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U. S. Court. --The term of the U. S. Circuit Court for the Eastern District of Virginia, Judge Halyburton presiding, commenced yesterday. The following Grand Jury was sworn, and adjourned over until to-day: Jno. L. Tate, Foreman; Conway Whittle, B. B. Mosely, A. G. Newton, W. B. Rogers, Robert E. Moran, John R. Ludlow, Herbert M. Nash, Jesse J. Simpkins, W. H. Harker, E. C. Boblison, W. A. Todd, Lewis S. Slaughter, Joseph R. Spratley, Peyton Johnston, Logan Waller, William P. Ragland, R. L. Wiglesworth, C. McCarthy, Henry Exall, E G. Leigh, William J. Cheatham, R. F. Taylor, P. J. Haskins. The following criminal cases are set for trial this term: Wm. A. Northern, for embezzling money from letters. John Gaskins, for a similar offence. The crew of the Storm King, for engaging in the slave trade. Frederick Brooks, a negro, for stealing letters.
summoning jurors in the Hustings and Circuit Courts of the town of Lynchburg; incorporating the Staffordsville Toll-Bridge Company; refunding a certain sum of money to Hugh H. Hite; incorporating the Home Savings Bank and Aid Savings Bank, of the city of Richmond. Resolutions of Inquiry into Expediency.--By Mr. Dickinson, of amending the 4th section of chapter 141 of the Code, so as to allow a greater rate of interest than 6 per cent. by special contract; by Mr. Sager, of allowing to Henry Exall his claim for furnishing a plan of alteration in the Hall of the House of Delegates; by Mr. Davis, of changing existing law for the repair of bridges and roads in the counties of Brooke and Hancock; by Mr. Mallory, of refunding a certain sum of money to Jos. W. Harper, of Dinwiddie; by Mr. Nelson, of allowing commissions and remitting damages to the Sheriff of Fluvanna; by Mr. Friend, of amending the 29th section of chapter 184 of the Code of 1849; by Mr. Miller, of S., of refunding to Da
called to order at 11 o'clock, by Speaker Crutchfield. Prayer by Rev. George Jacobs, of the Mayo Street Hebrew Church. A message from the Senate announced the passage of several bills. Referred to House committees. Bills Reported.--The following bills were reported, viz: Requiring reports from Savings Banks and certain Insurance Companies, and imposing a tax thereon; for the relief of John Avis, late Jailor of Jefferson county; authorizing the payment of a sum of money to Henry Exall, of the city of Richmond, for services rendered and expenses incurred in altering and repairing the State Court-House in the city of Richmond; refunding to Jas. W. Larue a sum of money paid on an erroneous assessment of land. Harper's Ferry Expenses.--Mr. Duckwall moved to take up from the table the report of the Harper's Ferry Auditing Board, on the subject of paying a portion of the 89th Regiment of Virginia Militia, and accompanying resolution. The House refused taking up the rep
Confederate States District Court --Judge Halyburton presiding.--In this Court, yesterday, petitions were filed by Receiver Brooke for the sequestration of the property of a number of alien enemies, held as follows: By Henry Exall, for Francie Graham, alien enemy; W. Leigh Burton, for Chickering & Co.; Wm. I. Shepperson, for D. M. Talmadge; Wm. Nott, for Michael Hart; Jos. G. Brooks, for Francis Graham; Geo. W. McCandlish, for John Taylor; N. A. Sturdivant, for William Openheim; John and eim; John and George Gibson, for Patterson & Bro.; John A. Lancaster and Thos. A. Ball, for Howell & King; Henry Exall, for Johnson & Browning; Clark Scull and Daniel Scull, for A. B. Cooley and J C. Osgald; also, by the Bank of Virginia, to sequester the stock of Nathaniel E. Cornwall, Justin Dimick, and other aliens; and by the Bank of the Commonwealth, in regard to stock held in the name of the American Exchange and Mechanics' Banks of New York, Mechanics' Bank of Philadelphia, and others.
Confederate States District Court. --Bald win, a slave, the property of G. B. Claiborne was yesterday sentenced to three days imprisonment, having previously plead guilty to stealing a letter from the Richmond Post-Office, addressed to Spence & Co. Henry Exall filed his answer to interrogatories propounded by the Receiver as garnishes of alien enemies, Johnson & Browning.
Police Court. --Saturday, Charles Butler was arraigned, charged with breaking down the door of Mr. Warrock's kitchen and taking possession of the bad of his servant. The case was continued — Martha Norman, colored, was arraigned for living in the city with Henrico county papers, and harboring Peter and William; slaves. The whole party were ordered to be thrashed — Henry Exall was fined $5 for violating the health ordinance.--Wm. Garrett, the same amount, for the same offenc
so, the bill of Dr. P. W. Brown, of $61, for medical attendance on Sam Patch, a free negro, James Coyne, white, and others, wounded and arrested by the police. A communication was made to the Council by Thomas T. Giles, enclosing one from Henry Exall, notifying him that 100 benches belonging to the city were in the basement of the Mechanics' Hall, and that they would sell for more than they cost. Mr. Giles states that the benches, or settees, ½are very much in the way,½ and suggests that they be stowed elsewhere, or directed to be sold, in accordance with the recommendation of Mr. Exall. A petition was presented from W. W. Parker Captain of light artillery, asking the city for 30 blankets and 20 overcoats for his company. Referred to the Committee on Arms. A resolution was passed that the fuel purchased for the benefit of the poor by the Committee on Fuel be turned over to the Union Female Benevolent Society for distribution. Adjourned to meet next Monday at 4 o
el him to carry out in good faith the contracts and liabilities entered into and assumed by Stuart, Buchanan & Co., as to the property which was transferred by them to the State. A bill for the relief of Wm. E. C. Douglas, late Steward of the Lunatic Asylum at Williamsburg, was passed. Adjourned. In the House bills were reported for the relief of the personal representatives of A. B. Urquhart, Jos. E. Gillett, and Madison J. Davis; authorizing the payment of a sum of money to Henry Exall, of Richmond, for drawings, plans, and specifications of the armory; and, providing for the impressment of slaves for hospital purposes. A resolution of inquiry for the reorganization of the office of Register of the Land Office was adopted. Also, a resolution for making an appropriation to the Chimborazo and other hospitals where Virginia soldiers are treated. Also, one for the encouragement of domestic manufactures, and one for amending the law now in force in regard to o
such implements and machinery as may be made, was adopted. Also, a resolution for the appointment of an agent to collect the names with the rank, company, regiment, &c., of all Virginia soldiers who have been or who may be hereafter mustered into the Confederate service, and transcribe the same into suitable books of record, to be preserved as mementoes in the archives of the State. Adjourned. House--A bill was reported in the House yesterday, for the payment of a sum of money to Henry Exall, for certain services rendered. A resolution calling upon the Governor for information in regard to the result of purchases made in Europe by the late Governor, the amount of goods purchased, and from what fund the money was taken, and by what authority; and also whether any purchase was made for the Military Institute; how much money was borrowed, who endorsed the bonds in England; and whether any pledge was given to bind the State to pay the money, if so, by whom and by what author