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For City Gauger.City Gauger. --I respectfully announce myself a candidate for re-election to the office of City Gauger. Richard Fox, City Gauger. mh 19--tde
sed by Jno. A. Campbell, Esq., of Washington county, a member of the Convention. After he concluded, Committee reported, "with entire unanimity," through A. Judson Crane, Esq., the following list of candidates: For Mayor--Dr. Chas. S. Mills. For City Sergeant — Thos. U. Dudley. For City Attorney — Raleigh T. Daniel. For Assessor — Dabney M. Miller. For Collector — Julius A. Hobson. For High Constable — John H. Digges. For Grain Measurer — Thos. F. Butler. For Gauger — Richard Fox. For Superintendent Gas Works--John. J. Fry. For Superintendent Water Works--J. L. Davis. For Superintendent Streets--Micajah Bates. For Superintendent Poor-House--Richard Reins. --which, if we remember rightly, completed the list. With the exception of Mayor, High Constable, Grain Measurer, and Superintendent of the Poor-House, the present incumbents have been re-nominated. The "Star-Spangled Banner" was next announced, the leader of the choir proclaiming that
.Madison Ward.Monroe Ward.Total. Mayor: Joseph Mayo6168636522132 Charles S. Mills.310252324886 Scattering44 Commonwealth's Attorney: R. T. Daniel5947586702022 James R. Crenshaw327355309991 Assessor: D. M Miller (no opposition.) City Sergeant: Thomas. U. Dudley92110819722974 Sup't Water Works: James L. Davis94110739702984 Sup't Gas Works: J. J. Fry5937496021944 Thomas R. Sharp259198174 Thomas S. Alvis38140194 City Collector: J. A. Hobson Supt. Streets: M. Bates8309359102675 C. A. Brookmeyer7811549242 John B. Yarrington4127 S. Jones Jr High Constable: Geo. A. Freeman6518056712127 John H. Digges216206199621 Fred. Butler364344123 S. W. Henry11181645 Thos. Barham121830 City Gauger: Richard Fox9159948422751 Jos. P. Wren116999179 S. Jones Jr123 Grain Measurer: H. Davis4237776861886 Thos. F. Butler309206188803 Manager Poor House: John Pearce5387066031647 Richard Reins3384813451161 Leander Woodson1616 Certain Night Watch: A. Wilkinson88710569562899
erstood as entering his protest against the proceeding. Mr. Glazebrook, from the committee, then reported the following persons as elected to fill during the present year the respective offices named, viz: Mayor, Jos. Mayo; Commonwealth's Attorney, R. T. Daniel; City Sergeant, Thos. U. Dudley; Assessor, D. M. Miller; City Collector, J. A. Hobson; Supt. Water Works, Jas. L. Davis; Supt.GasWorks, J. J. Fry; Superintendent Streets, M. Bates; High Constable, Geo. A. Freeman; City Gauger, Richard Fox; Grain Measurer, H. Davis; Manager Poor-House, John Pearce; Captain Night Watch, A. Wilkinson. Also, the following persons as members respectively of the Council and Court: Jefferson Ward — Council: N. R. Hill, R. O. Haskins, John H. Greanor, Jas. M. Talbott, Allen Y. Stokes. Aldermen: C. B. Hill, Richard D. Sanxay, Geo. E. Sadler, A. F. Picot. Madison Ward — Council: G. K. Crutchfield, J. A. Scott, T. H. Wynne, D. J. Burr. P. R. Grattan. Aldermen: Jas. K Caskie, Jas Bray
Reports to the Council. --The semi annual report of Richard Fox, Gauger, to the City Council, shows that for the six months ending Jan. 1st, 1861, the barrels, pipes and casks of liquids that passed under his inspection yielded the sum of $1,054 33 in fees to the officer. The report of Henry Davis, Grain Measurer, for the three months ending the 1st instant, shows the following: Corn measured, 5 618 bushels; cats, 14,795 bushels; wheat, 15,144 bushels; total, 35 587 bushels. The lees of the officer amounted to $114 28.
