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illiam T., major. Twenty-fifth Militia regiment: Arnold, Mark, colonel; Arnold, P. M., lieutenant-colonel; Lewis, H. B., major. Twenty-sixth regiment Cavalry (formed from Forty-sixth and Forty-seventh Cavalry battalions): Kesler, Joseph K., lieutenant-colonel; Ruffner, Henry D., major. Twenty-sixth Infantry battalion: Edgar, George M., major, lieutenant-colonel; Woodram, Richard, major; Councill, James C., lieutenant-colonel; Crump, Charles A., colonel; Fitzbugh, Patrick H., major; Garrett, Joshua L., major; Page, Powhatan R., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Perrin, William K., major; Wheelwright, William H., major. Twenty-seventh Cavalry battalion Partisan Rangers (Trigg's battalion. Transferred to Twenty-fifth Cavalry): Edmundson, Henry A., major, lieutenant-colonel. Twenty-seventh Infantry regiment: Carpenter, Joseph, lieutenant-colonel (appointment declined); Echols, John, lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Edmondson, James K., lieutenant-colonel, colonel; Frazer, Philip F.
Brigadier-General Ellison Capers, Confederate Military History, a library of Confederate States Military History: Volume 5, South Carolina (ed. Clement Anselm Evans), Additional Sketches Illustrating the services of officers and Privates and patriotic citizens of South Carolina. (search)
Since then he has been engaged with much success in the practice of law at Charleston. In 1854 he was married to Harriet, daughter of Richard Thrusten, of Greenville, who served as a lieutenant in the Seminole war. He has two children living: Mary L., wife of F. C. Easterby, and William H. Thomas, an attorney at Charleston and representative in the legislature. Oliver G. Thompson Oliver G. Thompson was born in Laurens county, S. C., November 23, 1843, the son of Ellia and Frances (Garrett) Thompson. He was reared and received his education in his native county, and entered the Confederate service on April 14, 1861, in Company G, Third South Carolina infantry, with which he served until disabled by wounds for further service. He participated in the battles of Savage Station, Malvern Hill, Fredericksburg, Chancellorsville, Chickamauga, Knoxville, Bean's Station, Wilderness, and Spottsylvania Court House. He was wounded at the last-named battle on May 8, 1864, and disabled f
ker, h. Linwood. Fox, Joseph, engineer, h. Beacon. Fox, Lewis M., brickmaker, h. Derby. Foster, Robert, lumber dealer, h. Bow. Forster, Charles, cabinet dealer, h. Broadway. Fosdick, Daniel, shoe dealer, h. Milk near bleachery. Freeman, Moses H., b. machinist, h. Spring. French, George, brickmaker, h. Medford. Frost, Samuel T., yeoman, h. Milk. Fultz, Joseph, blacksmith, h. Elm. Fulsom, Benjamin W., furniture dealer, Lime. Fullick, G. K., painter, h. Bow. Garrett, Robert, h. Beacon. Galletly, James, twine manufacturer, h. Cambridge. Gates, William, provision dealer, h. cor. Cambridge and Dane. Gay, Francis C., milk dealer, h. Walnut. Gay, John, blacksmith, h. Linden. Garven, Thomas, rope-maker, h. Milk. Garven, Edward. laborer, h. Milk. Gerrish, Samuel, blacksmith, h. Porter. Gerry, John W., b. blacksmith, Linden. Gerrish, Samuel, b. clothing, h. Porter. Gill, Samuel W., b. letter cutter, h. Garden court. Gilbert,
The writings of John Greenleaf Whittier, Volume 4. (ed. John Greenleaf Whittier), Occasional Poems (search)
les in the long array, And hearts are light and eyes are glad, though heads are badger-gray. The fire-tried men of Thirty-eight who saw with me the fall, Midst roaring flames and shouting mob, of Pennsylvania Hall; And they of Lancaster who turned the cheeks of tyrants pale, Singing of freedom through the grates of Moyamensing jail! And haply with them, all unseen, old comrades, gone before, Pass, silently as shadows pass, within your open door,— The eagle face of Lindley Coates, brave Garrett's daring zeal, The Christian grace of Pennock, the steadfast heart of Neal. Ah me! beyond all power to name, the worthies tried and true, Grave men, fair women, youth and maid, pass by in hushed review. Of varying faiths, a common cause fused all their hearts in one. God give them now, whate'er their names, the peace of duty done! How gladly would I tread again the old-remembered places, Sit down beside your hearth once more and look in the dear old faces! And thank you for the lessons
Comte de Paris, History of the Civil War in America. Vol. 2. (ed. Henry Coppee , LL.D.), Book VII:—politics. (search)
of the Roanoke, and Washington, on the left bank of the Tar. With regard to the town of Newberne, which is the key of the Neuse, it was too well defended for them to entertain any hope of surprising it. On the 2d of September the Confederate colonel Garrett approached the little town of Plymouth with about one thousand men, half cavalry and half infantry. As it was already broad daylight, he bivouacked in the forest, not intending to attack the enemy before twilight on the following day, when the numerical weakness of his troops, Sergeant Green led them against the enemy. Turning the tables, he suddenly fell upon the Confederates, routed them, killed about thirty men, and triumphantly brought back forty prisoners, among whom was Colonel Garrett. The attack against Washington was more serious. This village was occupied by a field-battery of six pieces, five squadrons of cavalry and four companies of infantry. The gun-boats Pickett and Louisiana were at anchor in the river front
