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were met by two or three hundred of the rebel cavalry, who opened upon them with carbine and pistol. Many of the horses in Captain Bell's party, not being practised to the discharge of arms, became unmanageable. The National troops were at once thrown into confusion; but each man, fighting on his own account, discharged his piece at the enemy, emptying several saddles. Two of the rebel horses were brought in. Lieutenant John W. Ford and Sergeant Smith, of Company F, were taken prisoners. Sergeant Parker, of Company M, was seriously injured by the fall of its horse. He was brought back to camp. When the Nationals returned to camp, fortyfive men were missing. The number killed and wounded is not known. Henry Fry and Jacob M. Hemslier were hung at Greenville, Tennessee, for bridge-burning.--Henry C. Burnett, Representative from Kentucky, was, upon the motion of Mr. Dunn of Indiana, expelled from the Congress of the United States for active participation in the rebellion.
out particularizing, every commissioned officer of the regiment performed his duties with bravery and without flinching. The same may be said of the non-commissioned officers and privates, with but few exceptions. The following is a list of the killed and wounded: Lieut.-Col. J. P. Coulter, wounded in the thigh slightly. Company A.--Killed, E. C. Buckner. Wounded, F. B. Reed, left hand, not severe. Company B.--Killed, J. J. Stillman. Wounded, Joseph Starts, left arm amputated; Henry Fry, head, severe, will probably recover; Sergt. J. P. Jackson, thigh, not severe; Jesse Thayer, left fore-finger shot off; Edwin Wood, slight; Westley Bort, slight. Company C.--Wounded, First Lieut. D. B. Henderson, under chin, doing well; W. B. Warner, right thigh, severe, not dangerous; W. W. Quivy, near right ear, slight. Company D.--Wounded, Sergt. C. W. Calder, right thigh, severe; John Rowin, left thumb shot off. Company E.--Wounded, Charles Switzer, left cheek, slight; Seth J.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), A list of Confederate officers, prisoners, who were held by Federal authority on Morris Island, S. C., under Confederate fire from September 7th to October 21st, 1864. (search)
h cav., Halifax. Zzz=Capt. A. M. King, 50th inft. Zzz=Capt. B. J. Brown, 7th inft., Albemarle county. Zzz=Capt. C. D. McCoy, 25th inft., Charlottesville. Zzz=Capt. Wm. C. Nunn, 5th cav., Little Plymouth. Zzz=Capt. Peyton Alfriend, 39th militia, Petersburg. Zzz=Capt. Brown Gibson, 6th cav., Upperville. Zzz=Capt. Geo. W. Nelson, Pendleton's staff, Hanover C. H. Zzz=Capt. C. J. Lewis, 8th Va. cav., Charleston. 1st Lt. Thos. Moss, 23d inft., Louisa C. H. Zzz=1st Lt. Henry Fry, 37th inft., Wheeling, W. Va. Zzz=1st Lt. W. E. Hart, Page's bat., King William C. H. Zzz=1st Lt. B. C. Maxwell, Crenshaw's bat., Westhamlock, Henrico Co. Zzz=1st Lt. J. O. Murray, 12th Va. cav., Richmond. Zzz=1st Lt. W. Ashery, 16th Va. cav., Manassas Junction. Zzz=1st Lt. James Childs, 16th Va. cav., Warrenton. Zzz=1st Lt. S. T. Carson, 5th inft., Steele's Station. Zzz=1st Lt. Jesse Child, 42d inft., Richmond. Zzz=1st Lt. Geo. H. Rillian, 5th inft., Waynesboro
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 18. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), General Burkett Davenport Fry. (search)
ised for service against the French on the Ohio in 1754. The youthful George Washington was the lieutenant-colonel of the Virginia regiment, and on the sudden death of Colonel Fry at Will's Creek, May 31, 1754, succeeded to the command. The Rev. Henry Fry, the second son of Colonel Joshua Fry, a man of attainments and of pious usefulness, married Susan, the daughter of Dr. Thomas Walker, the pioneer explorer of Kentucky, and his wife Mildred (Thornton), widow of Nicholas Meriwether. These progenitors number among their descendants the worthy names of Bell, Bullitt, Cabell, Coles, Cooke, Gilmer, Green, Lewis, McDonald, Morton, Maury, Maupin, Slaughter, Speed, and others. Thornton Fry, son of Rev. Henry Fry, married Eliza R., daughter of Hon. Philip Rootes Thompson, of Culpeper county, and member of Congress 1801-1807. These were the parents of Burkett Davenport Fry, who was born in Culpeper county June 24, 1822. The troubles with Mexico enlisted his eager patriotism, and he wa
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 18. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index. (search)
Prison Life. 113, 327, 333, 428, 432. Fell, Lt. T. E., 428. Finlay, Col. Luke W., 192. Five Forks, Battle of, 114. Flournoy, Hon. H. W., Address of, 147. Fort Gregg, Real Defenders of, 71. Franklin, Tenn., Battle of, Casualties of General Officers in 268. Frazier's Farm, Charge of Kemper's Brigade at, 391. Fredericksburg. Va., Unveiling of Monument to the Confederate Dead at, 397 Fowle, Gov. D. G., Death of. 94. Fry, Gen. B. D., Death of, 94; sketch of, 286. Fry, Rev., Henry, 287. Fry, Col., Joshua, 287. Garnett, Capt. Theodore S.,387. Gartrell, Gen. L. J., Death of, 94. Girardey, Gen. V. J., 37. Goodwin, D. D.. Rev. S. A., Address on Gen. J. E. Johnston, 167. Gordon, James L., His poem on The Confederate Dead. 127. Gordon, Gen., Geo. W., Address on Gen. J. E. Johnston, 203; on Gen. P. R. Cleburne, 262. Green, Dr., Louis. 38. Gregg, Fort, Real Defenders of, 71. Hale, Jr., Capt. E. J.. 410. Hamlin. Lt., Death of, 20. Hammond, Capt
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 31. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.32 (search)
s Duff. Reese B. Duff, dead. O. C. Duff. Samuel Duff. Thomas Dougherty, killed. J. B. Davis, wounded. E. D. K. Davis. William Davenport. John Dickenson, wounded. Nathan Easterly, killed. Soloman Engle, dead. Jesse Elliot, dead. Jackson Farmer, dead. Daniel Farmer. H. S. Fickle, wounded; dead. I. B. Fickle, wounded; dead. William Frick, dead. Isaac Faddas, dead. Andrew Ferrel. Soloman Fraly. Elihu Fields, dead. Dock Fraley, dead. Henry Fry, dead. Lilburn Fields. Charles Finery, dead. Lafayette Gilmer. E. D. Grey. John D. Grey, wounded; dead. W. S. Gilmer, dead. William Greyham. James Grey, dead. Arch. Grey. Morgan Gilmer, dead. Jefferson Howell, dead. Lilburn Hendrix, dead. Frank Horton, killed. John Human. J. J. Heneritzy. William Haney. William Hanson. W. R. Harry. Thomas Harris, wounded; dead. Jefferson Jessee, Sr., killed. Jefferson Jessee, Jr., dead. James Jess
Execution of Bridge Burners. Greenville, Tenn., Dec. 2. --Henry Fry and Jacob M. Henslie were hung on Saturday evening by order of the military, for the offence of bridge burning.