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Waitt, Ernest Linden, History of the Nineteenth regiment, Massachusetts volunteer infantry , 1861-1865, Roster of the Nineteenth regiment Massachusetts Volunteers (search)
, Jonathan, capt., (I), July 26, ‘61; 33; wounded Oct. 14, ‘63; disch. Dec. 12, ‘63. Poole, Eben D., priv., (C), May 14, ‘64; 22; drafted; transf. to V. R.C. Apr. 13, ‘65; M. O. Nov. 20, ‘65. Poole, Leonard H., priv., (—), Aug. 11, ‘62; 33; disch. Dec. 17, ‘62 at Falmouth, Va., unassigned. Poole, Ludo A., priv., (B), Sept. 9, ‘61; 33; M. O. Aug. 8, ‘62. Porteons, Chas. E., priv., (I), Aug. 23, ‘61; 32; deserted Nov. 3, ‘61. Porter, Chas. H., priv., (I), July 31, ‘63; 23; sub. John Freeman, Jr.; transf. to 20 M. V. Jan. 14, ‘64. Porter, James, priv., (A), July 26, 1861; 36; wounded June 30, 1862, Dec. 13, 1862; disch. disa. Mar. 12, ‘63; see Co. B., 2 H. A. Porter, James, priv., (B), Sept. 3, ‘62; 26; wounded Dec. 13, ‘62; transf. to V. R.C. Sept. 26, ‘63. Potter, Benj. F., priv., (D), July 25, ‘61; 31; died Jan. 1, ‘62 of disease, Hosp. Muddy Branch, Md. Powell, James, priv., (H), Nov. 10, ‘61; 22; disch. disa. Feb. 12, ‘63. Po
Robbery. --Yesterday morning, about 6 o'clk, a thief entered one of Capt. John Freeman's rooms at the U. S. Hotel, and stole an overcoat and a pair of boots, and left behind him a pair of old shoes. Acting upon the rule that a fair exchange is no robbery, the Captain is willing that the rascal shall keep the boots, and will give him five dollars to bring back the coat.
Using the city water. --The ordinance imposes a penalty on those who use the city water without paying therefore. Under its provisions John Freeman, a free negro, was yesterday carried before the Recorder and fined five dollars.
The Daily Dispatch: January 3, 1861., [Electronic resource], The President's New Year's reception. (search)
s-house, have not been brought by necessity or bodily disability to their present unenviable situation. They have been reduced to ask and accept public charity from sheer laziness. It is some consolation to think that the new city alms-house will be so fixed that such characters can be forced to flee from it by the Superintendent, by being made to earn a portion of their support. Yesterday a burly looking young ruffian, calling himself Charles Cook, was arraigned at the instance of one John Freeman, who charged him with making an extensive excavation in his frontispiece, over the left eye, with a paving-stone. The complainant, also an able-bodied young fellow, deposed positively to the injury having been inflicted by a rock; but two others, with Cook, testified as to the blow having been dealt "from the shoulder," for very slight cause. --Bail was required of Cook, and not given. The Mayor remarked that he was the greatest pest in the city, having passed all his life in fighting a
Police Court, Saturday. --Harriet Conundrum complained against John Freeman and Ann Childress, all paupers, the first "for aligning her around" promiscuously, and the latter for refusing her dreadfully. The evidence proved that she was as bad as those whom she complained against, and the case was therefore dismissed, with a general admonition to all parties concerned — James Hays, a marine brought up for being drunk and noisy, was sent before the Provost Marshal.
tatus. The watchmen on Thursday night made a descent on a house in Locust alley, between Main and Franklin sts., kept by Bell Jones, in search of persons having "no visible means of support," and there fore vagrants and candidates for the chain-gang.--The watchmen, during the raid, captured Belle Jones. Madame du Maison, Laura Bella Roane, Mary Ann Godfrey, Emeline Rodgers, and Kate Mills, and their visitors, young men of various degrees of good and bad looks, giving the names of Wm B Freeman, J. J. Nicholas John Manning, Thos Carroll, Daniel Carroll, Thos. Murphy, Daniel Ryan, Benjamin G Page, B. M. Bear, and Jas. W. Finch. All were committed in default of security for their good behavior. Circuit Court of Chester field County, Monday, Nov. 6th.--Present: Hon. Thomas S. Gholson, Judge. Edward Sears was set to the bar at the Court House in Manchester to day, for trial on the charge of murdering his wife by poison, administered several months since. The evidence being giv
The Daily Dispatch: April 8, 1864., [Electronic resource], The "Rebellion" not to be Crushed by "Mere Weight." (search)
e his name as Lomax Smith, which led us into the error in yesterday's issue, that the respectable free negro barber of that name was the party arrested. James Gain and John Harper, two ruffianly individuals, arrested as vagrants, were sent to the enrolling officer. Matthew Eagan was charged with interfering with the commissioners of election for Madison Ward whilst in the discharge of their duty. The case was continued. George, slave of Thos. Y. Catlett, and Jno Roots, and John Freeman, free negroes, charged with having two pieces of bacon, stolen from Mr. James R. Chiles, were discharged, Mr. Chiles failing to identify the meat as his. Henry, slave of Ralph Tomlinson, was ordered to be whipped for striking Blink, a slave, over the head with a piece of gas pipe at the Spotswood Hotel. John Lignaigo, a small boy, was charged with picking Mrs. Mary Travis's pocket of $35 whilst the latter was in the crowd in front of the city's store-house for provisions for the
Wanted to Hire, by the month, a House Servant, who is a good Washer and Doner and Plain Cook (either white or colored), to go into the country a few miles by the Fredericksburg railroad. Apply at the schoolroom on Franklin street, above Ninth, or at Mr. John Freeman's, on Twenty- third street, between Franklin and Main streets. de 22--1t*