imposed on me by the Mayor for repelling an assault made on me by a man of the name of Kersey, near the New Market. The latter made his escape, or he would be the party who should have been fined, as will be testified by the parties whose names accompany this paper. I am a poor man, and ill able to pay the fine, and pray your honorable body to remit it, and as in duty bound will ever pray. Respectfully, John W. Woody. Referred to the Committee of Finance. A petition from Richard Fox, Gauger, praying for an increase of fees, was debated, and referred to a special committee, consisting of Messrs. Burr, Stokes, and Haskins. The following ordinance on the subject was subsequently reported by Mr. Burr: 'An Ordinance to amen an Ordinance entitled. 'An Ordinance concerning the Ganger.' "Be it ordained by the Council of the city of Richmond, that the seventh section of the Ordinance concerning the Gauger be repealed and re-enacted so as to read as follows: "
exceeds what we supposed it would be. Mayor:Jefferson Ward.Madison Ward.Monroe Ward. Joseph Mavo202229316 Martin M. Lipscomb6438 City Sergcont Thos. U. Dudley229834375 Assessor: Dabney M. Miller228317371 City Collector: Jullus A. Horson228321369 Superintendent Water Works: James L. Davis225324372 Superintendent of Gas Works: John J. Fry224324365 Superintendent of Streets: Washington Gill224124176 G. H. Epps22410138 High Gonstable: Geo. A. Freeman218324366 City Ganger: Richard Fox221321363 Grain Measurer: Henry Davis221332368 Manager Poor-House: Jno Pearce223322364 Captain Night Watch: J. B. Pleasants13180153 L. M. Carter6295107 Richard Reins21148109 L. M. Jude13511 A. Jenkins00001 Jefferson Ward.--Hustings Court--A. F. Picot 210, Wm. Taylor 216, N. M. Lee 186, E. A. J. Clopton 214, Richard D. Sanxay 214; scattering 32. Council — R. O. Haskins 214, N. B. Hill 212, James M. Talbott 218, W. H. Richardson 166, A. Y. Stokes 164, R. J. Christian 91, J. H. G
amuel Ellis, Clerk of the 1st Market, were submitted and the security approved. Mr. Scott offered a resolution that the Committee on Finance be instructed to inquire into the expediency of increasing the percentage allowed the City Collector. A resolution was adopted appointing a committee to make arrangements to receive and distribute the salt received from the State agent, and authorizing the President of the Council to draw upon the Auditor for funds to pay for the same. Richard Fox, City Ganger, was authorized to charge 25 cents per cask for gauging or marking spirituous liquors, wine, oil, molasses, vinegar, spirits of turpentine or burning fluid. Petitions were presented from James Webster, Peter Lawson, Jr., and I. Irvin, asking to be licensed as butchers in the 2d Market. A bill of J. H. Gary, of $40, for making a handrailing in the Hustings Court-room, certified by the Court, was ordered to be paid; also, the bill of Dr. P. W. Brown, of $61, for medic
The Daily Dispatch: April 2, 1863., [Electronic resource], Reported Confederate triumph in North Carolina. (search)
of the usual bustle, parade and interest that ordinarily marks an occasion of the kind Between five and six hundred votes were polled, and the former incumbents of the different offices were nearly in every case elected where they did not positively decline a re-election. The following officers were elected: Mayor — Joseph Mayo. City Sergeant — Thomas U. Dudley. High Constable — George A Freeman. City Assessor — D. M. Miller. City Collector — J. A. Hobson. City Guager — Richard Fox. Grain Measurer — Henry Davis. Superintendent of Gas Works--John J. Fry. Superintendent Water Works--J. L. Davis. Superintendent Poor House--John Pearce. Captain Night Watch--Jas B. Pleasants. Jefferson Ward — Aldermen: Richard D. Sanxay, Wm. Taylor, Abel F. Ploot, James A Icles, and John Hampden Pleasants. Common Council: Mcthaniel B. Hill, Richard O. Haskins, Edward A. J. Clopton, W.Deit Richardson, and Allen Y. Stokes. Madison Ward — Aldermen: James K
The Daily Dispatch: April 7, 1864., [Electronic resource], Richmond and Danville R R, Sup's office, Richmond, April 5, 1864. (search)
n WardMadison WardMonroe WardTotal Mayor: Jos Mayo.6255105071,542 M. M. Lipscomb.956377 Sergeant: Thos U. Dudley5455196161,680 High Constable: G. A. Freeman5405165971,655 City. Assessor: D. M. Miller5435226111,676 City Collector: J. A. Hobson.5405236121,675 Sup't Gas. Works: J. J. Fry5375196171,673 Sup't Water Works: J. L. Davis5455236191,687 Sup't Alms House: John Pearce5444772091,197 J. F. Glazebrook3426203363 Captain Night Watch: Jas B. Pleasants5455256121,682 City Gauger: Richard Fox5435196101,672 Grain Measurer: Henry Davis5445236101,677 The first five in each of the following lists are the names of the candidates elected. The asterisks indicate the new members: Jefferson Ward. Councilmen — W. Holt Richardson 404; R. O. Haskins 388; A. Y. Stokes 355; E. A. J. Clopton 279; N. B. Hill 272; Wm. J. Brown 214; A. Millspangh 188; John H. Greanor 100; P. H. Butler 54. Aldermen — Wm. Taylor 476; R. D. Sanxay 416; J. H. Pleasants 378; R. J. Caristian 334;
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