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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 29. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.50 (search)
in company H, commissioned May 3, 1861. W. O. Taylor, captain company I, commissioned May 18, 1861. David King, first lieutenant, commissioned January I, 1860. F. W. E. Lohmann, first lieutenant, commissioned February 4, 1861. Wm. H. Palmer, first lieutenant, commissioned April 18, 1861. John Greanor, first lieutenant, commissioned April 24, 1861. S. J. Tucker, first lieutenant, commissioned May 14, 1861. John T. Rogers, first lieutenant, commissioned May 16, 1861. Wm. English, second lieutenant, commissioned April 12, 1860. J. W. Archer, second lieutenant, commissioned April 16, 1861. ——Tyree, second lieutenant, commissioned May 18, 1861. F. H. Langley, second lieutenant, commisssioned May 4, 1861. F. H. Hagemeyer, second lieutenant, commissioned February 14, 1861. Henry Harvey, second lieutenant, commissioned April 18, 1861. H. H. Miles, second lieutenant, commissioned April 23, 1861. W. M. Harrison, second lieutenant, commissioned April
Horse Thieves about. --A horse was stolen from Mr. Wm. English, corner of 2d and Leigh streets, and another from a German residing in Screamersville, on Saturday night.
The Tragedy in Alabama. --The suicide of Wm. English, in Baldwin county, Alabama, after killing three of his children on the 14th inst., has been noticed. A letter in the Pensacola (Fla.) Observer, gives further particulars of the horrible affair. It says: "He went to Mobile with a draft on the bank of that city, calling for $60,000, which he failed to get. Supposing it lost forever, and himself and family impoverished, he returned home with a heavy heart. On the first evening afad left the room he approached the cradle in which lay his youngest child, an infant nine months old, and cut its throat from ear to ear. The nurse happened to look through the window and saw what he was doing, and hastened to the garden where Mrs. English was superintending some work, and gave the alarm.--Mrs. E. started for the house in all possible haste, and entered the parlor just as he had cut the throat of the third child, and was in the act of cutting his own. Rushing forward, she seized
Names of prisoners. --The following prisoners of war, who were arrested in about three miles of Alexandria, by our forces, were brought to Richmond yesterday evening by a guard commanded by Lieut. Wm. English, of the 1st Regiment Virginia Volunteers, vis: Capt. H. G. Kelly, 2d Regiment Connecticut Volunteers; Sergeant Austin G. Monroe, Co. B, same regiment; Corporal Chas. E. Hauswert, Co. D, same regiment.
and Stone Bridge, July 18th and 21st: Wounded--Col. P. T. Moore, left arm and side; Major Skinner, head, slightly; Quartermaster Wm. G. Allen, calf of right leg. Company B. Capt. James K. Lee.--Killed--Private J. E. Allen. Wounded--Capt. Jas. K. Lee, through the body; Lieut. W. W. Harrison, right foot; Serg't. W. J. Lumkin, left hand and side, slightly; Privates H. Kepler, right breast, dangerously; Frederick Lutz head, slightly. Company C, Capt. John Dooley.--Wounded-- Lieut. Wm. English, ankle; Serg't. Pat. Rankin, leg, slightly; Privates Joseph W. Driscol, since died; Michael Ludman, since died; J. L Whitaker, body, dangerously; Michael Hughes, breast, dangerously; Geo. Hamilton, in arm; Andrew Forsyth, arm; John Kavanah, in hand. Company D, Capt. Griswold.--Two men accidentally wounded — names not reported. Company E, Capt. C. K. Sherman. --Killed--Corporal Theodore Morris. Wounded — Jas. E. Marrow, leg, which has been amputated; Privates P. K. Reiley., i
