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ent to readers, they must so declare against it that no writer will follow the example. I have received great help front the Massachusetts Colony Records; and Dr. N. B. Shurtleff's beautiful edition of them is a noble monument to a faithful student and public benefactor. I have also gathered much from the Historical Collections of the Massachusetts Historical Society,--from Winthrop, Hutchinson, Wood, and other early writers; and especially from the registries of Deeds and Probate. Mr. Frothingham's History of Charlestown is invaluable. I have obtained less information from old manuscripts in Medford than I expected. Many such important papers, long since collected here, have been irrecoverably scattered. I have received aid from Caleb Swan, Esq., of New York; from Mr. Joseph P. Hall, the accurate town-clerk; from Rev. Samuel Sewall, Mr. W. B. Shedd, and several other friends. To each and all I would here offer my sincere thanks. To Messrs. William Tufts, of Boston, George W
1,482.67 Miscellaneous expenses3,123.09 Notes payable and interest paid5,284.00 Amount of town and county taxes for 1854$28,726.40 Receipts and income2,284.43 Balance in treasury7,909.23 Town debt--185534,100.00 Medford a town. Mr. Frothingham, in his excellent History of Charlestown, 1846 (p. 92), says:--Medford was not a town: it was rather a manor, owned by one of the leading inhabitants of Charlestown. We shall very good-naturedly dissent from this statement, and show causerporated town, by the same act as that for Boston, Charlestown, Watertown, Roxbury, and Dorchester. Thus Medford had been, from 1630, an incorporated town, possessing all the civil, political, and municipal rights consequent on that act. Mr. Frothingham says: All printed authorities speak of Medford as a town, and date its incorporation in 1630; but this appears to be an error. We are content to follow, in this matter, all printed authorities, and the decision of the Legisature, and leave
rustees. Oliver Dean, M. D., President; Rev. Thomas Whittemore, Vice-President; Rev. Otis A. Skinner, A. M., Secretary; Benjamin B. Mussey, Esq., Treasurer of the College; Hon. Israel Washburn, jun., Orono, Me.; Rev. Calvin Gardner, Waterville, Me.; Rev. Thomas J. Greenwood, Dover, N. H.; Rev. L. C. Browne, Hudson, N. Y.; Rev. Eli Ballou, Montpelier, Vt.; Silvanus Packard, Esq., Boston, Mass.; Rev. Hosea Ballou, 2d, D. D., Medford, Mass.; Timothy Cotting, Esq., Medford, Mass.; Hon. Richard Frothingham, jun., Charlestown, Mass.; Phineas T. Barnum, Esq., Bridgeport, Conn.; Thomas Crane, Esq., New York City; Charles Rogers, Esq., Philadelphia, Pa. Faculty. President, Hosea Ballou, 2d, D. D., Professor of History and of Intellectual Philosophy; John P. Marshall, A. M., Professor of Mathematics and of Physical Science; William P. Drew, A. B., Professor of Ancient Languages and of Classical Literature; Benjamin F. Tweed, A. M., Professor of Rhetoric, Logic, and English Literature; E
Education, 275, 278. Eliot, 37, 511, 538, 562. Endecott, 30, 32, 83. Erving, 176, 570. Expenses, 117. Farwell, 511. Faulkner, 49. Felt, 36. Ferry, Penny, 6. Fillebrown family, 511. Fillebrown, 97, 417. Fire-department, 471. First Settlers, 36. First House, 39. Fisheries, 381, 386. Fitch, 36. Forests, 13, 14. Fox, 36, 512. Francis family, 512. Francis, 36, 37, 194, 231, 258, 313, 326, 355, 388. Freeman's Oath, 98. Frost, 44. Frothingham, 44. Fulton, 514. Gardner, 4, 574. Garrett, 36, 42. Gibons, 37, 43, 73, 74. Gilchrist, 514. Gillegrove, 515. Glover, 41. Goodnow, 36. Goodwin, 44. Grace Church, 277. Graduates, 301. Graves, 13. Greatton, 515. Greene, 32, 36, 44. Greenland, 15, 36. Greenleaf family, 515. Greenleaf, 106. Gregg family, 516. Groves, 44, 517. Hall family, 517. Hall, 36, 51, 52, 96, 158, 317, 351, 501, 502, 570. Hammond, 44. Hancock, 202, 213, 5