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e faithful unto death. List of slaves, and their owners' names. Worcester,owned byRev. E. Turell. PompeyDr. Simon Tufts. RoseCaptain Thomas Brooks. PompCaptain Thomas Brooks. PeterCaptain Francis Whitmore. LondonSimon Bradshaw. SelbyDeacon Benjamin Willis. PrinceBenjamin Hall. PunchWidow Brooks. FloraStephen Hall. RichardHugh Floyd. DinahCaptain Kent. CaesarMr. Brown. ScipioMr. Pool. PeterSquire Hall. NiceSquire Hall. CuffeeStephen Greenleaf. IsaacJoseph Tufts. AaronHenry Gardner. Chloe-------- Negro girlMr. Boylston. Negro womanDr. Brooks. Joseph, Plato, PhebeIsaac Royal. Peter, Abraham, CooperIsaac Royal. Stephy, George, HagarIsaac Royal. Mira, Nancy, BetseyIsaac Royal. We are indebted to a friend for the following: It may be interesting here to mention a circumstance illustrative of the general feeling of the town in those days with regard to slavery. In the spring of 1798 or ‘99, a foreigner named Andriesse, originally from Holland, who had serve
ion of fifers, the purchase of fifes, and the refreshment of soldiers, till further order. At a subsequent meeting, Nov. 28, 1774, it is recorded that, whereas the Provincial Congress did, on the 28th day of October last, resolve and appoint Henry Gardner Esq. of Stow to be Receiver General of this Province, for reasons most obvious, etc., the collectors of taxes were directed and required to pay the province taxes to said Gardner, and the town agreed to indemnify them; and if any person or peGardner, and the town agreed to indemnify them; and if any person or persons shall refuse to comply with the true and obvious spirit and design of the said resolve and this vote, this town will consider them as operating with the enemies of the rights and liberties of this injured and oppressed people. A few months later, the Revolutionary War commenced, and Cambridge became the Headquarters of the American army. Of the share borne by the inhabitants of the town in the military struggle which continued nearly eight years, a brief sketch will be given in anoth
Historic leaves, volume 3, April, 1904 - January, 1905, Historical Sketch of the old Middlesex canal. (search)
the groves to the lake and back to the canal, where shots of lumber-rafts and canal-boats laden with cargoes were continually passing through the locks. So popular did the place become that in 1838 the Horn Pond House was leased for $700 for that year. After passing out of the Horn Pond locks, the canal continued on down to the Horn Pond brook, crossing it at grade by means of waste weirs, which remain to this day in a fair state of preservation. In Winchester the canal passed through Gardner locks, located at the West side of the village, and on through to Mystic pond, crossing the narrow upper arm of the pond over a stone aqueduct. The bed of the canal is plainly visible here, and it is hoped the bed will remain untouched while the March of Progress is still moving on, converting the shores of Mystic pond into a beautiful boulevard. For something over a mile the canal lay within the grounds of the Brooks estate in West Medford. Here stands a beautiful monument, that of the
Historic leaves, volume 3, April, 1904 - January, 1905, Committees appointed for the school outside the Neck, together with the annual appropriations. (search)