ightly. Seventh Virginia Regiment. Lieut. Colonel Williams, Commander.--Killed--Private J. Brown. Wounded--1st Lieut.--Duvall, slight; Privates B. F. Fielding, L. Toombs, W. Hockstep, H. C. Burrows, S. McDede. 1st Virginia Regiment, Major F. G. Skinner, Commander.--Killed.--Lt. H. H. Miles, Corporal--Morris, Privates--Allen, J. S. Mallory, J. S. Wilkinson, M. A. Barnes, W. Diacont. Wounded.--Capt. J. K. Lee, severely — since died; Lieuts. W. W. Harrison, slight — foot; Wm. English, slight; Sergeants — Lumpkin, slight — hand;--Rankin, slight; Privates-- Lu z slight — head;--Kepler, breast; Andrew Forsight, slight; John Hamilton; M. Redmond, severe; J. L. Whitaker, severe; J. W. Driscole, severe; M. Hughes, severe;--Collins, severe;--Rielly, severe;--Marron, severe; R. Ashby, H. Ashby, J. P. Knoff, J. H. Morgan, J. D. Harman, W. E. Cree,--Gotbier, H. Buhel. Missing--John Doll. 11th Virginia Regiment, Col. S. Garland, Jr., Commander.--Killed--Major Carter
The Daily Dispatch: November 30, 1861., [Electronic resource], Mr. Russell's letters to the London times. (search)
work has driven the enemy beyond Fairfax Court-House. To morrow the Junction will probably be carried." With this information he was happy. Johnston had been detained the appointed time, and the work of General Patterson's column had been done. On the 18th, at half-past 1 in the morning, he telegraphed Gen. Scott the condition of the enemy's force and his own, referring to the letter of the 10 h formula information, and closed the dispatch by asking. "Shall I attack?" This was plain English, and could not be misunderstood, but he received no reply. He expected to be attacked where he was, and if Manassas was not to be attacked on that day, as stated in Gen. Scott's dispatches of the day previous, he ought to have been ordered down forth with to join in the battle, and the attack delayed until he came. He could have been there on the day that the battle was fought, and his assistance might have produced a different result. On the 20th he heard that Johnston had marched w
First Regiment Virginia volunteers. Major Skinner has been promoted to the Lieutenant Colonelcy of this regiment, to fill the vacancy occasioned by the resignation of Lieut. Col. Wm. H. Fry. Capt. John Dooley, of Company "C," promoted to the Majority, vice Skinner; promoted. Lieut. Wm. English is elected Captain of Company "C," to supply the vacancy occasioned by the promotion of Maj. Dooley. This regiment (peculiarly our Richmond regiment,) "won its spurs" at the battle of Bull Run, on the 18th of July
lace, and Captain Dooley made Major. The two appointments are the most popular that could possibly have been made. In consequence of the latter promotion, Lieutenant English has been chosen Captain of Company C. --Vacant offices now exist in the company, which will soon be filled. The regiment now consists of-- Colonel, P.pany B--Captain, Randolph Harrison; 1st Lieutenant, Wm. Wirt Harrison; 2d Lieutenant James H. Cobb; Jr. 2d Lieutenant. T. Herbert Davis. Company C.--Captain. Wm. English; 1st Lieutenant, David King; 2d Lieutenant, James Mitchell. Company D--Captain, Jos. D. Griswold: 2d Lieutenant, George F. Norton; Jr. 2d Lieutenant. E. Pa a wound received July 18th. Wm. W. Harrison, promoted, vice J. W. Archer, promoted to a captaincy and assigned to Brig. Gen. Anderson's staff. Company C.--Wm. English, promoted, vice Capt. cotey, made Major. Lieut. Mitchell, promoted, vice Lieut. M. Segars, resigned. Company D--Lieut. Reeve, promoted, vice Lieut. Henry
market, New Orleans 85c@$1 per gallon. Mill Offal — Bran 20c; Shorts 25c; Brownstuff 30c; Shipstuff 50 Potatoes.--Good Irish Potatoes bring $1.15 to $1.16 per bushel. Sugar.--Cuba sells at 25 cts. per lb; Porto Rico scarce, New Orleans 11 to 15 cts. The stocks of sugar are light and prices high. Tobacco.--The receipts continue light, the sales limited, and the market quiet. We quote Lugs $1.75 to $3.50; Inferior Leaf $3.25 to $5; good $5.50 to $6.50@7; good and fine dry English $7.50 to $10.50; fancy wrappers $10 to $15. Wheat.--We quote Red $1.20 to $1.25; White $1.30 to $1.35; the market quiet. Whiskey.--We quote common 20 per cent. at $1.30; Old Rye $2.50. Wool.--Virginia Washed Wool, 80 to 90 cents per lb.; unwashed 50 to 60 cts.; fine Merino, unwashed, 65 to 75 cts.; washed 90 a $1. Money Market. There is hardly anything done now in uncurrent money; for there is little that is uncurrent. The Banks here take, on deposit, all moderately
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