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Violations of City ordinances. --A considerable number of these cases were brought to the notice of Recorder Caskie yesterday, and the city treasury was, to some extent, replenished in consequence. Catherine Garibaldi, who claims no kin with the European hero, was fined $5 for selling elite ruin without a license, and $5 more for keeping her barroom open after 10 o'clock P. M. Thomas Walton, charged with keeping his drinking house open after 10 P. M., was fined $5. James Burns, for two of offences of a similar character, was fined $10. Hugh Doherty, charged with retailing ar spirits on Sunday, the 6th instant, in defiance of moral and civil law, was fined $5. C. Damaratts, who dispenses for a consideration, the staff of life to those who cry out lenue moi du piriu. was fined $5 for employing an published vehicle on the streets. Com Cooley, a free man of honor appeared to answer a similar charge, but there being some ting circumstances in the case, n
The Daily Dispatch: June 22, 1864., [Electronic resource], The Telegraph Company and its rates. (search)
Police Arrests. --The following parties were arrested yesterday afternoon and committed to the lower station-house: Julia A Kuper, alias Madam Danseux, formerly tight rope performer at Metropolitan Hall, charged with stealing one overcoat, two dress coats, one pair of black and one pair of white pants, and other wearing apparel, valued at $3,000, the property of J. M. Scribner; Catherine Garibaldi, reputed cousin to the distinguished General of that name, for receiving certain goods, knowing them to be stolen, the property of J H Scribner; John, slave of Capt George Organ, charged with stealing a watch, valued at $50, from George W Willis, Auctioneer, and John Ham, a free negro, receiving one pair of pants, one vest, and a pair of shoes, valued at $220, the property of J H Scribner, knowing them to have been stolen.
e saw anything of him. On learning of his whereabouts she sought him and obtained in place of the money an order on his landlady for a trunk of clothing which belonged to him. This order she placed into the hands of officer Crone, who succeeded in getting the trunk and delivering it over to her. Having no other way of obtaining money she sold some of the contents of the trunk, and for this act Scribner had her arrested on the charge of theft. In conjunction with the arrest of Miss K, Catherine Garibaldi, white, and John Ham, free negro, were taken in custody on the charge of receiving Scribner's goods, knowing them to have been stolen; but it was proven that they had bought them from Miss K. whereupon the Mayor discharged the whole party. A charge was preferred against Mary, slave of John Blake, of stealing one bag of shoemaker's tools, one feather bed, a lot of men's clothing, one pair of pantaloons, one coat, and a quantity of crockery, blankets, bed quilts, &c., from Robert J