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. Harvey, Capt. J. K. Phillips; Lieuts. C. S. Everson, M. D. Brown and R. E. Smith. In Fifth Arkansas: Lieutenant-Colonel Murray, Capt. A. B. Washington; Privates John Atkinson (wounded), B. W. Maret and C. Mattix (carried flag, though wounded, after three color-bearers shot down), J. K. Leslie (wounded). In Sixth and Seventh Arkansas: Lieut.-Col. F. J. Cameron (wounded), Capts. J. W. Martin, S. C. Brown, J. G. Fletcher, W. E. Wilkerson, M. M. Duffie (wounded); Lieuts. J. A. Reeves, Sergeant-Major Eddins, Sergeant Bratton, Private Halse (Capt. J. T. Armstrong and Lieuts. J. E. Nicholson and Henry Fisher were killed). In Helena artillery: Lieut. Robert Fitzpatrick. In Eighth Arkansas: Adjt. H. J. McCurdy (killed), Lieuts. H. J. Cole (killed), S. B. Cole (killed), W. M. Bass (wounded), Calvin East (killed), T. H. Beard (killed), B. A. Terrett; Capt. W. H. Lankford, Private James Riddle, Corp. N. A. Horn. In Thirteenth Arkansas: Lieut. John Dolan, Color-Bearer Felix E. Lipe, Private W
t 5 p. m. (Sunday, the 20th) we were, with our brigade, constituting the center battalion in the final charge upon the fortifications occupied by the enemy, when they were completely routed and driven back for miles, resulting in a great victory to our arms. In this battle many of the officers and men demeaned themselves with marked gallantry, a fact which is amply corroborated by our large list of killed and wounded, and to them the highest commendation is due. The names of Major Nash, Captain Eddins and Adjutant Leland, and the officers in command of companies, deserve special mention. First Lieut. A. Hawkins, of Company D, fell, bravely leading his men on the works of the enemy, and Sergt.-Maj. Ira Tarrant fell, nobly discharging the duties of his position. The cool and fearless conduct of Color-Sergt. Clark Richey deserves honorable mention for the manner in which he bore the regimental colors through the shock of battle. The regiment went into battle with 325 men, and our casu
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
t, T. P. August, W. B. Allegre, R. M. Allen. F. H. Alfred, J. J. Anderson, G. L. Betty, F. W. Bass, R. H. Bosher, J. B. Bigger, L. Boquenott, C T. Bruen, J. G. Brooks, P. A. Blankinship. W. C. Barker, B. Brauer, A. Butier. J. S. Blanton, C. Bigger, E. S. Baber, S. H. Boykin, J. C Courtney, M. N. Cardoza, B. A. Cocke, T. T. Cropper, J. H. Chamberlayne, J. S. Caskie, J. O. Chiles, John Dooley, P. Dornin, S. C. Davis, S. Davis, B. Davis. P. V. Daniel, Dr. J. Davies, J. Davis, Chas. Ellis, B. F, Eddins, Johnson Eubank, J. Fitzgerald, W. C. Freeman, J. B. Foster, T. T. Giles, J. P. George, J. H. Guy, D. P. Gooch, F Gooch, Wm. G. Gray, E. Goldsmit, S. Hastings, J. T. Hutcheson, William M. Harrison, B. F. Harris, G. L. Herring, George Hagedon, J. Howard, J. M. Jones, Sampson Jones, Jr., Daniel Johnson, Alexander Johnson, T. K. Lyon, W. S. Lehmann, J H. Leftwitca, D. B. Lucus, A. A. Lorentz. Wm. MacFarlane, Luke McKenna, P. T. Moore, Jordan Martin, A. Martin, Miles Macon, J. M. Macon, M. May,