Frost, Joseph Kent, £ 30. May 15, 1738, William Rand, Samuel Hutchinson, Henry Gardner, £ 30. May 14, 1739, Joseph Kent, Samuel Hutchinson, Henry Gardner, £ 30Henry Gardner, £ 30. May 13, 1740, Captain Caleb Brooks, James Peirce, James Tufts, £ 40. May 11, 1741, Joseph Kent, Captain Caleb Brooks, James Tufts, £ 40. May 10, 1742, and 1748, Nathaniel Lamson, Joseph Kent, John Bradshaw, Nathaniel Francis, and Henry Gardner, £ 80. May 15, 1749, the same committee, with Mr. Kent, chairman, £ 100. May, 1750, Nathaniel Lamson, Nathaniel Francis, Henry Gardner, John Skinner, Samuel Rand, £ 250, or £ 33. 6. 8. lawful Money. May 20, 1751, Peter Tufts, HHenry Gardner, Benjamin Parker, Seth Reed, Joseph Phipps, £ 200. O. T. May 12, 1752, Samuel Bowman, Henry Gardner, Seth Reed, Benjamin Parker, Joseph Phipps, SamueHenry Gardner, Seth Reed, Benjamin Parker, Joseph Phipps, Samuel Kent, £ 200, or £ 26. 13. 4. lawful money, May 14, 1753, Benjamin Parker, Seth Reed, Samuel Kent, Joseph Phipps, £ 240. We close the list at this poi
Forster School, 42. Fort Washington, 51. Forth Willm, 25. Fort Winthrop, 30. Foss, Sam Walter, 62. Foster, Captain, 48. Foye, John, 12. Framingham, Mass., 78, 86. Francis, Nathaniel, 16. Franklin Park, 7. Franklin Street, Somerville, 24. Fresh Pond, 54, 74. Fresh Pond Meadow, 53. Frost, Abigail, 90. Frost, Joseph, 13, 15, 16. Frothingham, Historian, 47. Frothingham's History of Charles-town, 19, 59. Frothingham, Deacon, Samuel, 14, 67. Furber, William H., 60. Gardner, Henry, 16. Gardner Locks, 3. Gardner Row District, 15, 87. Gardner, Samuel, 91. Garrad, Margaret, 73. General Sullivan, The, 26. George III., King, 38. Gibson's Lock, 3. Gilman, Charles E., 38. Glines, Jacob T., 43. Goodwin, Timothy, 44. Governor's Garden, 30. Governor's Island, 30. Great Stanbridge, Eng., 25. Greaves, Thomas, Esq., 12, 14. Green, The, 30. Griffin, —, 22. Groton, Eng., 25, 35. Groton Manor, England, 25. Hadley, Eng., 25. Hale, Edward Everett
Historic leaves, volume 4, April, 1905 - January, 1906, Charlestown schools without the Peninsula Revolutionary period. (search)
d pump, which is still standing. About the time Edward Gardner was teaching in his home district, others of his name renewed a family interest in the school by accepting positions on the school board. As early as 1738 (Vol. III., p. 16), Henry Gardner was a member of the local committee outside the Neck, and for five consecutive years previous to May, 1753, was serving his district. October 10, 1776, Samuel Gardner was serving in this capacity, and his name is found upon the records everynuary 23, 1806. It was he whose name figures in these pages. His brother Samuel, born 1741, died at the age of fifty. He, also, as we have attempted to show, rendered valuable service to his section of the town. James, the youngest son of Henry Gardner, according to the family genealogist, graduated from Harvard College, and was long located at Lynn as a physician, where he died in 1831. By way of recapitulation, we add the following table, which is a continuation of the one on page 16,
