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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 42: Red River expedition.--continued. (search)
, S. D. Jordan, E. W. Miller and T. A. Quinn; Acting-Master's Mates, L. W. Hastings and W. H. H. DeGroot; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Chas. H. Caven; Acting-First-Assistant, G. H. Atkinson; Acting-Second-Assistants, M. Norton and W. B. Barton; Acting-Third-Assistants, John McWilliams; Acting-Carpenter, Geo. W. Kenney. Iron-clad steamer Osage. Acting-Master, Thomas Wright; Acting-Assistant Surgeon, P. P. Gilmartin; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, G. W. Dougherty; Acting-Ensigns, W. S. Pease, Geo. Dunn, J. L. Mickle and R. K. Hubbell; Acting-Master's Mates, M. J. Durney, J. C. Winslow and B. C. Wheeler; Engineers: Acting-Chief, Thomas Doughty; Acting-First-Assistant, Geo. H. Hobbs; Acting-Second-Assistants, Wm. Galbreath and A. F. Fox. Steamer Marmora. Acting-Master, Thomas Gibson; Assistant-Surgeon, B. F. Pierce; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, C. R. Howard; Acting-Ensigns, Elliott Callender and D. D. Bond; Acting-Master's Mates, Wm. Arnold and E. C. Nye; Engineers: Acting-First-Assis
Virginia Marseilles, composed and arranged for the Piano Forte by F. W. Rosier. Published by Geo. Dunn, &Co., Richmond. --This spirited song is very handsomely lithographed and printed by the publishers. The music follows the genuine French air. The publishers, we learn, have in course of preparation some reprints of very good songs, which have stood the test of criticism, and must live through ages, a healthy, variation upon the mass of musical publications of the day.
Musical. --"When this cruel war is over" and "Annie of the Vale" are the titles of two ballads very handsomely published by Geo. Dunn & Co. The first piece is the sort of music that will inevitably be whistled all over the city in less than a week — indeed, the boys have already given it a start. It has been badly sung at Metropolitan Hall as a duct, and still more poorly sung at the Theatre as a solo. The second piece is a song of some men. Both are embellished very prettily by the publishers.
New Music. --Messrs. George Dunn " Co., of this city, have published, in very handsome style, tastily embellished, three songs: "Fairies have Broken their Wands," words by Thomas Hood; "The Lover's Wish." words by F. W. Rozier; "I Know a Maiden Fair to See," words by Longfellow.
A Creditable Grammar for Schools. --Through the publishers Messrs. Geo. Dunn & Co., we have received a new and revised edition of "A Complete Grammar of the French Language, with Exercises and Dialogues, for the use of Schools and Private Students." The work was originally compiled and published by John Christison, teacher of modern languages in the Dundee public seminaries. It has been highly spoken of by those competent to judge, and is calculated to facilitate students who desire to learn the French language. Chas. Wynne is the printer, the simple announcement of which is sufficient recommendation for the high mechanical execution of the work.
Music. --Messrs. George Dunn & Co. have published "No Surrender," with two engravings, and "Why no One to Love," two pieces of music. They are handsomely gotten up. Messrs. D. & Co. give notice that they will publish some very handsome valentines, of all styles, ready for St. Valentine's day.
New song. --Messrs. Geo. Dunn & Co. have laid upon our table "Aurora Lea; or, The Maid with the Golden Hair," a popular song of the day, very admirably printed. As a plain specimen of lithography, it is excellent.
New music. --Messrs. George Dunn & Co., of this city, have laid upon our table the following new music: Song, with piano accompaniment, written and composed by A. F. Little. Popular song and chorus, Aura Lea, or the Maid with Golden Hair. Arranged by Joseph Kelp. On Guard — music from an old German melody — inscribed to Miss S. E. B. by Wallace Rowe. The Standard Bearer. Words by Major T. N., P. A. C. S. Music by N. S. Coleman. Dedicated to Miss Belle Taylo
New music. --We have received a copy of "The Alabama," a nautical song; words by E. King, author of the Naval Songs of the South; made by F. W. Roster. It is arranged for the planoforts, and if the music is as spirited as the poetry, it with doubtless become very popular. The piece is handsomely lithographed by George Dunn & Co.