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Varina Davis, Jefferson Davis: Ex-President of the Confederate States of America, A Memoir by his Wife, Volume 2, Chapter 43: visit to New Orleans and admission to Fortress Monroe. (search)
h reduced to a walking skeleton. Never during this extreme torture and harrowing anxiety did his dignity give way, or his high bearing quail before the torment. He was too refined and dignified to be abusive, and too proud, in General Miles's delicate phrase, to beg. He suffered as only men of his temperament can, but held aloft the standard of Confederate fealty and Christian virtue. In the meanwhile, Mr. Charles O'Conor, with every effort in his power, pushed on the trial; and Mr. John Garrett, whose first impulse was sympathy with the sorrows of mankind, has most accurately related his efforts to secure my husband's release; and for both Mr. Davis has always since felt the most sincere gratitude and affection. Want of space has forced me unwillingly, in his case as in that of many others, to condense their statements, but I quote them as they are, only changing a few words. In May, 1866, an indictment was procured against the ex-chieftain, in the United States District
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces at Cold Harbor. June 1st, 1864. (search)
ield S. Hancock. Escort: M, 1st Vt. Cav., Capt. John H. Hazelton. first division, Brig.-Gen. Francis C. Barlow. First Brigade, Col. Nelson A. Miles: 26th Mich., Capt. James A. Lothian; 2d N. Y. Art'y, Col. Joseph N. G. Whistler; 61st N. Y., Lieut.-Col. K. Oscar Broady; 81st Pa., Capt. Lawrence Mercer; 140th Pa., Capt. Samuel Campbell; 183d Pa., Capt. John McCullough. Second Brigade, Col. Richard Byrnes: 28th Mass., Capt. James Fleming; 63d N. Y., Capt. John H. Gleason; 69th N. Y., Maj. John Garrett; 88th N. Y., Capt. Denis F. Burke; 116th Pa., Col. St. Clair A. Mulholland, Capt. Richard Moroney. Third Brigade, Col. Clinton D. MacDougall: 39th N. Y., Maj. Joseph Hyde; 62d N. Y. (detachment 7th N. Y. attached), Capt. Henry P. Ritzius; 111th N. Y., Capt. Lewis W. Husk; 125th N. Y., Col. Levin Crandell; 126th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. William H. Baird. Fourth Brigade, Col. John R. Brooke: 2d Del., Maj. Peter McCullough; 7th N. Y. Art'y, Maj. Joseph M. Murphy; 64th N. Y., Capt. William Glenn
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces in the Atlanta campaign. May 3d-September 8th, 1864. (search)
se, Col. Williamn Cogswell; 13th N. J., Col. Ezra A. Carman; 107th N. Y., Col. Nirom M. Crane; 150th N. Y., Col. John H. Ketcham; 3d Wis., Col. William Hawley. Third Brigade, Col. James S. Robinson, Col. Horace Boughton: 82d Ill., Lieut.-Col. Edward S. Salomon; 101st Ill., Lieut.-Col. John B. La Sage; 45th N. Y., Ordered to Nashville July 6th. Col. Adolphus Dobke; 143d N. Y., Col. Horace Boughton, Lieut.-Col. Hezekiah Watkins, Maj. John Higgins; 61st Ohio, Col. Stephen J. McGroarty, Capt. John Garrett; 82d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. David Thomson; 31st Wis., Joined July 21st. Col. Francis H. West. Artillery, Major John A. Reynolds, chief of corps artillery; see, also, artillery brigade of the corps. Capt. John D. Woodbury: I, 1st N. Y., Lieut. Charles E. Winegar; am, 1st N. Y., Capt. J. D. Woodbury. Second division, Brig.-Gen. John W. Geary. First Brigade, Col. Charles Candy, Col. Ario Pardee, Jr.: 5th Ohio, Col. John H. Patrick, Lieut.-Col. Robert L. Kilpatrick, Maj. Henry E. Symm
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces in the campaign of the Carolinas. (search)
es F. Morse, Capt. Robert B. Brown, Capt. Edward A. Phalen; 13th N. J., Maj. Frederick H. Harris, Capt. John 1. Arey; 107th N. Y., Col. Nirom M. Crane; 150th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Alfred B. Smith; 3d Wis., Lieut.-Col. George W. Stevenson. Third Brigade, Brig.-Gen. James S. Robinson: 82d Ill., Maj. Ferdinand H. Rolshausen, Lieut.-Col. Edward S. Salomon; 101st Ill., Lieut.-Col. John B. Le Sage; 143d N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Hezekiah Watkins, Capt. Edward H. Pinny, Col. Horace Boughton; 61st Ohio, Capt. John Garrett; 82d Ohio, Lieut.-Col. David Thomson, Maj. James S. Crall; 31st Wis., Col. Francis H. West. Second division, Brig.-Gen. John W. Geary. First Brigade, Col. Ario Pardee, Jr., Col. George W. Mindil: 5th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Robert Kirkup; 29th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Jonas Schoonover; 66th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Eugene Powell, Capt. Theodoric G. Keller; 28th Pa., Col. John Flynn, Lieut.-Col. James Fitzpatrick; 147th Pa., Lieut.-Col. John Craig. Second Brigade, Col. George W. Mindil, Col. Patrick H.
