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ton, had Lydia, b. 23 May, bap. 4 June, 1775. Russell, William, was adm. Pct. ch. at organization, 9 Sept. 1739. He was son of William, the emigrant-see Paige. Born 28 Apr. 1655, in Camb. and bap. there-date unrecorded. He was in the Narragansett fight, 1675—see Paige, 399—and a petitioner in conjunction with an attempt to establish this Precinct—see History, Chap. I. He m. Abigail Winship in Camb. 18 Mar. 1682-3, and with w. Abigail was adm. member of Camb. ch. 19 June, 1698. Joseph English, an Indian, man servant living with William Russell, o. c. and was bap. at Camb. 30 Apr. 1727. William R.'s w. Abigail d. Camb., 31 July, 1727. His name heads the list of lay male subscribers to the covenant of the Second Church, 1739. He was chosen one of an important committee by that church 17 Nov. 1739. William d. 17 May, 1744, a. 89 (g. s.), or 90 (Cooke ). Had William, b. 5 Apr. 1687, Camb.; Abigail, b. 31 Dec. 1688, do., d. 20 June, 1710, a. 21 yrs. 6 mos. (g. s.—Old Camb.);
Gunpowder.--Dupont's and Hazard's Sporting $5.75; Blasting $3,75; Eagle Canister $14.25; Fff Canister $8.25. In quantities of twenty kegs and upwards, 50 cents a keg less. Hay.--$1.20@1.25 per cwt. Hides.--Salted 8½@9 cents; dry 11@13 cts. Calf Skins, green, $1 @1.12. South American, none. Hoop Poles.--Flour bbl. $7.50@2 per 1,000; hhd. poles. $15. Iron and Nails.--Pig Iron $28@34, as in quality and quantity; Swedes $400 per ton; English Refined $70; Tredegar $85; Common English $60; American country $95. Cut Nails 3 ¼ @3½ cts. per lb Lard.--Prime Western Leaf, in bbls., 11½@12 cents; kegs 12½ cents--all for new. Lead.--We quote 6½@6½ cents per lb. for pig; bar 6½@7 cts. Leather. We quote good stamp, middle weights, 23@24 cts. per lb.; over weights 22 @23 cts.; light 23@23½c.; good damaged 21; poor 16@18c; upper leather $2.00@3.50, as to size, weight and quality; Harness 35@36; Skirting, in the rough, 25@28; finished 31@35 Lime.--85 to $1 from