. Wootton nominated John M. Patton. (The sound of Mr. Wootton's voice occasioned loud shouts from the galleries, but he manfully insisted upon his rights.) Mr. Wm. A. Jinkins nominated John O. Steger. Mr. H. L. Brooke nominated David I. Burr, but Mr. Burr at once declined. Mr. J. H. Chamberlayne nominated J. Randolph Tucker. At this stage of the proceedings, a row occurred in the eastern part of the house, but the Chairman finally succeeded in restoring order. Mr. Eddins nominated Geo. W. Munford. Mr. Edgar Macon moved that the meeting adjourn. (Shouts of "No! no!") Mr. Brooke nominated P. R. Grattan. The row here broke out afresh, and there were symptoms of a determination to eject those who were prominent in disturbing the proceedings. Mr. Monteiro made several attempts to deliver a harangue, but was finally prevailed on to keep quiet. Mr. John Thompson Brown moved that twelve tellers be appointed. Adopted. The Chairman appeale
John Allen. Sincho, Baltimore, oats and flour, S. McGruder's Sons. Schr. Ann G. Sikes, Rowdon, North Carolina, shingles, Womble & Claiborne. Schr. D. Herbert, Myers, Portsmouth, light. Sailed, Steamship Jamestown, Skinner, N. York, mdze. and passengers, Ludlam & Watson. Schr. Horizon, Jarvis, down the river, light. Schr. Dorothy Haynes, Reeves, Norfolk, mdze., J. G. Read. Schr. Belle Conway, Delany, Norfolk, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Schr. Hampton, Eddins, Pensacola, mdze., W. D. Colquitt & Co. Cleared, Bark St. Bernard, for Bremen, with 993 hhds. and 10 tierces tobacco, by Schaer, Kohier & Co. Baltimore, Dec. 13.--Cleared, schr. Mary Adeline, Richmond. Boston, Dec. 11.--Cleared, schr. T. J. Hill, Norfolk. New York, Dec. 13.--Arr'd. steamer Roanoke, Richmond; bark Matagorda, do.; schr. D. E. Sawyer, Petersburg. Havana, Nov. 28.--Arrived, schr. Relief, Norfolk. [by Telegraph.] Hampton Roads, Dec. 14. -
The Daily Dispatch: August 7, 1861., [Electronic resource], List of wounded men in General Hospital, Charlottesville, Va. (search)
4th Virginia, C — leg, slight. Corrough John a, 11th Mississippi, F — arm, not severe. doubt Jno, 5th Virginia, F — knee, severe. Douberley Henry, 4th Ala, B — chin, severe. Dunney--, 8th Georgia, head, died shortly after admission. Duke Thos. F, 1st Serg't 7th Georgia, E — leg, severe. Dobbs G, 8th Georgia, I — thigh, flesh wound. Edmondson David, Capt. 4th Virginia, company B--arm fractured, severe. Edmundson David T, 4th Virginia, H — foot, not very bad. Eddins W W, 11th Miss. F — shoulder, severe. Elizey Berry M, 2d Miss. G — hip, very severe. Estill T H, 8th Ga, B — arm broken. Etherton D O, Serg't 7th Virginia--leg, slight. Evans Lieut, 8th S Carolina — very slight. fallen Thos. Corp'l 7th La, company F--lost arm, very badly. Figgatt J W W, Radford's Reg't Cav'y, C — slight. Fitzgerald John, 4th Virginia, H — shoulder, not bad. Floyd Jas, E, 8th Ga, E — shoulder, severe. Francis John H, 2d
The Daily Dispatch: December 7, 1861., [Electronic resource], Attempted Murder of a mother and Daughter. (search)
Sudden death. --Major Richard S. Jones, formerly a citizen of Hampton, died very suddenly, at the boarding-house of Mrs. Eddins, on Governor street, Thursday evening. An inquest was hold yesterday, by acting Coroner Sanxay, which resulted in a verdict that death was caused by "apoplexy, produced by irritation of the nerves of the spinal marrow, communicating with the brain." Major Jones, we understand, has been an officer of the Wise Legion.
