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ng whom were Mrs. Corlet, William Patten, Jason Russell, Gershom Cutter, John Dickson, Samuel Bull, R. Cutter, Solomon Prentice, Jonathan Dunster, College, Samuel Buck, Philip Cooke, &c. Sept. 2, 1715, William Cutter bought of his cousin Mrs. Champney (daughter of Mrs. Corlet), five acres in Cambridge, bounded north on a highway to a place called Mills Ware (Midd. Registry, XX. 156). Mills Weares are named in the town records of West Cambridge as late as 1811. 1724. Request of Jason Russell and others, that way may be stated from Thomas Fillebrown's to Spy Pond, and so to way to Mills Weare. This Jason Russell was grandfather of that Jason Russell who was killed by the British troops on April 19, 1775. The senior Jason Russell died about 1736.—Paige, 647. A. D. 1825. The Proprietors' Records of Cambridge mention the grant to Inhabitants of West Cambridge, of all the land within that town, which belonged to the Proprietors of Cambridge before the separation of the two towns
ng seat on Sundays when he is at meeting. The articles number eleven, and are dated June, 1804, when the names of the members were,— Artemas Kennedy, Ephraim Cutter, Benjamin Harrington, James Hill, Daniel Locke, Jason Kennedy, John Perry, Isaac Locke, Timothy Swan, Amos Locke, William Hill, Jr., David Hill, Joseph Adams, Amos Hill, William Wyeth, Amos Davis, Ichabod Fessenden, Ebenezer Hall, Jr., William Adams, Jr., Samuel Hill, Walter Russell, James Russell, Jr., Francis Locke, Jr., Thomas Fillebrown, Daniel Wilson, Moses Cutter, Joseph Hill, James Cutter, Jr., George Swan, Benjamin Cutter, Jr., John Wilson, Joel Frost, James Fillebrown. On Dec. 5, 1804, Artemas Kennedy was chosen president, Isaac Locke secretary, A. Kennedy chorister, Daniel Locke and John Perry bass assistants, Isaac Locke tenor assistant, Jason Kennedy treble assistant, James Hill treasurer. Ebenezer Rumford Thompson, school-master in West Cambridge, 1814-15, and born here March 6, 1796, refers, in a letter
d practice of the musical art generally, but more especially that part which relates to the worship of our beneficent Creator and exalted Redeemer. The names of subscribers to the Constitution were Artemas Kennedy, James Hill, Isaac Locke, Thomas Fillebrown, Amos Locke, Samuel Hill, John Wilson, Joseph Adams, Moses Cutter, Daniel Wilson, Samuel Wilson, James Fillebrown, Ebenezer Hall, Jr., Ichabod Fessenden (with clarinet), Walter Russell (bass viol), James Cutter, Jr., Joseph Hill, Joel Frosts members Messrs. King and John Perry. Dec. 18, 1810, the Society chose a committee for the purpose of selecting tunes, viz.: Walter Russell, Isaac Locke, James Hill, Amos Locke, John Perry, George Swan, Benjamin Harrington, Jonas Locke, Thomas Fillebrown. Jan. 31, 1814, voted that the treasurer purchase one dozen of singing-books of the Middlesex Collection, and half a dozen hymn-books of Belknap's, for the use of the society. The records end with Dec. 30, 1816. The following officer
776, a. 4 mos. By w. Elizabeth had, James, b. (28) 30 July, bap. 12 Aug. 1778, d. (unm.) W. Camb. 16 Dec. 1818, a. 40; Bette, or Betsey, b. 24, bap. 27 Feb. 1780, m. David Hill 13 Sept. 1799; Joseph, b. 15, bapt. 21 Apr. 1782; Sarah, m. Thomas Fillebrown, Jr., 31 Jan. 1808 (she d. 24 Oct. 1877, a. 92). By w. Hannah had William, bap. 11 Jan. 1789; Samuel, bap. 3 Oct. 1790; Amos, bap. 19 Aug. 1792, d. (29) Sept. 1794, a. 3 (Fiske), 2 (g. s.); Lydia, b. 9 (Camb.), bap. 12 Nov. 1797, m. Endor Estahn, from Boston, d. at Thomas Hall's, 24 May, 1754, a. 6 yrs. John m. Elizabeth Boardman, 13 or 15 May, 1776 (see Paige, 503). Susanna m. Stephen Frost, 20 Dec. 1772. Andrew, of Second Regt., m. Elizabeth Boardman, 13 Dec. 1775. Hannah m. Thomas Fillebrown, 1 Dec. 1778. Miriam m. Richard Cutter 25 May, 1781 —Cutter (par. 18). Submit and Jesse Richardson, of Woburn, m. 7 Dec. 1781. Thomas, of Waltham, and Susanna Kendall of Camb. 30 June, 1793. Rebecca, of Lexington, and James Perry of Ca