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established February 16, 1854, Edwin Munroe, Jr., being the moderator, Charles Williams, clerk, with Edwin Munroe, Jr., Reuben Horton, Erastus E. Cole, standing committee, Edwin Munroe, Jr., treasurer, and Joseph Q. Twombly, collector. At this first meeting Charles Tufts offered the society the lot of land upon which the present building stands, which was accepted. A committee to solicit subscriptions for a church was also appointed, the standing committee, the collector, together with Abel Fitz, Francis Russell, and Ira Thorpe constituting the same. At this meeting George Fogg, John Hunnewell, George W. Ireland, Charles Bird, Jr., and Abram Welch were voted into the society. Charles Williams, Jr.'s, name was added March 1, 1854. The location was a convenient one; besides, it was free. The majority of the parishioners lived within a half-mile. Sunday trains did not run. It probably never occurred to these people that they ever would. Therefore the noise of passing trains o
Mrs. N. T. Munroe, Mrs. Daniel Pratt. Mrs. Sewall Dodge, Mrs. Nathaniel Daniels, Mrs. John Mandell, Mrs. George Rogers, Mrs. E. Harmon, Mrs. Jennings, Mrs. James Runey, Miss Georgiana Williams, Miss Harriet Fitz, Mrs. W. Gage, Mrs. Giles, Mrs. H. Bradshaw, Mrs. H. Cutter, Mrs. Seth Stevens, Mrs. Childs, Mrs. George S. Fogg, Miss Martha Hadley, Mrs. George W. Ireland, Mrs. George H. Emerson. Miss A. Horton, Mrs. E. E. Cole, Mrs. Fitch Cutter. Mrs. Charles Munroe, Mrs. Charles Williams, Mrs. Abel Fitz, Mrs. Aaron Sargent, Mrs. Charles Tufts, Miss Mary Giles, Mrs. Edwin Daniels, Mrs. E. A. Bacon, Mrs. A. Waters, Mrs. Frank Russell. The society started with forty-one members. The first president was Mrs. Nancy T. Munroe, for many years the editor, in connection with Mrs. E. A. Bacon, of the Ladies' Repository, since merged into the Christian Leader. The first treasurer was Mrs. Charles Tufts, wife of the founder of Tufts College. We have not been able to ascertain the name of t
e, 144 Summer street, Somerville. He had been ill with grippe for three weeks, and was convalescing, when cerebral symptoms supervened, which rapidly brought on a fatal termination. Mr. Tufts was the youngest child of Nathan, Jr., and Mary Jane (Fitz) Tufts, and was born in the house in which he died, September 11, 1864. His paternal grandfather was Nathan Tufts, of Somerville, for whom the Nathan Tufts park, surrounding the old mill and Powder House, was named. His maternal grandfather was Abel Fitz, a prominent merchant of Charlestown, and early resident of Somerville. Mr. Tufts was educated in the public schools of his native city. On his graduation from the high school in 1883, he entered the counting room of his father and brother, grain merchants on Warren bridge, Charlestown. He became a partner on the death of his father in 1887, and was active in the business till his last illness. Mr. Tufts married, April 19, 1893, Mary Belle, the daughter of William Wallace and
Historic leaves, volume 3, April, 1904 - January, 1905, John S. Edgerly: and his home on Winter Hill (search)
