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Rebellion Record: a Diary of American Events: Documents and Narratives, Volume 4. (ed. Frank Moore), Doc. 82.-fight in Hampton roads, Va., March 8th and 9th, 1862. (search)
d, hospital of the Seventh regiment, Camp Butler; lacerated wound of right arm, burns of face. John McGwin, Providence, R. I., hospital at Fort Monroe; slight wound right side of head. John Bates, New-York City, hospital at Fort Monroe; slight wounds on left arm and buttock. John Orvine, Assistant Mate, Roxbury, Mass., hospital at Fort Monroe; wound on left heel. Edward Cobb, Signal — Quartermaster, Boston, hospital at Fort Monroe; wounds slight of head, throat and abdomen. John Gardner, Quartermaster, New-York City, hospital at Fort Monroe; contusion of right thigh. Alexander McFadden, Mate, Philadelphia, hospital at Fort Monroe; lacerated wound of left fore-arm. John B. Cavenaugh, Whitehall, N. Y., hospital at Fort Monroe; slight wound over the left temple. John Bart, Ireland, hospital at Fort Monroe; contusion and abrasion of back. J. V. Russell, Philadelphia, hospital at Fort Monroe; exhaustion — a long time in the water. Lochlin Livingston, Boston, Ma
t is to be hoped, are with some of the other corps, and will soon find their way into camp. The command needs a complete outfit of clothing, shoes, etc., and will then be ready for a new campaign, as both health and esprit are excellent. Subjoined is a list of casualties and desertions: Name.Rank.Co.When.Remarks. Terence Sweeney,Priv'teDDec. 14, ‘64Wounded from enemy's battery. James Dooley,Corp'lCDec. 13, ‘64Deserted to enemy. --Bennerman,Priv'teCDec. 13, ‘64Deserted to enemy. John Gardner,Priv'teDDec. 13, ‘64Deserted to enemy. Charles Chapman,Priv'teIDec. 13, ‘64Deserted to enemy. Adam Wetzel,Priv'teKDec. 12, ‘64Deserted to enemy. Francis Mc Carthy,Priv'teKDec. 12, ‘64Deserted to enemy. John Smith,Priv'teKDec. 12, ‘64Deserted to enemy. Charles Wagner,Priv'teKDec. 12, ‘64Deserted to enemy. G. W. Mindil, Colonel Commanding Thirty-third New-Jersey Volunteers. Major Hoyt's Report. Report of the One Hundred and Thirty-fourth New York Volunteers, fro
iley Edmands, William Endicott, Jr., Francis L. Lee, Oakes Ames, James L. Little, Marshall S. Scudder, George Higginson, Thomas Russell, Edward S. Philbrick, Oliver Ellsworth, Robert W. Hooper, John H. Stevenson, John H. Silsbee, Manuel Fenollosa, G. Mitchell, John W. Brooks, Samuel Cabot, Jr., John Lowell, James T. Fields, Henry Lee, Jr., George S. Hale, William Dwight, Richard P. Waters, Avery Plummer, Jr., Alexander H. Rice, John J. May, John Gardner, Mrs. Chas. W. Sumner, Albert G. Browne, Ralph Waldo Emerson, William B. Rogers, Charles Buffum, John S. Emery, Gerritt Smith, Albert G. Browne, Jr., Mrs. S. R. Urbino, Edward W. Kinsley, Uriah and John Ritchie, Pond & Duncklee, John H. and Mary E. Cabot, Mary P. Payson, Manuel Emilio, Henry W. Holland, Miss Halliburton, Frederick Tudor, Samuel Johnson, Mary E. Stearns, Mrs. William J. Loring, Mrs. Governor Andrew, Mrs. Robert C. Waterston,
