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Lincoln and Hamlin were duly declared President and Vice President yesterday. All the military were on the alert. There was no disturbance. Gov. Floyd's defence will, I understand, place an entirely new light. on the six million dness. He is out in a card in this morning's papers. The Herald, or some other New York sheet, says that Miss Lane is going to marry a distinguished railroad man. Some of your city papers ought to publish Cox's assault on Goddings. It is capital. Miss Fanny Forrest, the Lyric Queen and popular Ballad writer, "and Mr. Fenno Burton,"the Greatest Comic Vocal Artist of the Age," are giving 15 cent entertainments at Old Fellows' Hall, in this city As an inducement for people to attend they offer any quantity of butter knives, jewelry, and twenty-five dollars superb moire antique silk dresses. They fling these in for nothing so you get two hours worth of singing and a butter knife, all for 15 cents. I may have mentioned it before, but I repeat it-- th
The cage. --James Small, charged with stealing a lot of car springs and other railroad material from the Richmond and Fredericksburg Railroad, was yesterday committed to the cage. Also, Fanny Forrest, charged with stealing a lot of clothing of Maggy Fortune. The letter was bailed out.
Wearing Apparel. --Fanny Forrest appeared before the Mayor yesterday to answer the charge of stealing several articles of clothing from Maggie Fortune. Both the prisoner, and complainant were Cary street cyprians, and had resided in the same house, on intimate terms. Miss Fortune swore positively to the goods, and that they had been taken without her knowledge or consent. On the other side, a young man swore that the articles claimed were given to the prisoner by him, and that he could readily recognize them; but as the witness bad offered Miss Fortune $20 not to appear, His Honor concluded that the goods belonged to the complainant, and after turning them over to her discharged the accused.