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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.14 (search)
W. Royall, Lem Sclater, Howard Saunders, Robert Stiles, W. H. Tatum, John C. Tatum, Charles L. Todd, John Todd, Richard C. Wortham, J. Peter Williams, Frederick H. Williams, Thomas B. Wyatt, Charles E. Wingo. Second Company Howitzers.—Lieutenant William L. Shephard, Lieutenant Wallace McRae, Lieutenant Lewis Booker, E. J. Bosher, Thomas Booker, T. Roberts Baker, Luther R. Barnes, H. Y. H. Barnes, Robert S. Bosher, George L. Christian, Samuel S. Carter, Charles T. Crane, Henry Crane, Alexander Duval, John S. Ellett, L. B. Franklin, James A. Grigg, Samuel Gouldin, George P. Hughes, Stephen B. Hughes, Frank D. Hill, S. Horace Hawes, Julian McCarthy, William H. McCarthy, Carlton McCarthy, Polk Miller, William J. Mann, Joseph E. Maxey, J. Blythe Moore, James G. Tinsley, Lucien B. Tatum, John Waldrop, Joseph G. Williams, J. A. Yates. Third Company Howitzers.—Capt. B. H. Smith, Capt. Henry C. Carter, A. J. Andrews, T. V. Brooke, R. Brooke, Heber Bullington, William B. Courtney, E. S.
From Washington. Washington, April 8. --Alexander Duval is appointed Collector of Customs at Richmond. The State Department replied to-day to the Confederate Commissioners, declining to receive them officially, but expressing deference for them as gentlemen. The Secretary indicated a peaceful policy on the part of the Government, declaring a purpose only to defend when assailed. The Commissioners' reply was of such a character as to require a continuation of the correspondence. It is not known when the Commissioners will leave — not, however, for some days.
Liberty Restricted. --Mr. Alex. Duval was summoned before the Mayor on Saturday for allowing two goats of his to go at large, to the annoyance of the public. The summons was dismissed, the owner promising to keep them up in future.
ancis S. Childress, arrested for incendiary language, was acquitted. C. ventilated, on a previous occasion, some doctrine that he said was from the Scripture, which the Mayor took occasion to tell him yesterday had better be reserved for a more convenient season. The incendiary remarks attributed to C., it is due to him to say, were partly discredited by witnesses of repute. He has been restored to his place as one of the city employees. A fine of five dollars was scored up against Alex. Duval, as the owner of two goats that had caused great havoc among the shrubbery on the Capitol Square. Bill, slave of C. A. Rose, was ordered a whipping, for assaulting Frank Craven, a watchman at the Danville depot, whose orders he had refused to obey. He had been beaten by Craven afterwards, as well as thrashed by order of the authorities of the road, previously to being handed over to the Mayor. Jim Madison, colored, drunk, disorderly, drunk, disorderly, and trespassing on John E
C. S. District Court. --This Court resumed its sessions yesterday, Judge Halyburton presiding. Col. Blanton Duncan, of Kentucky, qualified to practice law at the bar of the Court by taking the several oaths required by law. A grand jury was impaneled and John L. Tate sworn in as foreman. Papers and witnesses in several cases were sent before them. No presentments were made, the grand jury adjourning until to-day. A petition was filed against Isaac & Griffin B. Davenport, to affect the property of Rowley, Ashburner & Co., alien enemies, and against Alex. Duval, in the matter of Irving Hall and G. K. Hull, who are alleged to be residing in New Jersey, or some other State at war with the Southern Confederacy.
n heaps, were rapidly burning. Mr. Dudley returned to Richmond for aid to extricate the engine, and the other two gentlemen, having crossed the swamp, reached Duval's, a Yankee camp, near Mr. Duval's residence. Here we found a large number of tents standing, and piled around were boxes of axes, shovels, spades, and scythe blaMr. Duval's residence. Here we found a large number of tents standing, and piled around were boxes of axes, shovels, spades, and scythe blades, together with anvils, vices, and all sorts of implements for a smithy, as well as carpenter's tools. Smith a forges had been set up and ovens constructed, and all the arrangements indicated great industry and energy on the part of the occupants. The Yankees did great damage on Mr. Duval's premises; they sent his negroes to cMr. Duval's premises; they sent his negroes to cut down his oats, and gave him a due bill payable at the White House, which he presented in due course, but was only laughed at for his pains. They gutted and desecrated a church in the neighborhood, and conducted themselves in a most arrogant manner. The Yankees evidently retreated in hot haste along the railroad. The woods