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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 23. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Historical sketch of the Rockbridge artillery, C. S. Army, by a member of the famous battery. (search)
lloughby N. Brooke, Pendleton Brown, Henry C. Brown, John L. Brown, John M. *Brown, John M., Jr. Brown, William M. Bryan, Edward *Bumpass, William N., Jr. Burwell, Lewis P. *Byers, G. Newton Byrd, William H. Careen, William *Carson, William Caruthers, Thornton R. Chapin, William T. Clark, James Gibson Clark, James Gregory Coffee, Whitfield A. *Cooke, Richard D. *Compton, Robert K. *Conner, Alexander Conner, Daniel Conner, Fitzhugh G. *Conner, Henry C. Conner, George W. Conner, James A. *Conner, John C. Conner, Robert P. Cox, William H. *Craig, John B. Craig, Joseph E. Croeken, Francis J. Crosen, William G. Curran, Daniel Dandridge, Stephen A. Darnall, Andrew M. *Darnall, Henry T. *Davis, J. Cole *Davis, Charles W. *Davis, James M. M. Davis, John E. Davis, Mark Davis, Richard G. *Dixon, William H. H. *Dold, Calvin M. Doran, John Dudley Robert M.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 23. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Roll of Company B, Ninth Virginia cavalry. (search)
ns, Catlett Conway, A. H. Conway, P. H. Conway, J. L. Coleman, lost a leg in battle, W. S. Chapman, G. Crutchfield, wounded; J. C. Dickinson, W. C. Digges, wounded, W. B. Dickinson, H. T. Dade, George G. Duffee, John W. England, wounded, J. T. Edwards, died in hospital, Charles H. Farish, died in hospital, K. R. Farish, Joseph Farish, lost a leg at Brandy Station, W. D. Farish, Charles T. Farish, killed at Brandy Station, W. P. T. Farish, A. T. Forbes, John W. Faulkner, died in hospital, Henry Fitzhugh, J. T. Gatewood, wounded at Brandy Station, W. S. Gouldin, E. Gray, R. A. Gray, R. A. Gravatt, T. E. Gravatt, G. C. Gravatt, Clarence Goodwin, killed in battle, A. J. Greenstreet, George Goodloe, J. Gwathmey, R. G. Hull, J. M. Hull, killed in battle, John T. Harris, killed in battle, J. T. Hove, wounded, Jas. M. Jesse, W. G. Jesse, S. C. Jones, wounded, Alexander Jordan, died in hospital, B. A. Jordan, killed in battle, James A. Jeter, W. E. Jones, Luther Jerrell, killed in battle, B. W.
The Daily Dispatch: March 8, 1861., [Electronic resource], Reception of Mr. Lincoln's Inaugural. (search)
Municipal elections at the North. Hamilton.N. Y., March 6. --The towns of Hamilton, Madison, Eaton, Georgetown, and Brookfield, in Madison county, each elect Republican Supervisors. Oswego,N. Y.,March 6.-- At the charter election to-day, Hon. Henry Fitzhugh, Republican, was elected Mayor by 351 majority. All the Republican and city ward officers were elected, except the Overseer for the Poor.--The majorities show a Republican gain since last fall. Auburn,N. Y.,March 6.-- The charter election in this city yesterday, resulted in the success of the entire Republican city ticket.--George Humphreys, Republican candidate for Mayor, has a majority of 508. This is the largest Republican majority ever given in Auburn. Lockport,N. Y.,March 6. --The charter election, which took place in this village yesterday, resulted in the election of the entire Republican ticket. Republican Trustees were elected by an average majority of 120. Utiga,N. Y.,March 6.--In this cou
ckson, Aaron Criss, James McCauley. Henrico — Sherwin McRea, John B. Young, W. B. Randolph. Henry — C. F. Thomas, William Martin, George W. Booker. Highland — A. Stephenson, Geo. W. Hill, Andrew H. Byrd. Isle of Wight — Wm. M Crocker, A. Atkinson, F. M. Boykin, Sr. Jackson — Jacob Armstrong, Robert Park, S. J. C. Davenport. James City — R. L. Henley, A. W. Hawkins, M. R. Harrell. Jefferson — B. Davenport, Andrew Hunter, R. W. Baylor. Kanawha — J. G. Newman, Wm. Quarrier, Henry Fitzhugh. King George--A bram B. Hooe, Charles Mason, Ed. T. Taylors, King and Queen — Thomas R. Gresham, Roderick Bland, or, J. M. Jeffries. King William--Wm. A Braxton, Hardin Little page Wm. Geo. Pollard. Lancaster — Samuel Gresham, Col. S. Downing, Addison Hall. Lee — John D. Sharp. Ro. M. Bales, Peter C. Johnston. Lewis — James T. Jackson, Conrad Kester, Joseph C. Spalding. Logan — Isaac S. Samuels, P. K. McComas Joseph Barrett. Loudou — John W. Minor
e of 700 of the enemy's cavalry. On the other hand, our tickets captured seven of the enemy this week, not far from Evansport.--They had strayed off from camp, and were without arms. They constitute the advance guard of the "on to Richmond" soldiery, and will get there sooner that their most sanguine expectations could have hoped for. On Tuesday night eight yawl boats, filled with men, were sent ashore from two steamers in the Potomac, at Boyd's Hole. They landed at "Somerset," Mr Henry Fitzhugh's, and without any provocation whatever burnt his newly-erected large dwelling house, together with most. If not all, his out-buildings. It is stated that on a recent cocaston Jim Lawson, the late body servant of Col. John Taylor, who ran away from his master a few weeks ago, landed in a boat at Chatterton, with a number of other negroes, and proceeded to the house, where lie demanded the keys of Mrs. Jones, who was there at the time and, after ransacking the premises, took what
Parcel Battery. --In consequence of the promotion of Capt. R. Lindsay Walker to a majority, the following promotions have been made in that well known artillery corps, the Parcel Battery Wm. J. Pegram, Captain; Henry Fitzhugh, 1st Lieut., Wm. Allen, 2d Lieut., Joseph Magraw, 3d Lieut.; Mercer Featherstone, 4th Lieut.
The Daily Dispatch: May 26, 1862., [Electronic resource], The Campaign in Southwestern Virginia. (search)
alry regiment, and had placed the remainder under Lieut-Col. Henry Fitzhugh, at the latter place. Thus matters stood when Caitzbugh that the enemy was advancing in large force. Lt. Col. Fitzhugh communicated this information to Col. Jennifer, and ince, if opportunity should Under these circumstances Lt.-Col. Fitzhugh moved forward with all his available force in the dirre destroyed. But to return to the movement of Lieut.-Col. Fitzhugh. During his march, this gallant officer learned fr H. The attack was made about daylight by Lieut. -Col Fitzhugh, his force being divided into three parts. One division the enemy on the right flank, another on the left, while Fitzhugh had the third party in person immediately along the road,; from these they maintained the fight vigorously.--Lieut.-Col. Fitzhugh attempted to storm the house, but though our men mah the enemy did not pursue. Col. Jennifer then met Lieut.-Col. Fitzhugh, and, taking command, directed operations from that
Personal. --Major-Gen. W. W. Loring, commanding the Army of the Northwest, Virginia, and his aids, Col. Henry Fitzhugh and Maj. J. Floyd King, are at the Spotswood Hotel.