nd me that number including a general—Seymour will do—and other officers of high rank, to be confined in parts of the city still occupied by citizens under the enemy's fire? S. Jones. In response to this telegram, Generals Wessells, Scammon, Shaler, Seymour, and Heckman, and forty-five fieldofficers were sent to Charleston and placed under fire, General Jones notifying General Foster of the fact on June 13. In compliance with General Foster's request to the President, on the 29th Generals Gardner, Steuart, Archer, Jeff. Thompson, and Edward Johnson, besides fortyfive Confederate field-officers, were received at Hilton Head and confined on the brig Dragoon there. It was General Foster's purpose if necessary to imprison these officers under fire in retaliation. Our Morris Island garrison was reinforced on June 13 by the return of the Fifty-second Pennsylvania, Col. H. M. Hoyt; and the next day the Thirty-third United States Colored Troops landed and camped above the Fifty-four
Emilio, Luis F., History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry , 1863-1865, Chapter 13: operations about Pocotaligo. (search)
he Seventeenth Corps, under Maj.-Gen. Frank Blair, crossed from Port Royal Island to the main on a pontoon bridge, and moved toward Pocotaligo, twenty-five miles from Beaufort. They encountered Colonel Colcock, our old friend of Honey Hill, at Gardner's Corners, and drove him with loss to the works mounting twelve guns, at Pocotaligo, before which they bivouacked, intending to assault in the morning; but the enemy under Gen. L. McLaws during the night abandoned this and all his positions alonas he came. The next day he took the field with the Fifteenth Corps. February 1, a report came that the enemy had crossed to our side of the Combahee River and intrenched. At noon, Colonel Hallowell with the Fifty-fourth and two guns moved to Gardner's Corners, whence, with the One Hundred and Seventh Ohio also, he proceeded. We arrived at Combahee Ferry about 6 P. M., where observations were purposely made quietly, after dark. Abandoned works were found on our side, and a foot-bridge cros
Emilio, Luis F., History of the Fifty-Fourth Regiment of Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry , 1863-1865, Roster of the Fifty-Fourth Massachusetts Infantry. (search)
ischarged 20 Aug 65 ex. term. Other service:—Co. C 13th Mass. 16 Jly 61. Staff of Gen's. Alex. Schimmelfennig, Edwd. E. Potter, Rufus Saxton, E. P. Scammon, and Jno. P. Hatch. Chelsea, Mass. Tucker, Charles Edward; Captain Co. H. 28 Feb 37, Gardner, Me; single; clerk; Boston. 2d Lt 13 May 63, must. 13 May; 1st Lt 28 May 63, must. 21 Aug; Capt 3 Feb 64, must. 30 Mch. Discharged 20 Aug 65 ex. term. Wounded 18 Jly 63 Ft. Wagner. Other service:—Co. E 44 Mass., Corpl. Asst. Provost Marshal ford, Joseph 21, sin.; hostler; Boston. 27 Mch 63; missing 18 Jly 63 Ft. Wagner. $50. Foster, Moses 19, sin.; farmer; Pittsfield. 26 Dec 63; 20 Aug 65. $325. Freeland, Milo J. 22, mar.; laborer; Sheffield. 16 Feb 63; 20 Aug 65. $50. Gardner, Ralph B. Corpl. 23, sin.; laborer; Gt. Barrington. 18 Feb 63; 27 Jly 65 Gen. Hos. Annapolis, Md. Captd 18 Jly 63 Ft. Wagner; ex. 13 Apl 65 Wilmington, N. C. $50. garrison, Silas 20, sin.; painter; Chatham, Can. 28 Mch 63; missing 18 Jly 63
Private, Co. B, wounded; exchanged, March 4, 1865, at Goldsboro, N. C.; returned to regiment, June 8, 1865. Butler, Morris. Private, Co. E; died a prisoner, Feb. 12, 1865, at Florence, S. C. Cogswell, George E. Private, Co. D; died a prisoner, June 17, 1864, at Charleston, S. C. Elletts, James. Private, Co. B; died a prisoner, at Charleston, S. C.; no date. Ellis, Jefferson. Corporal, Co. F; exchanged, March 4, 1865, at Goldsboro, N. C.; returned to regiment, June 6, 1865. Gardner, Ralph B. Corporal, Co. A; exchanged, April 13, 1865, at Wilmington, N. C.; discharged, July 27, 1865, at General Hospital, Annapolis, Md. Grant, George. Private, Co. B; exchanged, March 4, 1865, at Goldsboro, N. C.; discharged, June 24, 1865, at Annapolis, Md. Gray, John. Private, Co. F; roster says: Captured, supposed died, and nothing further. Name in list of prisoners, June 13, 1864, at Charleston, S. C. Green, Alfred. Private, Co. B; exchanged, March 4, 1865, at Goldsboro,
