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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 24. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.29 (search)
ster, dead. Third Corporal Joseph B. Herbert, wounded March 17, 1863; died since the war. Fourth Corporal Gilbert Phillips, dead. Ayers, Samuel, dead; Armistead, R. T.; Allen, Thomas, killed at Todd's farm May 8, 1864; Bains, J. J.; Bates, John Q., dead; Causey, C. H., dead; Causey, James C.; Crandol, T. J.; Cooper, Charles H., killed at Williamsburg, May 5, 1862; Cooper, James, dead; Davis, Robert A.; Davis, Louis F., died of wounds; Elliott, H. H., dead; Elliott, Robert E., dead; Ethridge, Leonidas; Edders, W. B.; Fitchett, William; Garrett, George, dead; Hawkins, Richard, dead; Hudgins, R. S.; Herbert, Thomas T., dead; Ham, Jacob C. died of wounds received May 21, 1864; Hudgins, Andrew J., dead; Ivy, William; Joynes, John L., dead; Johnson, Darden, killed by 44th Georgia Regiment, June, 1864; Jones, Charles, dead; Jones, Jesse S., promoted to captain, ended the war as major; Jones, Andrew Mac, dead; Lee, John; Lee, William, captured at Aldie, June 17, 1863; Meriam, George,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 33. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), The Twelfth Alabama Infantry, Confederate States Army. (search)
. J. Rufles; A. Roper, C. B. Cyan, slightly. Total, 11. Company I—Killed—Privates W. Wooten, E. Carey, J. Tash. Total, 3. Wounded—Lieutenant J. J. Nicholson, Corporals T. M. Shelton, G. A. Nelson, slightly; Privates James Burns,—Feltach, R. Overstreet, L. O. Thomas, W. Thomas, F. Trice, H. N. Waters, slightly; William Williams, A. Wooten, both badly. Total, 12. Company K—Killed—Private J. M. C. Payne. Wounded—Lieutenant Townsend, Lieutenant Fitzgerald, Sergeants Jones, Taylor, Ethridge, all mortally; Corporal Scott, Privates Abercrombie, W. S. Ford, N. H. Goslin, C. H. Herring, H. H. Rowell, W. Stallmarks, slightly; S. M. Adams, D. T. Jenkins, J. A. Powell, all mortally. Total, 14. H. A. Whiting, A. A. A. General, 3rd Brigade, 3rd Division. Summary. *** killed.wounded. Staff Officers.Enlisted Men.Officers.Enlisted Men. 12th Miss. Regt.5352138 6th Ala. Regt.119118264 5th Ala. Regt.1269159 12th Ala. Regt.5556133 4th Va. Batallion317267 K
g his men in pursuit of the enemy, fell mortally wounded. Lieut. Moore, 12th Georgia volunteers, whilst gallantly heading a charge, fell mortally wounded. This gallant officer was ever ready for any expedition involving danger — he was truly brave. Captains Davis, Blanford, Hardeman, and Hawkins, their officers and men, behaved admirably. Captain Davis and his company were conspicuous for their gallantry and good conduct throughout the fight. Adjutant Willis, Lieutenants McCoy. Ethridge, Marshall, and Turpin, 12th Georgia regiment, deserve particular mention for their good conduct. Lieut., Col. Boykin, commanding 31st Virginia volunteers, his officers and men, deserve my thanks for their unflinching courage throughout the struggle. This regiment suffered severely. Lieutenants Poothman, J. Johnson, McNewman, J. B. Philips, all wounded, deserve honorable mention. Capt. Thompson, 31st Virginia, deserves special notice. Adjutant Morgen, Lieutenants son, Haymond, Serge
s, W Kenner, J McCam, A J Reaves, O D Ryan, A Rafur, L. M. Woods. Company I--Killed: E. Cary, J Tosh, W. Wootan. Wounded: Lieut. J J Nicholson, Capt. G M Shelton, Capt. G A Nelson; privates Jos Byrnes, D Fettche, R N Overstreet, W P Thomas, N O Thomas, F M Trice, H N Wootan, Wm Williams. Company K--Killed: J M C Payne Wounded: 1st Lieut W C Townsend, slightly; 2nd Lieut T W Fitzgerald, slightly; 1st Sergeant W H Jones, mortally; 3rd Sergeant D S Taylor, mortally; 5th Sergeant J C Ethridge, slghtly; 1st Corporal W A Scott, slightly; privates C W Abererumble, slightly; S N Adams, mortally; W S Ford, slightly; W H Goslin, slightly; O H Herring, slightly; D T Jenkins, mortally; E H Rowell, slightly. Casualties in the 12th Mississippi Regiment. Lt-Col Harris, slight wound. Adj't J H Capers, Company a, "Raymond Fencibles," Capt Thomas--John Watson and F J Kelly, killed. Wounded: F B Barton. W H Dixor, A P Harris, Thos O Banner. Robt J Herrieg, G S Chevis, J M
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