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y b. Sept. 24, 1747.  55Catharine, b. July 11, 1749; d. Sept. 15, 1749.   Mary, widow of Simon, d. July 26, 1764.   Thomas Bradshaw (perhaps No. 40) m. Mary Tufts, Nov. 26, 1772, and had--  56Thomas, b. Apr. 17, 1773.   N. B.--He perhaps m., 2d, Martha----, who d. July 6, 1808, and had as below. He d. Sept. 1, 1801.  57Martha, b. 1775; d. Aug. 11, 1778.  58Susanna, b. Aug. 3, 1778.  59John, b. June 3, 1786.   Rebecca Bradshaw m. Wm. Hall, jun., Feb. 7, 1753.   Mercy Bradshaw m. Joseph Ellis, of Dedham, May 13, 1756.   Mary Bradshaw m. Nathaniel Hall, Apr. 2, 1761.   Sarah Bradshaw m. Joseph Thompson, Dec. 30, 1718.   Hannah Bradshaw m. Enoch Greenleaf, Feb. 17, 1726.   Abigail Bradshaw m. Jonathan Watson, Jan. 16, 1729.   Elizabeth Bradshaw m. John Muzzy, July 12, 1709.   William Bradshaw m. Elizabeth Lampson, June 5, 1761.   Susanna Bradshaw m. Jonathan Patten, Apr. 14, 1762.   Stephen Bradshaw m. M. Mansfield, Nov. 22, 1763. (Of Alsbury.)
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
oak, J. S. James, A. C. S., Ass't Surgeon T. B. Bartlett, Adj't L. N. Davies. Non-Commissioned Staff. Sergeant-Major E. B. Vaughan, Qr.-M. Sergeant W. A. Robins. Co. A. Captain J. W. Dabney, 1st Lieut. W. A. Saunders, 1st Sergeant W. W. Robinson, Private J. T. Adams, A. M. Lawrence, H. Johnson, Private E. T. Timberlake, T. M. Woodson, A. Thomas, H. C. Davis, M. Gathright. Co. B. Corporal R. H. Hooper, Private R. E. French, James R. Hart, G. W. Hardin, Jos. Ellis, John W. Maxwell, Jos. McCallister, S. P. Thompson, Private Geo. B. Woodward, A. C. Ware, R. P. Wright, W. J. Tinsley, B. S. Crouch, W. J. Ferguson, T. N. Throckmorton. Co. C. Capt. R. T. Sears, 1st Lieut. S. E. Guy, 2d Lieut. G. S. Shackleford, Jr. Lieut. J. S. Spriggs, 5th Sergeant J. R. Johnson, Corporal J. R. Vaughan, Private J. F. Bland, J. H. Bland, Private J. F. Bowry, Wm. Farinholt, S. Goddin, J. Goddin, Thos. A. Leigh, F. Roane, R. M. Roane. Co.
of Abbot, were baptized. 5. Ebenezer H., of Bolton, and Mrs. Mary P. Avery of W. Camb. m. 25 Mar. 1841. (See Cutter Book, 236, 394.) Anderson, John, of Boston, and Wid. Hannah Smith of Lexington, m. 31 Jan. 1828. Andrew, Mary—at Capt. Whittemore's—d. 7 Dec. 1756. Prob. Mary, dau. of William Andrew of Camb. and living unm. in 1753 (see Paige, 480). Andrews, Thomas, d. 15 Mar. 1801,a. 53. Elizabeth, d. 17 Aug. 1807, a. 55. Joseph E. had w. Sarah, and chil. Sarah Williams, Joseph Ellis and George Frederick baptized W. Camb., 7 Aug. 1836. Sarah, w. of Joseph E., d. 8 Sept. 1836, a 31. (Joseph E. was pub. to Sarah Parsons, Jan. 5, 1812?—Wyman's Chas. 22.) Angier, Sarah, m. John Hildreth, 3 Jan. 1776. (See Paige, 482.) Annis, Lucy A., and Edmund M. Fessenden of Charlestown, m. 3 Feb. 1828. Ash, Mary and John Peirce of W. Camb. m. 19 May, 1811. Betsey, and Samuel Locke 2d, m. 29 Nov. 1815. Augustus, John, and Harriet Stearns of Lexington, m. 6 Nov. 1817.