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eb Brooks, jun. Thomas Brooks. S. Buel and Augustus Hunt. Thomas Bradshaw. Andrew Blanchard. Timothy Newell. Hezekiah Blanchard, jun. Ruth Benford. Jonathan Brooks. William Bradbury. Francis Burns. Marah Billings. Hezekiah Blanchard. David Bucknam. John Chadwick. John Cutter. Miles S. Wilson. Jonathan Dunham. Aaron Crowell. William Earl. Deborah Francis. Sarah Fulton. Henry Fowle. Benjamin Floyd. Benjamin Floyd, jun. Isaac Floyd. John Fowl. Gardner Greenleaf. Isaac Greenleaf. Edmund T. Gates. Ebenezer Hall. Natll. Hall and Susan Patten. Willis Hall. Abigail Hadley. Samuel Hadley. Benjamin Hall. Benjamin Hall, jun. Ephraim Hall. Andrew Hall. John B. Fitch. And. Blanchard and A. Winship. Timothy Dexter. Caleb and Simon Blanchard. Jane Hall. Ebenezer Hall, jun. John Blanchard & James Floyd. Tab. Blanchard & J. Gleason. Ebenezer Hall, 4th. Samuel Coverl
to some remarks on this important and interesting question; because, Mr. Speaker, many of my constituents get their living by this very business. A roar of laughter burst from every quarter of the house. The Medford representative stood aghast in raw wonder. As soon as quiet could be restored, the speaker said to him, Do you know what the question before the house is? Why, yes: t's fishing in Mystic River, ain't it? Another peal of laughter convulsed the assembly. March 5, 1792.--Isaac Floyd chosen sexton. This is the first time an officer with this name appears on our records. Jan. 1, 1794.--Voted that the selectmen purchase a new cushion for the pulpit. They accordingly purchased the green velvet one, which some of us, who preached our first sermon from it, remember with all the distinctness that people remember the time when they had that great fever. May 12, 1794.--A new pew in Medford meeting-house sold at auction, at twenty-four pounds. In the same year, good oak
m. Edmund T. Gates. Jan. 22, 1789.Nathan, jun. Tufts, m. Mary Thompson. July 27, 1790.Elizabeth Tufts, m. David Parker, of Cambridge. July 9, 1792.Joseph, jun. Tufts, m. Sarah Turner. Jan. 6, 1793.Lydia Tufts, m. John Albree, of Salem. Nov. 10, 1793.Simon Tufts, m. Susanna Hickling Cox. July 12, 1795.Mrs. Elizabeth Tufts, m. Duncan Ingraham, of Concord. Oct. 4, 1795.Mary Tufts, m. Benjamin Reed. Jan. 8, 1797.Joseph, jun. Tufts, m. Nancy Bucknam. Apr. 26, 1798.Lydia Hall Tufts, m. Isaac Floyd. Nov. 16, 1797.Isaac Tufts, m. Ann Tufts. Apr. 23, 1799.Nathan, jun. Tufts, m. Mary Gilbert, of Charlestown. May 19, 1730.Hannah Tufts m. Solomon Hancock, of Charlestown. Sept. 1, 1730.James Tufts, of Charlestown, m. Mary Dill. Nov. 18, 1741.Jonathan Tufts, of Charlestown, m. Sarah Tompson. Nov. 12, 1743.Benj. Tufts m. Hannah Johnson, of Woburn. Oct. 1, 1765.Sarah, widow of Jonathan Tufts, d. June 20, 1788.Mrs. Lydia Tufts, d. Dec. 6, 1788.Mr. Joseph Tufts, d. Jan. 12, 1779.Mrs.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 4., Incidents and reminiscences of the Fire Department of Medford. (search)
ocated in the rear of the First Parish meeting-house. They by their records were organized in 1808, and held their first meeting at the house of Mr. J. Johnson, where it was voted that Zaccheus Wyman be master of the engine and James T. Floyd be clerk. The following persons were appointed by the Selectmen to constitute the engine company, viz.: Zaccheus Wyman, James T. Floyd, John Symmes 3d, John Dickson, William Harris, Jonathan Brooks, Patrick Roach, Joseph Bucknam, Joseph Wyman, Jr., Isaac Floyd, Isaac Brooks, Leonard Bucknam, Samuel Teel Jr., Daniel Wier. In their records the engine is sometimes called the Western Engine Company. They held their meetings the first Monday in every month at the houses of the members or at the hotels in the town. In January, 1820, the Selectmen appointed the following persons as members of the company, viz.: William Butters, Ebenezer Putnam, Cornelius Bigelow, Abial Butters, Henry Woodwarth, James T. Floyd Jr., Benjamin Floyd 2d, John M. Kuh
hearing the cry of fire Then followed the signatures of Zaccheus Wyman, Samuel Teel Jun, Jonathan Brooks, John Dickson, Isaac Brooks, Joseph Wyman Jr, James T Floyd, Daniel Wier, Patrick Roach, Wm Harris, Leonard Bucknam, Isaac Floyd, John Symmes 3d, Joseph Bucknam [On same page, in same expert hand as before] At a meetiIsaac Floyd, John Symmes 3d, Joseph Bucknam [On same page, in same expert hand as before] At a meeting appointed by the company and held at the house of Mr J. Johnson on Monday the fourth day of JanY 1088 . . . Voted that Zaccheus Wyman be Master of the engine and James T Floyd Clerk to sd Company for the year ensuing. Also voted to meet the first Monday in April at Half past 5 oClock P. M. at the engine house At the bottom of the page, in the handwriting of the Clark is cents Isaac Floyd fined 50 Wm Harris Do50 Six records of monthly meetings are upon the next page, each being a vote to meet the next month at the enjoine house. On July 4 it was voted to Heve the fines remain due till November meeting At the October meeting it
ells at the passing of President McKinley. Fifty-eight years the first Medford bell was in service, and on May 10, 1802, the town voted to have a new bell, and that the old one be given in part pay. The contract for its casting was given to Paul Revere and Sons, whose bill of $552.75 was allowed on November 1 of that year. Benjamin Reed was paid $2.50 for bringing up the bell, and Fitch Hall, Joseph Hall and B. Farrington were paid sums aggregating $27.74 for placing it in position. Isaac Floyd was paid $15.83 for six months ringing. On April 1, 1805, the town voted not to pay for ringing the bell every day. In March meeting, 1803, the selectmen were directed to sell the old bell when they could obtain a reasonable price, and this is the last information we have of the first Medford bell. Evidently Medford did not pay cash in those days, as on January 2, 1804, the selectmen gave an order to Revere and Sons for $31.74 interest on their bill for the bell. In 1810 this s
for the present year John Howe Those with this mark are officers for the present year Jeduthun Richardson Those with this mark are officers for the present year Jonathan Porter Those with this mark are officers for the present year Joseph Lamson Cornelius Tufts Henry Withington Nathan Adams Those with this mark are officers for the present year Joseph Manning J Swan Those with this mark are officers for the present year Daniel Symmes Benjamin Hill Stilman Clark Moses Merrill Henry Reed Noah Johnson Those with this mark are officers for the present year Seth Mayo Nathaniel Jaquith Timothy Bigelow D Hall Those with this mark are officers for the present year Andrew Bigelow Jonathan Harrington Edward Bradbury David Buckman 2nd Marshall Symmes Nathan Adams Jun Those with this mark are officers for the present year Isaac Floyd John T White Theophilus Boyd Jonathan Warner