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Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 2., Chapter 6: the Army of the Potomac.--the Trent affair.--capture of Roanoke Island. (search)
nderson or Sanderson (colored), Charles H. Smith, Hugh Logan, Lewis A. Horton, George Moore, Luke M. Griswold, John Jones, George Pyne, Thomas Smith, Charles Reed, John S. Lann, George Schutt, John Mack, John H. Nibbe, Othniel Tripp, John Griffiths, Edward Swatton, John Swatson, Phillip Bazaar, George Province, Augustus Williams, Auzella Savage, John Jackson, Robert M. Blair, Anthony Williams, James W. Verney, Asa Bettram, John P. Ericson, Clement Dees, George W. McWilliams, John Angling, William Dunn, Robert Summers, Joseph B. Hayden, Isaac N. Fry, Edward R. Bowman, William Shipman, William G. Taylor, George Prance, Thomas Jones, William Campbell, Charles Mills, Thomas Connor, David L Bass, Franklin L. Wilcox, Thomas Harcourt, Gurdon H. Barter, John Rannahan, John Shivers, Henry Thompson, Henry S. Webster, A. J. Tomlin, Albert Burton, L. 0. Shepard, Charles H. Foy, James Barnum, John Dempster, Edmund Haffee, Nicholas Lear, Daniel S. Milliken, Richard Willis, Joseph White, Thomas Engl
Benson J. Lossing, Pictorial Field Book of the Civil War. Volume 3., Chapter 10: the last invasion of Missouri.--events in East Tennessee.--preparations for the advance of the Army of the Potomac. (search)
ptain E. S. Parker, assistant adjutants-general; Lieutenant-Colonel C. B. Comstock, senior aid-de-camp; Lieutenant-Colonels Orville E. Babcock, F. T. Dent, Horace Porter, and Captain P. T. Hudson, aids-de-camp; Lieutenant-Colonel W. L. Dupp, assistant inspector-general; Lieutenant-Colonels W. R. Rowley and Adam Badeau, secretaries; Captain George K. Leet, assistant adjutantgeneral, in office at Washington; Captain H. W. Janes, assistant quartermaster, on duty at Headquarters, and First-Lieutenant William Dunn, acting aid-de-camp. General Meade's chief of staff was Major-General A. A. Humphreys, and Brigadier-General Seth Williams was his adjutant-general. The general plan for the advance was for the main army to make an overland march from the Rapid Anna to the James, with co-operating or auxiliary forces menacing communications with Richmond from different points. For the latter purpose General Butler was to advance from Fortress Monroe with about thirty thousand troops, establ
] List of deaths at the General Hospital at Charlottesville, Va. July 17--Mark L. Anthony Co. C. 6th Ala. Reg't. 18--John W. Jeffery of Green Co. Va. 20--Wm. Smith Co. D. S! So C. Reg't. 21--Wm. W. Spencer, C. Rifles, 18th Miss Regiment. 22--J. R. McNutt, Co. C. 17th Miss. Allen Wars, Brown Rebels, 18th Mississippi 24--John Rhineheart. Wm. C. Stephens, Co. H. 17th Miss. Wm. Westerooss Co. C. Mississippi. Died from effect of wounds on the cars. Also, one man name unknown. Wm. Dunn 2d Miss; wounded B. P. Steward, 27th Reg't Va., wounds T. R. S. , Serg't Co. E. 2d Mississippi Regiment. 25--T. W. White, Co. E. 7th Reg't So. Ca. 26--Wm. D. Mull, Co. E. 7th Reg't So. Ca.--Dudley Miller Rifles 9th Ga. 27--Cyrus D. Strickler, Co. I., 4th Va.; wounds. W. I. Falkenberg Flat Rock Guards, 2d So. Ca. 28--John N. Dunlet, Flat Rock Guards, 2d So. C.; wounds B. A. Parks, C. I. 79th N. Y.; wounds. 29--Jas. W. Campbell, Reg't not known. S. I. Wood Co. A. 6th So. Ca. Wm
the Ocean Queen,) was captured by the enemy at 2ΒΌ o'clock on Wednesday morning last, twelve miles from Sapeilo Light, in seven fathoms water, on her passage to Green Turtle Key, bound to Nassau. She had a cargo of 302 bales of cotton, 35 boxes tobacco, &c. Two hundred and ninety bales of the cotton was owned by the owners of the steamer, and the balance by the crew. She had a crew of nineteen persons on board, all of whom were captured except two, viz: James Dean, of Darien, a pilot, and Wm. Dunn, a seaman, of this city.--The others were taken prisoners, and are in the hands of the enemy. The enemy discovered the Chatham early in the morning and fired twenty- three shells at her, and then opened with musketry from their boats. The enemy's barges boarded her and took possession of the steamer. Among the captured are Capt. Martinsborough; Archie, mate; Captain Frazier, of Augusta; Evans, shipkeeper; John Parry, first engineer; Joseph Willing, second engineer; John Waters, Patrick D