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ing for thee.” She tells him how oft, in the watches of night, Her prayers were breathed forth to the Father above, That He, in his infinite goodness and might, Would spread o'er her husband a mantle of love. The soul of the sleeper is thrilling with joy, But his dream is dispelled by the tones of command: “To arms!” shouts the captain; “brave soldiers, to arms! And fight for your country — the foe is at hand!” 'Mid that terrible conflict, 'mid carnage and strife, The soldier is calm, and his spirit is free; He thinks of his children — he thinks of his wife-- And murmurs: “I know they are praying for me.” And with a strong arm that is nerved for the right, And with a true heart for his country and God, He's a hero that day in the midst of the fight, And wins a proud name to be sounded abroad. Few knew of the talisman worn in his breast-- Love, blended with faith, is inciting him on; He thinks not of danger, he seeks not for rest, Till the battle is ended — the victory won.
Waitt, Ernest Linden, History of the Nineteenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry , 1861-1865, Roster of the Nineteenth regiment Massachusetts Volunteers (search)
‘61; 25; transf. to V. R.C. Sept. 26, ‘63. Smith, Caleb V. A., priv., (H), Aug. 20, ‘61; 25; disch. disa. Feb. 4, ‘63; Co. D. Smith, Chas., priv., (I), Feb. 23, ‘64; 33; abs. sick; disch. disa. July 21, ‘65. Smith, Chas., priv., (—), Dec. 10, ‘62; 26; N. F.R. Smith, Chas., priv., (H), Jan. 12, ‘65; 23; M. O. June 30, ‘65. Smith, Chas. E., priv., (K), Aug. 30, ‘62; 27; died of w'nds Dec. 18, ‘62, Falmouth, Va. Smith, Daniel H., priv., (I), Feb. 11, ‘65; 25; M. O. June 30, ‘65. Smith, Ervin, priv., (G), May 13, ‘64; 23; sub.; abs. pris. since June 22, ‘64. Smith, Francis L., priv., (H), July 26, ‘61; 24; wounded June 30, ‘62; arm amputated; died Aug. 5, ‘62, Philadelphia, Pa. Smith, Geo., priv.,(—), July 24, ‘63; 30; sub.; N. F.R. Smith, Geo. H., priv., (—), July 5, ‘63; 30; sub.; N. F.R. Smith, Henry A., priv., (B), Aug. 19, ‘61; 19; disch. disa. Oct. 28, ‘61; died Nov. 22, ‘61, Camp Benton. Smith, Henry, priv., (H), Nov. 1, ‘
ounded; Corp'ls Nicholas W Carpenter and John F Goodman, Privates Robert A Hall, Sumpter A Hoover, Milas Holdshouser, Robert T Kerr, James P Norton, John C Reymer, James A Reid, Jas M Rickert, Thos Summers, Albert M White, John R Eldson, Joseph B Sherrill, David S Hustle, badly wounded; Serg'ts Andrew J Anderson and John A S Feirnater, Corp'ls John A Waddell and Jas A Holmes, Privates Wm S Beard, Geo Srady, Isaac N Brotherton; Augustus F Campbell, John H Campbell, Solomon A Claywell, Archy B Ervin, John A Fleming, James A Garrison, Alvill H Goodin, Robert O Hair, John F Holmes, Wm G Holmes, Chas S Johnston, Isaac M Jones, Columbus Kerr, James A McRoy, Peter T Miller, Jacob T Robb, Franklin A Shuford, and Wm Brady. Co. D.--Second Lieut, M Clay Hazalle, slightly in hand; Corp's James Brower, H Pearsall and Cedar Parker, seriously wounded; Privates James Anderson, Wm Burnham, John T Beard, Elijan Croom, Combs, Geo W Casey, Wm Dinkins, John Daniel, John Holmes, Stephen Holmes