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Hackley, Hunter, Warner T. Jones, Kemper, Locke, Lockridge, Lucas, Magruder, Wm. Martin, Massie, Matthews, Maupin, McCamant, McCue, McDowell, McGruder, John R. Miller, Montague, Morgan, Myers, Newton, Orgain, Patterson, Preston, Rutherford, Saunders, Seddon, Sibert, Isaac N. Smith, Staples, Thompson, Tyler, Walker, Ward, Welch, Willcox, Witten, and Woolfolk--63. Nays.--Messrs. Arnold, Bassel, Bell, Booker, Brown, Burks, Cassin, Childs, Collier, Crane, Crump, Davis, Dickenson, Edwards, Ferrill, Friend, John Gilmer, C. H. Gilmer, Hoffman, Hopkins, Hunt, Leftwich, Lundy, Lynn, Mallory, Thomas Martin, McGehee, Medley, Miles, Mong, Morris, Phelps, Pretlow, Pritchard, Richardson, Wyndlram Robertson, R. K. Robinson, Rives, Scott, Shannon, James K. Smith, Tomlin, Arthur Watson, West, Wilson, Wingfield, and Yerby--48. So the bill was lost, for want of a constitutional majority. On motion of Mr. Graham, the vote was reconsidered. On motion of Mr. Chapman, the bill was laid
, Wallace, Ward, E. Watson, Wilson, Witten, Wood, Woolfolk--61. Nays--Messrs. Alderson, Arnold, Ball, Bentley, Bisbie, Booker, Boreman, Brown, Cassin, Christian, Coleman, Collier, Cowan, Crane, Crump, Davis, Dickenson, Edgington, Ferguson, Ferrill, Fleming, Frost, D. Gibson, C. H. Gilmer, Goodycoontz, Hanly, Harrison, Hackley, Hoffman, Holdway, Hopkins, Hunit, Jett, Johnson, Keen, Kee, Knotts, Kyle, Liftwich, Locke, Lockridge, Lucas, Magruder, J. G. Martin. T. Martin, W. Martin, Massie, M Bell, Bentley, Bisbie, Boisseau, Booker, Boreman, Brown, Burkes, Caperton, Carpenter, Carter, Cassin, Chapman, Childs, Christian, Claiborne, Coleman, Collier, Cowan, Crane, Crump, Davis, Dickenson, Duckwall, Edgington, Edwards, Evans, Ferguson, Ferrill, Fleming, Friend, Frost, Garrett, John T. Gibson, Jno. Gilmer, C. H. Gilmer, Goodycoontz, Graham, Grattan, Hanly, Harrison, Haymond, Hoffman, Hopkins, Hunt, James, Jett, Johnson, Crawford H. Jones, Warner T. Jones, Kaufman, Keen, Kee, Kember, Ki
with riotous conduct in the street. The case was continued until Saturday for want of witnesses. Geo. Drew, charged with stealing money on the 19th of November, 1861, had his case continued for ten days on account of the absence of a witness. John Dwyer, a substitute, and Wm. Murphy, who alleges that he is a Captain in a Louisiana regiment, charged with swindling a Halifax man out of a large sum of money, will be heard on Saturday. John Westerfield alias John Farrar alias Ferrill alias Miller, charged with stealing a horse, by J. T. Gatewood, a courier for Gen. Smith's Medical Director, was sent on for further examination before the Hustings Court next Wednesday. It appears that Westerfield came out to the picket post, a few miles up the tow path, and offered the horse for sale at $145--a price greatly below his value. The proposed buyer wanted Westerfield to prove his right to the horse, and at the request of the latter one of the guard, named Phillips, went with
o mount and march forward with the prisoners. A portion being turned over to Capt. Christian he was directed to proceed to the pike form a line of battle, and hold the position until all could get safely across. About one mile above the place of attack he was fired into by Yankees from a stockade which was near by. --They had come out for the purpose of cutting him off, but driving them back he passed safely through and was soon joined by the remainder of the command and the prisoners. Col. Ferrill having received information that a large force of cavalry and infantry was drawn up in line of battle at Lavergne, and there being a strong probability that by delay he would be cut off from his fording place on Stones river, he deemed it prudent to reach that point as soon as possible. Crossing the river in safety, after marching four miles, he halted to forage the horses and parole the prisoners.--All were paroled except eleven officers, who refused it, and were retained. Among these