any E.--Wounded: Captain N M Morris; Privates J L Wyatt, J B Stone, W H Weaver, J M Robertson, and J S P Wimberly. Company F.--Killed: Private R Brooks.--Wounded: Sergeant J T Myers; Privates Thos Brake, A N Ross, S E Spurgeon, J W Watson, J H Shanwall. Missing: Privates B L Stavely, J A Holmes, and M E Spurgeon. Company G.--Killed: J D Booth. Privates H Collier and T D Dickson, mortally; W C Hogan, H A Norfleet. Company H.--Killed: C C Tilley. Wounded: Orderly Sergeant L S Eddins; Private B W Coleman. Missing: Corporal Pat Meade. Company I.--Killed: E Wilson. Company K.--Killed: J W Gunn. Wounded: Privates C L F Worley, C C Atkins, and Richard Winn. Missing: E T Stephens. Company L.--Killed: Corporal J H Slaughter. Wounded: Sergeant Ed Martin; Privates C T Wilkinson, W H Hicks, and G M Smith. W. A. Forbes, Col. Comd'g. R. C. Bell, Adjutant. Casualties in 19th Georgia on the 31st May. Killed: Company A, none; company B. none; com
The 19th Mississippi volunteers lost 31 killed and 150 wounded, out of 521 that went into action in the morning. The 2d Mississippi battalion lost 106 killed and wounded, out of 234 taken into action in the morning. The following is a list of casualties in the Purcell Battery, in the battle of Thursday evening last: Killed--Lieut. Wm. A. Allen; Corporal Murphy, Privates Boyd and Stillman. Wounded--Lieut. H. M. Fitzhugh; Serg't Crow, McGruder, Temple, Ball, Messier; Corporals Eddins, Beck; Privates Beckham, Cheatham, Thos. Berry, Donahoe, Geo. Dockerty, Davis, Daniel, Ege, Flemming, Finnell, Mott, Grigsby, Herring, Holland, Heart, Harrow, Geo. W. Johnston, E. P. Jones, W. T. Flint, James, Kimball, Mitchell, Mahoney, McLeod, Morton, O Brien, F. S. Price, Ritchie, Rose, Sacrey, T. H. Thompson, B. M. Temple, Partington, W. T. Smith, T. T. Yager. This list proves the desperate bravery exhibited by the command in the bloody strife.--We learn that Mr. Dawson, a youn
; R H Sterling, 11th Va; M D Thomer, 52d Va; J Talley, 10th Na; Charles Tate, 2d N C; O Thompson, 24th Ga; J N Veszey, 8th S C cav ; Ed. Wither, 45th N C; Bartlett Plerson, 20th do; J N Alexander, 11th do; A Amos, 35th Ga; J W Aros, LisAla; A Austin, 55th N C; M Baldwin, 62d do; J W Baldwin, 53d Va; J Brown, 2d S C. A J Carter, 22d N C; Jas Catt, 35th Va; S O Croer, 10th N C; Jas Crafts, 26th Miss; J T Dally. 1st Mo cav; John Dixon, 59th Gat Y R Davis, 52d N C; W H Daniels, 51st Ala; Jno D Eddins, 21st Ark; W W Eubank, 13th Ala; John Echois, 1st S C art; John Fowier, 47th N C; L A Fritz, 15th Ala; Thos Frame, 17th Va; D S Gaston, 19th Ark; S Garrett.11th N C; Wm S Grant, 2d N C; D Gresh, 52d N C; T Hayne, 9th Va; A B Hence, 15th Ala; M Hunderchot, 18th Va; Re Harris, 52d N C; A S Bartley, 37th N C; H Harcum, 40th Va; Jno Hines, 57th Va; J D Harris, 14th Ala; John Ingram, 18th N C; Jesse Jones, 21st Ark; Wm Jackson,14th Va; J A Killian, 23d N C; J Kitchen, 48th Ga; B F Kidd, 21st N C;
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