briggs, Allan Gilmore, M. Gilmore, John Dunlop, and 12 in steerage. Passengers per Steamship Jamestown, T. Skinner, master, from New York, Nov. 10th: J. Martin, M. Gayon, W B. Osborne, Mrs. Phelps, 2 children and servant, H. Raynard, Mrs. Ashe, 2 children and servant, Miss Emerson, J. Rowe. Mrs. Meem, Geo. Tennant, Wm. Tennant, C. S. Dawson, Miss Davis, M. George, Miss Johnson and child, M. Johnson. H. G. Rodman, Mrs. Nelson, Geo. Dickinson, Sam. Shelter, and 7 in steerage.
Schaer, Kohier & Co. Baltimore, Dec. 13.--Cleared, schr. Mary Adeline, Richmond. Boston, Dec. 11.--Cleared, schr. T. J. Hill, Norfolk. New York, Dec. 13.--Arr'd. steamer Roanoke, Richmond; bark Matagorda, do.; schr. D. E. Sawyer, Petersburg. Havana, Nov. 28.--Arrived, schr. Relief, Norfolk. [by Telegraph.] Hampton Roads, Dec. 14. --Arrived, ships Asa. 138 days from Callao; Maultius, Princess, and Buena Vista, do. Passengers per Steamship Jamestown. Skinner, Master, from New York; Geo Chapman, D. Caelnis, lady and son, T. H. Perkins and lady, Miss L. Staeb, J. A. Sedgwick and lady, John Dunlop, W. Piggott, C. Billups and lady, Geo. Lindsay, H. Martin and lady, S. E. Khapp, Chas. Voegue, G. Baratta, Wm. Bushage, Wm. L. English, Miss. C. McBride, Geo. Hesserick, lady and child, Mrs. McEvoy, Jno. Hardwick and lady H. Tripp, Miss Billups, W. S. Forrest, Henry Watts, Mrs. H. P. Ayres, Mrs. W. H. Gray and child, Miss Gray, and 9 in steerage.
d missing. Capt L L Love, A C S, slightly wounded in the thigh. Sergt-Maj B W Means, dangerously wounded through the lungs. --Moore, musician, severely wounded in the leg. Company A, Capt G L Strait — Killed: Sg't W E Lewis; privates B S Backstrom, William Moore, Samuel Miller, W L McFadden. T S Reid, and J M Fry. Wounded severely: Privates D S Dickey, (and missing,) J T Thomas, Wm Richens, Joshua Ritchens, J P Nati, W C Reid, G Amy (Brown, Perry Ferguson, J H Gaston, John Dunlop, B J Massey, L H Dye, Jno McCarthy, and J P Gaston. Wounded slightly: Sg't J O Ferguson; privates Thomas Peden, L J McGarity, D J Mytle, J D Williamson, A P Neely, J J Nichola, A Hecklin, Wm Hughes, R N Blanks, W N Elder, Lieut J C McFadden, Sg't J N Whitesides, private F Begham, Missing: Private John McGarity. Total, killed, wounded and missing, . Company B, Capt John White--Killed: Private W S F McFadden. Wounded severely: Sg't J P Miller, privates J M Caskie, W O Glover, H John
The Daily Dispatch: February 5, 1864., [Electronic resource], Legal decision on a substitute case in North Carolina. (search)
ustody by Lt. J. T. Eubank, commanding company 1,32d Regiment N. C. troops, and praying a writ of habeas corpus, said writ was awarded him, returnable before the said Court on the 11th day of February. Security in the sum of $10,000 was required of Michael Roseberry, committed to the jail of Henrico county by order of Wm. F. Watson, C. S. Commissioner, on the charge of felony, that he appear before the Confederate Court on the 10th day of the present month, to answer said charge. Thomas V. Carr was required to give security in the sum of $10,000 to appear before the C. S. Court on the 10th inst. to answer an indictment by the Grand Jury for a misdemeanor. A writ of habeas corpus was awarded William Wiles, on his petition setting forth that he is illegally detained in custody by Capt.--Conway, now stationed at Camp Gilmer, said writ to be returned on the 11th inst. John Dunlop was, on his motion, licensed to practice as an attorney in the Confederate States Court.