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on, the Second (of Dodge), was near Logan's right. Fuller, commanding the Fourth division, only one brigade bon to Sherman's extreme right. As on his arrival Fuller was directed to support Blair, his force was depletst, pioneers and other detachments, but up to 12 M. Fuller was in that central rear position with one brigade,r's position. Sweeny's head of column came near to Fuller's position. Dodge himself had been reconnoitering ies mounted and rode off to join Dodge where he and Fuller were together. At 12 M. Dodge was lunching with Fuller. There were a few open farms in view, but the principal environment covering that uneven region was woSweeny to face his lines east and south; he ordered Fuller to send a regiment to cover Sweeny's right flank. ting line, and every soldier's rifle was loaded. Fuller, without waiting for orders, had, instead of a regihands of a Confederate soldier; but before long, as Fuller and Wangelin cleared that ground, the soldier was c
Oliver Otis Howard, Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard, major general , United States army : volume 2, Chapter 36: Battle of Ezra Church (search)
take their places on Thomas's right, moving up in succession, so that each successive division would protect the flank of the preceding. In reply to my suggestion, Sherman said he did not think that Hood would trouble me, but was willing I should deploy my army in my own way. Then Sherman left me. Corse commanded Dodge's leading division. He turned to the left and occupied the leftmost section of the new line, pressing well forward until he came as near the enemy's parapet as possible. Fuller's division, partially deployed, next wheeled and ascended the slope, continuing the line. Other divisions went on in succession to do the same until dark. The day had been a wearisome one for the troops; for, besides the long march, they had been obliged to wait here and there for reconnoissance, the putting out of infantry flankers, no cavalry being with me, so that only Dodge's corps was entirely in place at sundown. Blair's outposts already held a junction of roads and his corps w
Oliver Otis Howard, Autobiography of Oliver Otis Howard, major general , United States army : volume 2, Chapter 40: return to Atlanta; the March to the sea; Battle of Griswoldville, ga. (search)
ten or twelve miles. Thus far The March to the sea, more serious on my route by the loss of about a hundred men and the exciting event of a battle, was working greatly to Sherman's satisfaction. I sent a dispatch from my halting place at Gordon by Kilpatrick, who was now ordered to pass from my column over toward the left to work forward in conjunction with Slocum. This dispatch was addressed to Sherman. I told him that the Oconee was before me, and that I was examining the crossings. Fuller accounts of what we had done had already been forwarded by the hands of Captain William Duncan, who had the immediate command of his company, acting as scouts for me. Curiously enough, this Captain Duncan, who, from some reports sent me about that time by General Blair concerning him and his scouts, appeared to me to be rather reckless, at this time performed a feat quite in keeping with his subsequent remarkable career. It was before Sherman and Slocum had reached Milledgeville. In a
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