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the Fourth Corps won special distinction by its promptness and gallantry in retaking a part of the works which the enemy had seized. General Stanley was severely wounded in this action, and General Thomas J. Wood succeeded to his place. General Wood had served with honor in the armies of the Ohio, and the Cumberland, from the commencement of the war. He commanded the Fourth Corps in its last battle — its last victory, at Nashville. His division generals in that engagement were Kimball, Elliott, and Beatty; the casualties in the corps were 135 killed, 834: wounded and 22 missing; total, 991. The corps joined in the pursuit of Hood's defeated army, after which General Wood assembled it at Huntsville, Ala., arriving there January 5, 1865. On March 15th it moved into East Tennessee, in order to prevent the possible escape of Lee's and Johnston's armies, returning in April to Nashville, where it remained until June 16th, when it was ordered to New Orleans, en route for Texas. Altho
    1 1 2 2     Sept., ‘61  A--Scovill's   15 15   33 33 48 Newton's Fourth. Oct., ‘61  B--Standart's   11 11 1 28 29 40 Palmer's Twenty-first. Sept., ‘61  C--Gary's 1 13 14   29 29 43 Butterfield's Twentieth. Sept., ‘61  D--Cockerill's   8 8   28 28 36 Cox's Twenty-third. Aug., ‘61  E--Ransom's   3 3   29 29 32 Johnson's Fourteenth. Aug., ‘61  F--Pease's 1 7 8   28 28 36 Palmer's Twenty-first. Nov., ‘61  G--Marshall's   6 6 1 26 27 33 Elliott's Fourth. Nov., ‘61  H--Norton's   10 10   22 22 32 Whipple's Third. Nov., ‘61  I--Dilger's 1 13 14   15 15 29 Schurz's Eleventh. Oct., ‘61  K--Heckman's 1 5 6   14 14 20 Schurz's Eleventh. Oct., ‘61  L--Robinson's 1 7 8 1 15 16 24 Sykes's Fifth. Sept., ‘61  M--Schultz's   2 2   17 17 19 Stanley's Fourth.   Light Batteries.                   Aug., ‘61 1st O. Reenlisted and served th
William F. Fox, Lt. Col. U. S. V., Regimental Losses in the American Civil War, 1861-1865: A Treatise on the extent and nature of the mortuary losses in the Union regiments, with full and exhaustive statistics compiled from the official records on file in the state military bureaus and at Washington, Chapter 15: Confederate losses — strength of the Confederate Armies--casualties in Confederate regiments — list of Confederate Generals killed — losses in the Confederate Navy. (search)
dier-General Samuel Benton Killed at Ezra Church. Brigadier-General John R. Chambliss, Jr Killed at Deep Bottom. Brigadier-General J. C. Saunders Killed at Weldon Railroad. Brigadier-General Robert H. Anderson Killed at Jonesboro. Brigadier-General John Morgan Killed at Greenville, Tenn. Brigadier-General Archibald C. Godwin Killed at Opequon. Brigadier-General John Dunnovant Killed at Vaughn Road. Brigadier-General John Gregg Killed at Darbytown Road. Brigadier-General Stephen Elliott, Jr Mortally wounded. Killed at Petersburg. Brigadier-General Victor J. Girardey Killed at Petersburg. Brigadier-General Archibald Gracie, Jr Killed at Petersb'g Trenches. Brigadier-General John Adams Killed at Franklin. Brigadier-General Oscar F. Strahl Killed at Franklin. Brigadier-General S. R. Gist Killed at Franklin. Brigadier-General H. B. Granberry Killed at Franklin. Brigadier-General James Dearing Killed at High Bridge. The record of casualt