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s R. Norris, S. P. Blanc,H. H. Tyson, J. H. Rodman,E. A. Swain, A. H. Sterling,E. M. Maffit, J. S. Bullock,E. M. Andrews, D. M. Lee,W. A. Wilson, P. H. McCarrick,W. B. Sinclair. J. H. Hamilton,  Chief (steam) Engineers. W. P. Williamson,V. Freeman, Michael Quinn,E. W. Manning, Jas. H. Warner,E. A. Ramsey. T. A. Jackson,  First Assistant-Engineers. E. W. Manning,M. J. Freeman, H. A. Ramsey,C. H. Geddes. Chas. Schroeder,Hugh Clark, Geo. W. City,B. J. Collins, M. P. Jordan,B. B. Wright. J. H. Loper,  Second Assistant-Engineers. C. H. Levy,J. E. Esnard, J. W. Tynan,J. J. Darcey, L. Campbell,Geo. Williams, Geo. D. Lining,W. H. Todd, W. O. Brooks,  Third Assistant-Engineers. H. K. Wright,W. Ahern, Benj. Herring,J. J. Henderson, Henry Fagan,F. J. Miller, J. T. Tucker,J. H. Dent, C. W. Jordan,M. O'Brien, J. H. Toombs,S. W. Cummings, W. H. Jackson,J. H. Bailey, J. P. W. Gormley,E. G. Hall, J. Hanks,Wm. Quinn, J. W. Hanks,W. M. Fauntleroy. G. W. Moran,
More Naval resignations --The following officers of the steamer Richmond, lately arrived at New York, have sent their resignations to the Navy Department: John D. Sims, Captain of Marines, Virginia; F. D. Shepperd, Lieutenant. N. C.; M. P. Christian, Assistant Surgeon, Virginia; James H. Warner, Chief Engineer, Virginia; Jas. W. Alexander, Master, N. C.; James L. Tayloe, Midshipman. Virginia; Virginius Freeman, First Assistant Engineer, Virginia; B. S. Herring, Third Assistant Engineer, N. C.; Henry Fagan, Third Assistant Engineer, Florida. The names of these officers have been stricken from the Navy roll.
The Daily Dispatch: June 8, 1863., [Electronic resource], Explosion of the gunboat Chattahoochee--sixteen persons killed. (search)
ly on the bottom. The powder and shells are a total loss. The guns have been landed and the 9 inch and rifle are already in position at a strong point, and although the loss of the vessel and the brave men is much to be deplored, yet with the guns ashore, manned by the splendidly drilled crew of the late Chattahoochee, the river is much safer than ever before. Midshipman Mallory is the same gallant little fellow who pushed his way first aboard the U. S. frigate Congress, at Hampton Roads, after she had struck her colors to the Virginia. Those killed by the explosion were Mid-shipman Mallory; Henry Fagan, of Key West, Florida; Euclid P. Hodges, of Maryland; Frederick W. Arents, Richmond, Va., (recently transferred from the 3d co. Howitzers to the naval service) Ass't Engineers; Eugene Henderson, Paymaster's clerk, Tuskeegee, Ala.; W. B. Bilbro, pilot, Columbus, Ga; Chas. H. Berry, Quartermaster, Tampa, Fia. four landsmen, two firemen, one coal heaver, and one seaman.