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Below it, curved knife for same operation and that of cleft palate. Paring-knife. Par′ing-ma-chine′. A key-grooving machine. Par′ing-plow. (Husbandry.) A plow for cutting sods or turfs from the surface of the ground. A sod-plow. Paring-scis′sors. (Surgical.) A scissors for trimming the edges of wounds, or freshening the edges of fistulous openings, in order that they may grow together when brought into apposition and secured. Fig. 3561, lower cut, represents Dr. Emmett's double-curved scissors for paring edges in the operation of vesico-vaginal-fistula and cleft palate. Surgical paring knives and scissors. Par-is′ian gold-col′ored Al′loy. A factitious gold. See Oroide; also alloys for jewelers, page 63. Par-is′ian white-metal. An alloy composed of copper, 69.8 parts; zinc, 5.5; nickel, 19.8; cadmium, 4.7. See alloy, page 63. Pa-risth′mi-o-tome. (Surgical.) An instrument for scarifying the tonsils. Park. A
have a knife r at the back of the blade, which is covered when not in use by a pivoted guard. Surgical scissors are used in dividing soft parts which it is difficult to reach with a bistoury; also for renewing the edges of parts to be united by suture, removing excrescences, etc. They are made straight or curved, long or short, heavy or slender, to suit the form of the part to be used upon. They generally have long slender handles, and the blades are frequently curved or twisted. g, Dr. Emmett's double-curved scissors for operations on vesico-vaginal fistula and cleft palate. See also Sta-Phylloraphy. Surgical scissors. h i are dissecting-scissors. j, flower and fruit scissors. k, roweling-scissors for veterinary uses. Fig. 4672 shows a group of Tiemann's surgical scissors. a, Maunoir's canalicula scissors. b, angular strabismus scissors. c, conjunctiva scissors, curved on the flat. d, Althof's iridectomy scissors. e, Simrock's scissors for operat
che. The cervix rests in the bowl, and the liquid introduced at the pipe a escapes by the wastepipe b. c is an instrument for placing the douche. U′ter-ine El′e-vator. (Surgical.) An instrument for replacing the prolapsed uterus, restoring it to its natural position. The instrument includes various members; one enters the cervix and extends to the fundus. The entering portion is then oscillated upon its axis on the stock, moving the organ in the direction of the arrow. a a′ is Emmett's instrument. b b′, Noeggerath's instrument. Tiemann's uterine elevators. U′ter-ine re-dress′or. (Surgical.) An instrument used in replacing the uterus in cases of inversion. The operation of restoration is known as reduction, and the instrument also is known as a repositor. See also uterine elevator. U′ter-ine Scar′i-fi-cator. (Surgical.) A lancet concealed in a cannula, and used in scarifying engorged or effused tissues of the uterus. Uterine Redr