houses, when building, it was thought would obstruct the view from the Edgerly mansion, and although they did to some extent, we could still see from the second story, right over their roofs down to the lower light in the harbor. Mr. Zadoc Bowman lived next door, and though I do not associate him so much in town affairs, he gave us his son, Hon. Selwyn Z. Bowman, so well known in the affairs of the city. Mr. S. A. Carleton came next, and was, I think, connected with the school board. Mr. Fitz lived and still lives next door to Mr. Carleton. He married into the Magoun family, and was brother to Mrs. Gilbert Tufts and Mrs. Nathan Tufts, 2d. Here I may say another daughter of Mr. Magoun married the nephew of Mrs. Edgerly, and was connected with Mr. Edgerly in his store for a time, and was a member of the household, Mr. Henry F. Woods, who was interested in the school committee, was one of the first of the common council, and also commissioner of the sinking fund. Mr. William T
Edgerly, Madeline Lemalfa, 38. Edgerly, Samuel, 37. Edgerly Schoolhouse, 43. Edgerly, Thomas, 37, 43. Eldridge,——42. Elliot, —, 32. Elliot, Charles D., 25, 56, 59, 70. Emerson, John S., 57. Endecott, —, 29. Essex, Eng., 25. Everett, Hon., Edward, 38, 65. Everett, Governor, 24. Faire Grammar School, 52, 82. Fillebrown (family), 24. First Congregational (Unitarian) Church of Somerville, 21. First Church Gathering, 75. Fiske, David, 78, 84. Fiske, David, Sr., 83. Fitz, Abel, 20. Fitz, N. E., 42. Foorth, Mary, 25. Forster, Charles, 41. Forster School, 42. Fort Washington, 51. Forth Willm, 25. Fort Winthrop, 30. Foss, Sam Walter, 62. Foster, Captain, 48. Foye, John, 12. Framingham, Mass., 78, 86. Francis, Nathaniel, 16. Franklin Park, 7. Franklin Street, Somerville, 24. Fresh Pond, 54, 74. Fresh Pond Meadow, 53. Frost, Abigail, 90. Frost, Joseph, 13, 15, 16. Frothingham, Historian, 47. Frothingham's History of Charles-town, 19, 59.
otal,161,385 Census of 1840,106,611 Inc. in 10 years,54,774 ——— Somerville town Government for 1851-52. Selectmen, John S. Edgerly (chairman), Thomas J. Leland, Charles Miller, Chester Guild, John Runey. Treasurer, Robert Vinal. School Committee, Augustus R. Pope (chairman), Edwin Leigh (secretary), Charles Forster, Fitch Cutter, George O. Brastow, Edwin Munroe, Jr., Isaac F. Shepard. Town clerk, Charles E. Gilman. Assessors, John C. Magoun (chairman), William Bonner, Abel Fitz. Overseers of Poor, Columbus Tyler (chairman), Oliver Tufts, John S. Edgerly. Constables, Hugh Moore, William Higgins. Collector, Hugh Moore. Auditors, Columbus Tyler, Edward L. Stevens, Samuel T. Frost. Fence Viewers, Hugh Moore, William A. Tufts, David A. Sanborn. Field Drivers, Hugh Moore, Theodore Palmer, Warren S. Leland. Sealer of Leather, Charles Miller. Tythingman, Samuel C. Bradshaw, Jr. Sealer of Weights and Measures, Leonard Arnold. Surveyors of Woo<
D., b. dry goods, h. Beech. Farmelow, John, laborer, h. Church. Farmelow, George, laborer, h. Church. Fairbanks, Franklin, b. merchant, h. Elm. Farnsworth, John C., b. jeweller, h. Mt. Pleasant. Fisk, James, brickmaker, h. Derby. Fitz, Robert B., b. editor, h. Cambridge. Field, Nathan, yeoman, Milk. Fisk, Asa, b. merchant tailor, h. Mount Vernon. Fitz, Abel, h. Mount Vernon. Fisher, Mrs., widow, h. Porter. Flemmin, Nicholas, laborer, Beacon. Flanagan, Edward, Fitz, Abel, h. Mount Vernon. Fisher, Mrs., widow, h. Porter. Flemmin, Nicholas, laborer, Beacon. Flanagan, Edward, laborer, h. Milk. Flanagan, John, laborer, h. Spring hill. Foley, William, laborer, h. Medford. Fogg, George S., b. clerk, h. Cross. Forbes, John, h. Joy. Foy, Oliver, brickmaker, h. Linwood. Fox, Joseph, engineer, h. Beacon. Fox, Lewis M., brickmaker, h. Derby. Foster, Robert, lumber dealer, h. Bow. Forster, Charles, cabinet dealer, h. Broadway. Fosdick, Daniel, shoe dealer, h. Milk near bleachery. Freeman, Moses H., b. machinist, h. Spring. French, George, b