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 21: capture of New Orleans.--first attack on Vicksburg by Farragut's fleet and mortar flotilla.--junction of flag-officers Farragut and Davis above Vicksburg.--ram Arkansas. (search)
t of killed and wounded in the fleet during the engagements on the 15th instant, viz: Flag-ship Hartford. Killed.--George H. Loundsberry, master's mate; Charles Jackson, officers' cook, and John Cameron, seaman, by cannon shot. Wounded.--Captain John L. Broome, marine corps, and Thomas Hoffman, paymaster's steward, severe contusions; John D. Barnes, fireman, and Michael Martin, landsman, contusions; George Royer, marine, and Henry Downs, boy, slightly. Wissahickon. Killed.--John Garrett, ordinary seaman, by a cannon shot. Wounded.--Edward York, fireman, and Daniel Hayes, ordinary seaman, and Joseph Ranahan, landsman, severely; James Revell, ordinary seaman, slightly. Winona. Killed.--John H. Harway, landsman, by a shell. Wounded.--John Jones, captain afterguard, severely; William Malley, landsman, slightly. Sciota. Wounded.--James H. Mathist, landsman, and Peter Lasher, ordinary seaman, severely. Richmond. Wounded.--William Somes and William Nelso
l John B. Le Sage; Eighty-second Illinois volunteers, Major F. H. Rolshausen; Sixty-first Ohio veteran volunteers, Captain John Garrett. The officers of my staff were as follows: Captain A. E. Lee, Acting Assistant Adjutant-General; Captain Benj. devolved upon Lieutenant-Colonel Rogers and the Sixty-first Ohio, numbering about one hundred men, under command of Captain Garrett, and make a similar attempt by way of the left. Quickly moving around about a half-mile to the left and on to the bnd were as obedient to orders as usual. F. H. Rolshausen, Major commanding Eighty-second Illinois Volunteers. Captain John Garrett's Report. headquarters sixty-First Ohio volunteer infantry, near Savannah, Georgia, December 26, 1864. Captaiut as much of it was not in bales, it is impossible to state the exact amount. Respectfully your obedient servant, John Garrett, Captain commanding Sixty-first Ohio Vet. Vol. Infantry. Brigadier-General Geary's Report. headquarters Seco
eneral, Captain Ford, Aid-de-camp, and Captains Thurston and Jones, volunteer Aids, the former (Captain Thurston) in charge of ordnance trains, displayed courage and coolness, Captain Ford accompanying a portion of my command in the charge on Tuesday. Lieutenant Campbell, engineer officer, attached to my staff, superintending the construction of the works around Mrs. Price's house, was indefatigable in the discharge of his duties, accompanying Toombs's brigade in its charge on Tuesday. Major Garrett, my chief of artillery, was most efficient in the discharge of his important duties. Captain DeSaigle, when not necessarily absent in discharge of his duties as division quartermaster, was of much service to me as an aid. Major Haskell, division commissary, volunteered, with Captain Latrobe, to carry to General Longstreet, across the Chickahominy, information of the position of the enemy, on Friday the twenty-seventh; remaining with that General, at his suggestion, he fell dangerousl
t a single regiment of fresh men could drive the whole of them in our front across the Antietam. I got up about two hundred men, who said that they were willing to advance to the attack, if I would lead them. We met, however, with a warm reception, and the little command was broken and dispersed. Major Hobson and Lieutenant Gaff, of Fifth Alabama, acquitted themselves handsomely in this charge. Colonel Iverson, Twentieth North Carolina, Colonel Christie, Twenty-third North Carolina, Captain Garrett, Fifth North Carolina, Adjutant Taylor and Lieutenant Pierce, of the same regiment, had gathered up about two hundred men, and I sent them to the right to attack the Yankees in flank. They drove them back a short distance, but, in turn, were repulsed. These two attacks, however, had a most happy effect. The Yankees were completely deceived by their boldness, and induced to believe that there was a large force in our centre. They made no further attempt to pierce our centre, except o
J. L. Munson; total, 13. Capt. D. H. Reynolds' company, Chicot Rangers: Killed, 1—A. J. Beaks, wounded, afterward died. Wounded, 13—Sergt. EliT. Mills, Jasper Duggan, Sergt. William F. Estill, S. S. Stuart, Corp. L. Harmon, B. W. Mathis, Robert Mathias, Richard Thurmond, Frank Cable, James A. Yuill, Nelson M. Lynch, Peter G. Smith and Frank Smith; total, 14. Capt. Gibbs' company, Independence cavalry: Killed, 5—J. Stamper Cannon, Jonathan Osborne, John S. Neill, Patrick H. House, John Garrett, wounded, afterward died. Wounded, 14—Sergt. Robert S. Neill, Sergt. Henry Eggner, Corp. Jefferson Stone, Bugler Joe Nanviller, Anderson Cole, John Henderson, William H. Killings-worth, Alex. Lyle, Andrew J. Lyle, Marcus D. Lenare, Alfred Page, Peter O. Thweatt, Selden M. Weaver and Lieut. C. P. Head; total. 19. Carroll's regiment. Company B, Captain Lewis: Killed—Serg. J. C. James and John Benge. Wounded—John B. Hearn and B. F. Gardner. Company C, Captain Armstrong: Wound
ent was organized in November, 1861, near the present town of Rogers, Benton county. Its organization was as follows: Col. John F. Hill, of Johnson county; Lieut.-Col. William T. Neal, of Washington; Major Farmer, of Johnson county; Adjt. Ben Pixlee, Quartermaster A. M. Ward. Company A, Capt. L. N. C. Swaggerty, of Johnson county; Company B, Captain Turner, of Johnson county; Company C, Capt. John Connolly, of Johnson county; Company D, Capt. W. W. Bailey, of Carroll county; Company E, Captain Garrett, of Carroll county; Company F, Captain Goodnight, of Stone county; Company G, Captain Carnahan, of Washington county; Company H, Captain Kelly, of Pike county; Company I, Capt. Daniel Boone, of Madison county; Company K, Capt. John Lawrence, of Searcy county. The regiment went into camp at Elm Springs, Benton county, where it remained in winter quarters until February, 1862, when General Price and his army of Missouri fell back before a large force of Federals under General Curtis, a
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