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Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Poetry and Incidents., Volume 4. (ed. Frank Moore), The Blacksmiths and the Merrimac. (search)
nport, Jas. Watfield,Jas. Larkin, H. Tatem,Lewis Ewer, Wilson Guy,Jno. Davis, Miles Foreman,Jas. Watson, Sen., Hugh Minter,James Flemming, Jno. Green,Samuel Hodges, Thos. Bloxom,Alex. Davis, Jas. Mitchell,Thomas Guy, Joseph Rickets,Smith Guy, Thos. Franklin,Michael Conner, Jas. Patterson,Wm. Perry, Wm. Gray,Patrick Shanasy, Jno. Moody,Lawson Etheredge, Hillory Hopkins,Joshua Daily, E. Woodward,Jas Morand, H. Reynolds,Miles Foreman, Southey Rew,Jos. West, Julius Morien,Thos. Powell, Jos. Askew,Wm. Shephard, Anthony Butt,Jno. Curram, Thos. Bourke,Opie Jordan, Wm. Hosier,Wiley Howard. Finishers. Jno. B. Rooke,Charles Sturdivant, Elias Bridges,Jesse Kay, Anderson Gwinn,William Shipp, John Stoakes,William Pebworth, E. H. Brown,Lawrence Herbert, Harvey Barnes,T. I. Rooke, Lemuel Leary,Calder Sherwood, William Jones,George Collier, John Rhea,Henry Hopkins, William Leary,George Bear, John Wilder,Walter Thornton, Frederick Bowen,Edward Walker, Thomas Dunn.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 20. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.23 (search)
ginia Infantry. August 7, 1889, I. G. Crews, F, Eleventh Virginia Infantry. March 14, 1890, John Carhoni, A, Eighteenth Virginia Infantry. April 29, 1890, W. W. Caldwell, C, Twelfth Virginia Infantry. August 15, 1892, George B. Carrington, D, Nineteenth Virginia Infantry. May 25, 1886, Andrew J. Dobbs, H, Twelfth Virginia Infantry. March 16, 1887, Charles C. Been, C, Second Virginia Infantry. February 17, 1888, Andrew Donnally, Greenbrier Cavalry. December I, 1891, Thomas Dunn, D, First Virginia Battalion of Infantry. July 5, 1891, Nat. G. Dickinson, D, Fourteenth Virginia Infantry. August 27, 1891, C. A. Dupriest, Lunenburg Artillery. July 18, 1885, W. F. Eads, G, Forty-ninth Virginia Infantry. July 6, 1888, Joseph Edelin, H, Seventh Virginia Infantry. August 13, 1889, B. F. Eckles, A, Twelfth Virginia Infantry. March 30, 1892, Luc. W. Edloe, Selden's Battery. November 3, 1889, W. S. Forester, K, Fifty-fifth Virginia Infantry. August 9,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Twelfth Alabama Infantry, Confederate States Army. (search)
Privates G. W. Kirkland, R. C. Bevil, H. I. Clifton, G. B. Packuss, J. S. Renfroe —total 6. Wounded—Lieutenant J. M. Hardcastle, Privates M. Hawk, R. K. Crawley, E. S. Patten, all dangerously; Corporal Messler, J. M. Miller, M. Messler, William Steward, J. Derrick, J. Sisk, J. Stephens, I. Perkins, slightly; T. W. Keys, T. J. Rogers, J. J. Atchley, severely—total 16. Company H—Killed—Captain J. H. Darwin, Lieutenant E. Ryan, Corporal Hefly, Privates S. E. Blankenship, M. F. Dement, Thomas Dunn, W. R. Harris, J. J. McAnear, E. A. Mabry, S. D. Priddy, Jordan Wake, A. Smith. Total, 12. Wounded—Corporal Hamilton, severely; Privates E. J. Brown, mortally; J. C. Fowler, J. C. McCain, W. Renner, seriously; J. H. Burk, C. Higdon, J. L. Jenkins, A. J. Rufles; A. Roper, C. B. Cyan, slightly. Total, 11. Company I—Killed—Privates W. Wooten, E. Carey, J. Tash. Total, 3. Wounded—Lieutenant J. J. Nicholson, Corporals T. M. Shelton, G. A. Nelson, slightly; Privates James B
. Mr. Jas. Pierce, of Nansemond county, Va., has lost in a few weeks past five children, from that dreadful disease, diphtheria. The Stowah (Ga.) Iron Works, have been sold to Messrs. Cothran, Shorter & Rhett, for $155,000. Jeremiah A. Reeves, a planter from North Carolina, was swindled out of $75 in Charleston, S. C., last week, by two confidence men. Dr. Gideon C. Marchant, who had held many prominent political positions in North Carolina, died on the 25th ult. The cooper shop of B. & J. A. Lancaster, in Wheeling, Va., was destroyed by fire on the 31st ult. Loss $1,600. Teresita, the daughter of Garibaldi, is about to be married to M. Lucien Blachi, a professor at Sienna. John McGaughey, an old citizen of Wheeling, Va., died on the 29th ult. Thos. Dunn, of Rhode Island, has been appointed Cousul at Foo Choo, China. The Rhode Island Legislature has adjourned until 26th inst. There has been but one case of small-pox in Raleigh, N. C.
Arrests --The following arrests were made by the city police yesterday, viz: George Fink and Thomas Dunn for getting drunk and lying in the street. Washley Thomas, drunk. lying on the market bench. Hugh Reagan for stealing one horse and one mare from John McNamara.