Francis, Nicholas, 14. Franklin Street. Somerville, 71. French Revolution, 42. Frost, Joseph, 85, 87, 89. Frost, Dr., Samuel, 89. Frothingham, Captain, Benjamin. 41. Frothingham, James K., 74, 90, 91, 92, 94, 96. Frothingham, Joseph, 82, 85. Frothingham; Miss Mary. 91. Frothingham, Nathaniel, 82, 85. Frothingham, Captain, Richard, 45. Frying-pan Shoals, 31, 35. Fuller, Mr., 67, 68. Gage, General, 86. Galley, Augustus (ship), 87. Gardner, Edward, 17, 18, 20, 22. Gardner, Henry, 18, 20. Gardner, James, 18, 20. Gardner, John, 20. Gardner, Rev., John, 20. Gardner, Lucy, 20. Gardner, Richard, 20. Gardner Row School, 14, 16, 17, 22, 94. Gardner, Samuel, 18, 19, 20, 21, 90, 94, 95, 99. Gates, Isaac, 71, 72, 91. George, 23. Gibbs, Jonathan, 95. Giles, Joseph B., 47. Gilman's Field, 11. Glisson, Captain, 33. Gloria. Patri, 3. Gloucester, Eng., 77. Gloucester, Mass., 1. Goodwin, Captain, 40. Goodwin, Deacon, David, 63, 66. Goodwin, John, 89. Gor
ex. GeddesHouse & Factory20.46 William MunroeHouse & Shop12.12 Robert VinalHouse & Barns &c15.89 Phillip BonnerHouse & Barns &c4 C HarringtonHouse Barn &c1719.15 Edwin MunroeHouse & Barns &c4 1/210.60 Joshua LittlefieldHouse & Barns &c13.74 Charles TuftsHouse Barn &c6 1/225.72 Benj. HadleyHouse Barn &c1525.70 Joel TuftsHouse Barn &c5039.12 Nath. H HenchmanHouse Barn &c843.55 William DicksonHouse Barn &c10 Wm. WhitemoreHouse Barn &c3636.96 John, SwanHouse Barn &c35 1/218.16 Henry GardnerHouse Barn &c3215.36 Thomas HutchinsonHouse Barn &c5234.16 Daniel TuftsHouse Barn &c16 1/238.89 John OdinHouse Barn &c450.29 A SpaldingHouse5.74 John Runey jrHouse Barns &c18 1/228.85 Thomas Rand (38 Resident Landholders)House Barns &c4836.17 Young men William Rand2.50 G C Hawkins9.41 Samuel Adams2.50 J C Magoon2.50 Asa Tufts 2d2.50 Oliver Tufts2.50 Daniel Stone2.50 (7 young men)(total) 1130 Acres$1236.17 Names of TenantsHouses &cAcresTax A Newhall2.50 John Tufts jrHo
to every school of the former highly acceptable and competent teachers. These are: I. N. Sherman, at Milk Row; Miss Abba Mead, at Winter Hill; Manda (Miranda) Whittemore, at the Russell, and Mary W. Jeffurds at the Gardner districts. Miss Jeffurds is allowed to keep some private scholars not exceeding six, and to receive compensation there from. Messrs. Runey and Hawkins are empowered to attend to the schools outside the Neck, the same as last year. They engage for the winter term Miles Gardner, for the Gardner school; Elliot Valentine, for Winter Hill; and Joseph S. Hastings, for the Russell district. In September Mr. Walker resigned at the Neck, to go to the Hawes school, South Boston, and Amos P. Baker was elected to succeed him. The death of Mr. Baker was reported December 20, and Aaron D. Capen was placed over this school. Through Amos Tufts and David Devens, Esq., executors of the will of Deacon Thomas Miller, the trustees received $100, the income of Which was to be use
Forster, Deacon, Charles, 60, 88. Fort Hill, 4. Fort Wagner, 4. Foster, T., 13. Franklin School. 60, 65. French, Miss, Rebecca, 17, 21. Fresh Pond, 9, Frost's Grammar, 98. Frost, Martha, 18, 19. Frost, Samuel, 12. Frost, Samuel Tufts, 57. Frost, William, 13. Frothingham, —, 22. Frothingham, James K., 48, 70, 81, 96. Frothingham Richard, Jr., 4, 51, 82, 94, 95, 97. Furber,—William H., 53, 90. Garden Court, 58. Gardner District, 50, 51, 67, 78, 79, 83, 93, 96, 99. Gardner, Henry, 11. Gardner, Mary B., 75. Gardner, Miles, 67. Gardner, Miss, 20. Gardner Row, 77. Gardner, Samuel, 14. Gardner, S, Jr., 14. Gardner School, 67, 71, 72, 73, 74, 75, 76, 77, 92, 96, 97. Gaffield, E., 12. Garrison, William Lloyd, 37. Gates. Miss, 52. Geddes, Alex., 11. Gerrish, Miss, Elizabeth, 21, 46. Gerrald. S., 12. Gerry, Martha J. H., 53. Gilman Estate, 90. Glillen, S., 15. Glines, Jacob, 90. Goddard, N., 13. Goddard, T., 13. Gould's Latin Grammar and Latin
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