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e Watch for going at large, was let off.--Mary, slave of Mr. John Blank, was arraigned for frequently using obscene and abusive language to Mrs. Mary McKeever, and when threatened for so doing using insolent and defiant language "in the most impudent and menacing way." She was ordered to be whipped — S. Rosenfeld was fined $5 for depositing a nuisance on the lot of S. Heller.--Wm. Gotsey, for unlawfully assaulting and beating Mrs. Fanny Heller, was required to give security.--The case of Mark Demay, charged with huckstering in the 1st Market, by buying watermelons, was continued for further evidence.--Grant and Marshall, charged with huckstering in the 2d Market, were let off.--John Williams, who was charged with assaulting and beating Bridget McDonough, was required to give $100 security to keep the peace.--William Fitzgerald, charged with feloniously shooting Edward Fitzgerald, on Sunday evening September 7th, was examined and remanded to the Hustings Court on the 17th of October.
"bad boys," but the testimony in the case against them was not sufficient to ensure conviction and they were acquitted. Mr. D. Ratcliffe appeared for them. Yesterday Albert G. Short, a North Carolina soldier, was tried for the murder, near the Old Market, of a comrade named George Balley. Mr. D. B. Lucas appeared for the prisoner, who was found by the jury guilty of voluntary manslaughter, and his term of imprisonment in the Penitentiary was fixed at three years. The trial of Wm. Fitzgerald for murder was commenced at 5 o'clock. Before Commissioner Watson.--A man named J. G. Williams was carried before C. S. Commissioner Watson yesterday for examination on the charge of presenting a forged paper at the Quartermaster's Department, for the purpose of drawing his pay as a soldier. The evidence of guilt was so strong that the prisoner was remanded for trial before the District Court. Two men, named John C. Ware and Robert E. Miller, were also examined for attempting
sorderly, and showed some practice in the "manly art." She was sent to jail in default of $500 bail for her good behavior. Thomas Smith, charged with getting drunk and firing a pistol in the street, was sent to jail in default of a voucher for his good behavior. Patrick Boyle, James Lyons, John Connel, and Patrick Conley, charged with drunkenness and disorderly conduct in the street, were committed to jail. Hustings Court, Friday, Nov. 28 --Judge Wm. H. Lyons presiding.--William Fitzgerald, charged with shooting at Thomas Fitzgerald and hitting Patrick Murphy, found guilty of misdemeanor by a jury Thursday night, and ordered to be put in the city jail for two weeks and fined $10, was today sentenced by the Judge in accordance with the jury of the case. John T. Ellis was put on trial for stealing over $200 from James T. Lane, a soldier, in a house near the corner of 24th and Main streets, a few weeks ago. The jury acquitted the prisoner, though the circumstances surr
r another hearing. The case of John Hicks, for unlawfully assaulting and beating Hanover, slave of Elizabeth R. Tyler, was continued till Friday. Harris, slave of John Green, charged with stealing $40 worth of clothes from Jas. J Mahone, was ordered to be whipped. Mary Robey, charged with stealing $48 from Jerry Sullivan, was acquitted. Jerry Sullivan was remanded for indictment by the Hustings Court grand jury for assaulting and beating Mary Roney. The case of William Fitzgerald, for shooting Jac. Froner, with intent to kill, was called and continued until the 30th inst. The case of Lewis Crone, for stealing a cow from Wellington Goddin, was continued. Dan. Batler, John Gentry, Ro Clark, and Samuel Dake, were required to give security for their good behavior, and sent before the Hustings Court, for unlawfully assaulting and and beating Ben, slave of Chas. Cabler. C C, Field & Co. were fines $20 for keeping their house open after 10 o'clock at ni
Continued. --The charge against Wm. Fitzgerald, of feloniously shooting, with intent to kill, John Troner, a city watchman, was not disposed of yesterday, because of the inability of Troner to attend as a witness. The accused, it is alleged, did the shooting without provocation.
Shooting --William Fitzgerald, held in custody for some weeks past on the charge of feloniously shooting, with intent to kill, John Troner, a city watchman, appeared before the Mayor yesterday to answer, but the wounded man being too feeble to attend Court, the investigation was postponed, and the prisoner committed.
commenced its quarterly term Monday. Besides the usual amount of civil business, the following criminal cases were disposed of: Wm. M. Smethy, for permitting his slave Henry to go at large. Plead guilty and paid a fine of $10 and costs. James Powers and Richard Duff, charged, with misdemeanor; nolle prosequi entered. Leno Eacho, a young lady of sixteen summers, charged with stealing $66 from John E. Brook, was examined and remanded for final trial before Judge Lyons Wm. Fitzgerald, charged with feloniously shooting, with intent to kill, John Froner, a city watchman, on 27th June, was examined and sent on for trial before the Judge. Wm. Riley, for assaulting and robbing Jas. Parten, on the night of the 6th of July, of $85 in money, his hat and knife, was examined and remanded for trial for felony before the Judge. Robert Ryan and Jas. Logan, charged with stealing $125 worth of jewelry from Miss Virginia Tyler, on the 24th of April, were examined. The Cou
Attempt to escape --our man shot. --Yesterday morning, about five o'clock, a bold attempt was made by several prisoners to escape from the city jail. Their names are Wm. Fitzgerald, G. W. Farrell. James Smith, Geo. G. Scott, Gen. Elam, Robert Burch, and Chas. Mitchell. From the officers of the prison we obtained the following particulars of the affairs. At the hour mentioned above the guard on the outside of the jail were made aware of the movements of the escaping prisoners, and stationed themselves at every point commanding a view of the jail, ready to fire at their first appearance. In a very short time Mr. Wm. Hall, one of the Mayor's police, detailed as watchman there, discovered the seven men above cited on the roof of the building, in the act of jumping down in the yard outside the walls next to the street. He was standing about the centre of the high hill leading to the Medical College, nearly on a level with the position occupied by them, and fired directly among t
Hustings Court. --In Judge Lyons's Court yesterday the following cases were disposed of: William Fitzgerald, for shooting watchman John Froner, was tried and sentenced to the Penitentiary for five years. George W. Farrell was put upon trial for stealing Confederate States bonds and two $100 notes from James C. Hunt. After examination and argument of counsel the case was submitted to the jury, which returned a verdict of guilty, and the accused was sentenced to the Penitentiary for five years. Charles Schwartz, for stealing a horse from Theodore Ganter, was found by the jury not guilty, and discharged. The Court meets again this morning.
The Daily Dispatch: October 28, 1863., [Electronic resource], Horriels Cruelty of "the traitor Letcher." (search)
Horriels Cruelty of "the traitor Letcher." --It appears that there is now confined in Castle Thunder a loyal citizen, who, according to the spy Harvey Birch, is "a fac simile of President Lincoln." His name is Wm. Fitzgerald, who, according to the Baltimore American, is "a high-toned, educated gentleman, and once a class-mate of Gov. Letcher's." It appears that this unfortunate loyal citizen, after getting into the Castle, addressed a letter to his former class-mate and received the following answer, which is furnished to the American by Birch, and which it considers one of the most "shocking cruelties of the war;" Executive Department, Richmond, June 25, 1863. Mr. Wm. Fitzgerald: Sir --I was aware before the receipt of your letter yesterday that you were still in prison, and I can assure you that it shall be no fault of mine if you do not remain so during your natural life.--When I promised to intercede with the military authorities in your behalf I believed your ass