63, 266. Fraser, steamer, 200, 237, 238. Frederica, Ga., 45. Freeman, Edgar A., 304. Fribley, Charles W., 161. Fulton Post Office, S. C., 307. Furlong, Wesley, 10. Furloughs, 129, 135. G. G Company, 20, 38, 75, 132, 145, 148, 150, 158, 164, 183, 188, 198, 202, 215, 221, 222, 223, 231, 234, 237, 238, 245, 249, 266, 275, 286, 291, 302, 309, 310, 311, 312, 317. Gainesville, Fla., 155. Gallop's Island, Mass., 317. Galvanized Yankees, 255, 256. Gardner, Frank, 196. Gardner, John, 16. Gardner, W. M., 175. Gardner's Corners, S. C., 267, 272. Garnett, H., 12. Garrison of Charleston, 311, 312. Garrison, William Lloyd, 10, 23, 24, 32. Gartrell, L. H., 256, 257, 258, 260. Gascoign's Bluff, Ga., 39. Gaul, Lewis, 318. Geary, Edward C., 241. Georgetown, S. C., 192, 288, 289, 290, 291, 307, 308. Georgia Troops. Artillery, Heavy: Twenty-Eighth Battalion, (Bonaud's,) 161, 165. Artillery, Batteries: Chatham, 56, 161, 167, 203, 206. Guerard's, 161, 165. Cav
, was incorporated, Feb. 27, 1807, under the name of West Cambridge, Mass. Spec. Laws, IV. 88. which name was changed to Arlington, April 20, 1867. Ibid., XII. 244. The inhabitants of the territory left on the south side of Charles River petitioned to be made a separate precinct, as early as 1748, and renewed their petition, from time to time, until April 2, 1779, when they were authorized to bring in a bill to incorporate them as an ecclesiastical parish, excepting Samuel Sparhawk, John Gardner, Joanna Gardner, and Moses Griggs, and their estates. Mass. Prov. Rec., XXXIX. 213. This was styled the Third Parish, or Little Cambridge. The whole territory south of Charles River was incorporated, under the name of Brighton, Feb. 24, 1837. Mass. Spec. Laws, IV. 70. By an act approved May 21, 1873, Brighton was annexed to Boston,—the annexation to take full effect on the first Monday in January, 1874. By the incorporation of West Cambridge and Brighton, which was the result of a
Lucius R. Paige, History of Cambridge, Massachusetts, 1630-1877, with a genealogical register, Chapter 15: ecclesiastical History. (search)
astings,11.15.0 Deacon Prentice,8.0.0 Eb. Wyeth,8.0.0 John Stratton,8.0.0 Seth Hastings,10.0.0 S. Thatcher,10.3.4 Widow Tufts,13.6.8 Am. Marrett's heirs,8.0.0 And. Boardman,16.10.0 Chr. Grant,8.5.0 Wid. Sar. Hastings,15.0.0 Richd. Gardner,13.9.4 Stephen Palmer,7.0.0 H. Vassall,20.0.0 B. Hancock,10.0.0 Pr. Holyoke,20.0.0 John Dickson,13.6.8 Rich. Dana,15.0.0 Caleb Dana,13.6.8 Mr. Fletcher,14.0.0 Lt. Govr. [Phips]40.0.0 Mr. Inman,10.0.0 Josh. Morse,6.13.6 Aaron Hill,8.e year, the inhabitants on the south side of the river were incorporated by the General Court, April, 1779, as a separate precinct with authority to settle a minister, and to provide for his support by a parish tax,— excepting Samuel Sparhawk, John Gardner, Joanna Gardner, and Moses Griggs, and their estates, who shall be exempted from all ministerial taxes to said precinct, so long as they shall live or reside within the same, or until they or either of them shall give their hands into the Sec
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