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Prisoners at Washington. --A letter from Washington to a business firm in this city furnishes the names of some of the Southern men confined in the old Capitol building, with a request that they be inserted in the Dispatch. We have already published a full list, but nevertheless comply with the request. The names are Messrs. Fiquet, Walker, and Paulding, from Alabama; Messrs. Branch Eastman. Barrow, and Garrett, of the Oglethorpe Light Infantry, Savannah, Ga.; and Dr. Humphreys, of the 8th Georgia Regiment. The letter further states that the ladies of Washington are doing all in their power to promote the comfort of the prisoners, of whom there are about 80 in all.
The Daily Dispatch: October 31, 1861., [Electronic resource], Tender of thanks for aid to sick soldiers. (search)
have by no means been confined to pecuniary aid, though of this they have been unboundedly liberal; but they have bestowed their personal care, and have ever been ready and prompt to relieve distress and want in all its various phases, even at the sacrifice of their own comfort and property. Thus white we particularize the few comparatively as especially prominent in their exertions, we beg it to be distinctly understood that our list of benefactors is far from being limited to those designated. We quote: Mr. Augustine W. Robbins and lady; Mr. Coleman Robbins and lady; Dr. Carey, lady and daughters; Mr. Curtis, lady and daughters; Captain Garrett; Dr. Sewell and lady; Mr. Beyan; Mr. Solden; Col. Hayee; Dr. Byrd, and Mr. Kellum and family. (Signed) Mrs Alex. A. Bamsaure, President. Mrs Wm. Miceal, Vice President. Mrs John Phifer, Corres'ng Sec'ry. Mrs Wardy M. Bee, Treasurer. Mrs A. T. Farquar, Recording Sec'y. Lincolnton, N. C., Oct. 7, 1861.
s predicated upon his expulsion. In the House, Mr. Thomas offered the following resolution: "Resolved by the General Assembly of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, That the thanks of this General Assembly are hereby tendered to the loyal and brave men of Kentucky who have volunteered to aid and assist the Government of the United States in expelling the invaders from our soil." This resolution was adopted — yeas 69, nays 11--Messrs. Ash, Burns, Bush, Chambers, Edmunds, Gardner, Garrett, Hampton, Johnson, Lindsey, and Murphy voting in the negative. These gentlemen have steadily voted upon every proposition as if they were the representatives of the Southern Confederacy. This evidence of sympathy for treason created astonishment and indignation. Richard T. Jacob, the bold and fearless member from Oldham county, offered the following resolution, which, under the rules of the House, was referred to the appropriate committee: "Resolved, That a select committee be inst
The Daily Dispatch: January 9, 1862., [Electronic resource], [Correspondence of the Richmond Dispatch.]organization of a military company. (search)
Correction. --We published a few days ago a correspondence announcing the receipt of various articles for the Wheeling soldiers now in the Confederate States army. A mistake occurred in the name of the young lady who presented them. It should have been Miss T. A. Garnett instead of Garrett, as printed.
committee, reported a bill to prevent the consumption of grain by distilleries and other manufactories. Mr. Brannon, from the Committee of Finance, reported the following bills. Authorizing the purchase for the State of certain lots in Hollywood Cemetery; Refunding to Sutton & Dizter a sum of money paid occerroneous assessment. Mr.Johnson, from a joint committee, reported a bill respecting persons exempt from all-military duties. Violations of the Sabbath. On motion of Mr. Garrett,of Henrico, the Senate took up the bill to prevent certain violations of the Sabbath. [The design of this bill is to prohibit, under certain penalties, the practice of hunting, ranging after and shooting game, or wild fowl, on the Sabbath day.] Mr. Garnett moved to amend by striking out, in the first section, (prescribing the penalties,) the words "and shall forefelt the gun or other instrument with which such shooting is done." Agreed to. Mr. Whittle moved to further amend by
Congress, yesterday. The House yesterday had under consideration proposition to allow Cabinet Ministers a seat upon its floor, with the privilege of such measures as related to several departments. Upon this propo an animated and interesting debate , which was participated in by Messrs, Garrett, Foots, and Baldwin; in its favor Messrs. Davis, Henner, and Chambers, supposition. This debate attracted greater , and was listened to with seemingly interest, than any that has taken past since the commencement of the session. The firm effort of Mr. Chambers, the representative of the Vicksburg District, Miss., com the respect and attention of the House at a remarkable degree. The same may be the effort of Mr. Baldwin, the representative of the Augusta District, in this State. All the speeches on the subject were able and , and of a character quite different from that which has marked most of the ssional debates.
