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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Crenshaw Battery, Pegram's Battalion, Confederate States Artillery. (search)
b a root, etc., and such a commotion it would cause. No one appeared to be safe. Several men were killed while lying in their tents. I never want to see such instruments of death at work again. And, now, I have to chronicle the death of Thomas Emmett, who was killed here. It occurred early in the morning just after daybreak. Emmett was a gallant soldier, as well as a quiet and intelligent, modest man. He was killed instantly by a piece of shell while serving in his usual position at theEmmett was a gallant soldier, as well as a quiet and intelligent, modest man. He was killed instantly by a piece of shell while serving in his usual position at the gun—No. 3. We buried him a short distance in rear of the works. His body was subsequently, I believe, taken up and carried to Winchester, his home, and reinterred. After remaining here on the north side of the Appomattox some ten days more, we were hurriedly moved across the river and through Petersburg to meet General Hancock, of the Federal army, commanding the Second Corps, who was endeavoring to cut the Southside railroad, and thus cut off our communications with the southern country.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 28. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), A confederation of Southern Memorial Associations. (search)
307. Crenshaw's Battery, Organization and record of, 336. Curtis, General N. M., 314. Daughters of the Confederacy at N. O, 228. Davidson, Captain, Greenlee, killed, 852. Davis General Joseph R, 299. Davis, Mrs, Jefferson, Visit to, 315. Devens, General 43. Dickson, Mrs. William H., 230. Drewry's Bluff, President Davis as to operations at, 322, 323. Ellett, Lieutenant, Robert, killed, 366. Ellett, Lieutenant, James, killed, 349. Ellett. Captain Thomas 343 Emmett, Thomas, killed, 364. Englehard, Major Joseph A., 3. Fairfax, Randolph, killed, 70. Ferneyhough, Edward, 344. Figner, Alfonzo, 344. Fishburne, Lieutenant Clement D., 69. Five Forks, Battle of 371. Foy F. R. C. S., Dr. George, 275. Frederick City, Md, 347. Friedenwall, Dr., Herbert, 81. Gaines' Mill, Battle of, 94, 95. Garnett, Ll. D, Captain James M., 58, 71. Garnett, Ion. Thomas S 106. Garside, Miss Julia A 378. Gettysburg, Battle of, 10, 145, 356. Gidding
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.43 (search)
rivate Joseph. Delbridge, Private William. Edwards, Private Joseph. Finn, Private D. B. Ferguson, Lieutenant Erastus. Hall, Private Jesse. Harrison, Private N. L.; wounded. Howard, Private A. W. Jean, Private J. L. Jones, Private John J. Johnson, Private Samuel. Lee, Private George W. Manson, Lieutenant J. R. Moore, Private Joseph. Newsom, Private George W. Phillips, Private Deb. M. Phillips, Private James W. Pollard, Private George W. Pepper, Sergeant Joseph H. Rook, Private B. S. Rose, Private Rook, Private James M. Talley, Private William T. Welton, Private James L. Williams, Private Woodruff, Sergeant Marcellus G. Company K —Petersburg Archer Rifles. Burton, Private William. Fuqua, Private Robert; killed. Huddleston, Private R. F. Litchford, Sergeant; mortally wounded. Mann, Private William. Richardson, Sergeant Thomas Emmett. Stringer, Private John; killed. Phillips, Private James
Watch-House cases --William, a slave, the property of Thos. Emmett, has been locked up to a wait examination before the Mayor, on a charge of setting fire to and burning the dwelling of John T. West. Also, Elizabeth Martin, a free woman of color, for assaulting a white man with a knife. Several negroes were arrested Saturday night, and duly punished yesterday morning, for smaller offences.
A Youthful incendiary. --A small negro boy named William, the property of Thos. Emmett, was arraigned before the Mayor yesterday on a charge of setting fire to the house of John T. West. Mrs. West testified that the back porch of the house was discovered to be on fire about 8 o'clock last Friday morning, but was promptly extinguished. Shortly afterwards the passage was filled with smoke, and going up stairs, she found one of the beds burning. Assistance was procured and the fire again exim, and throw him into the basin. Witness said he used no threats to make the boy confess. A match was found in the bed last burnt. He subsequently brought the boy's master to the house, and the same confession was made in his presence. Mr. Emmett gave his boy an excellent character — said he had raised him, and never knew him to do anything wrong. Admitted that the boy made the confession in West's presence; but subsequently, when alone with him, declared that he was innocent, and that
Commonwealth vs. John Henry Lambert, an indictment for a misdemeanor. This matter having been settled between the defendant and prosecutor, a nolle prosequi was entered on payment of costs. Charles, slave of Cornelius B. Lipscomb, was found guilty of larceny, and sentenced to twenty-five lashes. Commonwealth vs. Wm. Kingstry, presentment for an assault. A capias was awarded against the defendant, returnable to the next term of the Court. William, a slave, the property of Thomas Emmett, was found guilty of setting fire to the premises of John T. West, and condemned to sale and transportation beyond the limits of the United States, for the term of his natural life. This negro is a small boy. The Court fixed his value at $600, if sold publicly, under a knowledge of the circumstances of his conviction. Thomas Gwynn, a free negro, charged with a felonious, unlawful and malicious assault upon William Byrd Page, with intent to maim, disfigure, disable and kill, was aga
21, 1861 To the Editors of the Dispatch: The following is a list of sick and wounded soldiers in private families at this place: F. W. J. Virginia. William H. Sight, Company D, Second Regiment, wounded, B. J. Cavanaugh, Company D, Twenty-seventh Regiment, wounded. George Winn, Lunenburg Cavalry, sick. Joseph Colburt, Company H, Second Regiment, wounded. John Ryan. Twenty-seventh Regiment, wounded badly. Patrick Quinn, Twenty-seventh Regiment, died of wounds. Thomas Emmett, Thirty-third Regiment, badly wounded. John Hefferman, Thirty-third Regiment, badly wounded. K. G. Holland, Goochland, (Captain Lacy's Company,) sick. North Carolina Sixth Regiment. Harmon Sears, Company I, wounded. S. A. Hinton, Company I, sick. Wm. Shambly, Company B, wounded. W. P. Mangum, Company H, died of wounds. David Roberts, Company H, wounded. Simeon Carrington, Company H, wounded. Thos. S. Ollis, Company D, sick. W. P. White, Company F, wounded b