The Daily Dispatch: November 3, 1860., [Electronic resource], English view of the late Royal visit. (search)
r Jno. Dawes S S Jr Drew Thos. H 2 Dowdey Thos. Dana Thos. Dillard Wm. A Edmond Paul C Ellett Sample 2 Eubank Geo. W Elam T E Ehrbeck Jno. C Eustace J H 2 Elmore Jno. H Earnest W B Edward V D 2 Foster R B Foley Hugh Fulkerson H C Fowler Thos. H Flanagan T Fellow W H Finn Jno. A Fairfax Mark Fore L H Fisher-Rev Mr Garvey Mich'l Graser W Godwin Thos. Gordon S A Grimsley S W Gregory G Gibson Gee Goodyear J W Godsey Jas. M Garrett J A Gentry J R Gary A Giblin Jas. Guider Dan Green T R Hutzler Mority Hoben Rev W G 2 Harvey W M Hockey Wm. 2 Handy Rev J W Hopson Jno. Hutton Joel 2 Hawes J W 1 Heath J F Houry Jno. Hayne Dr T Howard S H Harris,Spencer & Harris Hawkes E A Hardy E H Holleran Pat 2 Henry C R Harman M G Harrison Benj. Howard B T Hunter (temperanee lecturer) Hardin Dr A C Hirsh A M Hopkins-- Ingraham A Irby W D Jenkins W F Jones W Jones H T
$50 reward. --Runaway from my plantation, in the county of Halifax. near Clover Depot. on the 22d of August, a negro man named William. He is bright complected; about 5 feet 8 or 9 inches high; rather stout; has very large feet and hands; holes in his ears. He was taken up at Keysville about the middle of September, but made his escape — He was heard to say that he was trying to get to Williamsburg, where he was raised. He was sold by Dr. Garrett, of that place, about six years ago. I think it very probable that he is in Williamsburg, or working about Richmond. I will pay $50 reward for his delivery or lodgment in Jail where I can get him, if taken up out of the county; if in the county, a liberal reward. James B. Carden, Clover Depot, Halifax co., Va. no 9--66tcw2t
The Daily Dispatch: November 16, 1860., [Electronic resource], The British and American difficulty at Panama. (search)
Court of Appeals --The Supreme Court of Appeals, now in session in this city, have decided the following cases during the present term: Winfrey and wife vs. Christian. Argued by John Thompson, Jr., and Wm. Green for appellants, and August & Randolph and Johnson & Gulgon for the appellee. Decree of Circuit Court of Buckingham affirmed. Armistead vs. Garrett. Argued by James Lyons for appellant, and R. T. Daniel for the appellee. Decree of Circuit Court of city of Williamsburg, etc., affirmed. Petty john vs. Orange and Alexandria Railroad Company. Argued by James Garland for plaintiff, and Wm. Green for defendant.--Judgment of Circuit Court of Amherst reversed. Selden vs. Trevilian et al, and Lyons et al vs. Trevilian et al. Argued by Andrew Johnston for the appellant, in the first case, and P. R. Grattan and McFarland & Roberts for the appellees. The second case argued by A. J. for appellees. Decree of Circuit Court of Goochland reversed.
Court of Orange; by Mr. Lynn, of granting relief to the securities of Thos. K. Davis, late sheriff of Prince William county; by Mr. Cowan, of compensating the Clerk of the House of Delegates and the Clerk of the Senate for extra service during the present session of the General Assembly; by Mr. Bisbie, of incorporating the American Agency; by Mr. Martin, of providing adequate compensation to the Commissioners appointed by Virginia to the Federal Government, and to the different States; by Mr. Garrett, of permitting the Board of Officers for the Regiment of King and Queen county, to have power to increase the number of regimental, battalion or company musters; by Mr. Crump, of referring so much of the report made by the Commissioners appointed under the act of Assembly of Jan. 20th, 1860, as refers to the sale of public arms, to the Committee on Military Affairs; by Mr. Randolph, of reporting a bill for the protection of sheep in the counties of Kanawha and Fayette; by Mr. Knotts, of i
Life, fire and Marine Insurance.Richmond fire, no. 158 Main (N. E. Corner of 11th) St.,Richmond, Va.Chartered 29th March, 1837. This old and reliable Institution, with ample capital, and contingent fund carefully invested, continues to insure Slaves, Buildings, Merchandize, of every description; Household Furniture and Family Wearing Apparel, vessels, Cargoes and Freight, at the lowest current rates. Losses adjusted and paid with all possible dispatch. David Currie, C. T. Wortham, John H. Claiborne, John J. Wilson, Alex, Garrett, Robert M. Burton, Francis J. Barnes, John T. Sublett, Thos. A. Rust, Geo. N. Gwathmey. David Currie, President. John J. Wilson, Treasurer. R. T. Brooke, Secretary. de 27--ly
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