, in arm; W H Colwell, severely; Sol Cohn, badly; Peter Costello, do; Collin, do; M P De Lache, slightly; W S A Fox, James Gunnsis, Samuel Harvey, S B Hall, Mike Peacock, James Burre, M W Williams. Missing: B F Bock, W R Brown. Company G., Lomax Sharpshooters--Killed: Thomas Kelley, J Shipman, Andrew Hall, Robt Walker, P Sprott. Wounded: J T Haggerty, severely; B Bledace, do; agt P A Townshend, do; J J Harrison, slightly; Geo Gibson, mortally; Lt John Ledyard, slightly. Missing: J B Garrett, J B Bowden. Company I., Wetumka Light Infantry.--Killed: C C Tommy, E P Miller. Wounded: Capt Ready, Robert Bolling, L J Bryan, Chas Fagan, Moses Hyman, Geo Pascal, Ben Trice, John Bross, W E Bunt. Missing: Jas Fears, J L Dixon. Company H.--(Lowndes Beauregard)--Wounded: Capt Robinson, slightly; A J Cocreban, do.; C Douglas, H B Whitman, W E Williams — all slight. Company K--(Mobile Rifles.)--Killed: Coco Colburn, privates Baily, Campbell, Crowder, Garron, Jackson, McNulty
Berwick, H Berwick, B R Jones, J W McMillan, N Roth. J M Williamson, J A Baskins, Samuel Dunn, D M Hall. J M Jett, J S Patterson, H Brigamon J Smith. Company D "Pettus Relief," Capt Barlow. Killed: Capt Barlow, Wm Deering, T L Neal, J G Witherspoon, ring Berchain, J A T Lewis, S T Vaughn. Wounded: Lt W L Haley, L H Redus, J M Harris, W Panderson, Dan'l Brown, W G Hall, Matt Hood, W C Lewis, George Morrison, J T Ramsay, D W Stevens. C A Tallaferro, M M West, J L Ard, P B Lloyd, E P Garrett, C H Barry, Daniel Farmer, M A Haskin, G W Jones jr, Green Millsors, W H H Purser, T M Rea, N L Strong, J G Touchstone, T J White, James M Wilson. Company E, "Vicksburg Sharpshooters," Capt Richardson.--Killed: R G Tower, S L George, A J Swords, Owen Carsher, Jack Haralson. Wounded: Lieut Henry Evans, Lieut W G Henegan, Geo Baker, John Carte; D Fitzpatrick J B Sortin, B F Backlam, Thos Fitzgerald, El Kinney, J McMurray — Missing: Wm Gillespie, Wm Whalin, S R Grabam. Company F, "Y
; Lewis Sink, co K, 19th Louisiana; J J Yates, co K, 3d Ala; G W Currier, co K, 19th Miss; S J Rice, do do; B Reese, co G, 3d N C; J R Keesley, co K, 19th Miss; J G Ferrell, co E, 23d N Ca; J H Rinland, do; M May, Md Artillery; J W Hatton, do; John Gale, do; S D Simpson, 5th Ala; J R Norris, co B, 37th N C; J E Bost, co B, 7th N C; W Ellett, co D, 55th Va; J R Sumner, co M, 20th N C. Keen, Baldwin & Williams Hospital. James Gleason, co C, 19th Miss; James Cannon, co C, 19th Miss; E Garrett, co C, 19th Miss; Wm Ormsby, co F, 19th Miss; J S Mathews, co B, 44th Ga; G W Hutchison, co B, 44th Ga; J W Howell, co D, 28th N C; Emanuel Wilkes, co A, 2d Fla; J H A Christin, co I, 16th Va; J M Lender, co G, 33d N C; T Chewning, co G, 60th Va; Thos Henderson, co E, 35th Ga; S G Gattin, co I, 35th Ga; John Clark, co C 19th Miss; A M Hurwell, co C, 13th Ala; Patrick McDonald, co B, 3d La bat; G Shaffee, co C, 3d La bat; P Rourke, co A, 3d La bat; J E Blythe, co K, 19th Miss; A D Blythe, co
lloway, 5th Ala bat'n; Noah Little, W J King, 5th Ala; S E Andrews, W J King, 15th Ala; B Titus, H P Barkaloo, 8th Ala; Sergt F P Miller, 8th Ala; John Closett, do; A P Mansell, 15th Ala; G W Sinton, do; W D Farmer, do; E F B Broughton, do; J C Hendrick, 10th Ala; M L Brooks, 15th Ala; W Lindsey, do; A M Downing, do; J M Dadkins, 4th Ala; Sergt Wm Hammell, 11th Ala; S H Rawis, do; J O Duncan, do; T A Lowry, do; J N Gay, 8th Ala; P Herran, 5th Ala; W H Nix, do; Ira Howell, 1st S C; Sergt S L Garrett, 6th Ala; J H Franklin, 4th Ala; J W Taylor, do; J D Adrian, do; J T Smith, 8th Ala; D N Wheeler, 26th Ala; T K Cathey, 11th Ala; L C Meyers, 6th Ala; W H Ware, 4th Ala; J W Wier, 11th Ala; Corp'l S W Chadwick, 5th Ala; W H Dunklin, 3d Ala; C W Goll, do; J H Brownlee, 10th Ala; Corp'l W R Thomas, 5th Ala; J F Cameron, 11th Ala; Sergt W Western, 15th Ala; Sergt J O Mallowry, 10th Ala; Sergt Thos Brasher, do; Lt J E Shelley, do; T S Nabors, do; J W Glover, do; J T McClanahan, do; J A Christia
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