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om Memphis, but by a forced march, Colonel Moore arrived there in the evening. The enemy was concealed in the brush and corn, about a mile west of the town, where an engagement took place, lasting half an hour, or until it was too dark to tell friend from foe. The rebels were completely routed. Thirteen were killed, several more wounded, and many taken prisoners. Among the rebels killed were Captain McCulloch and son, somewhat noted in that section. The Union loss was one killed, Joseph Garrison, one man named Adams mortally wounded, and another, named Gallupe, slightly wounded. Colonel Moore took possession of Lancaster to-night.--St. Louis Republican, November 30. At night Capt. Moreau's Cavalry, accompanied by Gen. McCook's body guard, went to the traitor Buckner's farm, situated on Green River, a few miles above Munfordsville, Kentucky, and took possession of the stock, a large amount of grain, wheat, corn, &c.--N. Y. Times, November 30. William H. Carroll, Brig.
Archibald H. Grimke, William Lloyd Garrison the Abolitionist, Chapter 1: the father of the man. (search)
er, in Nova Scotia. The daughter's name was Mary, and it was she who was to be the future grandmother of our hero. One of the neighbors of Daniel Palmer was Joseph Garrison, who was probably an Englishman. He was certainly a bachelor. The Acadian solitude of five hundred acres and Mary Palmer's charms proved too much for the susceptible heart of Joseph Garrison. He wooed and won her, and on his thirtieth birthday she became his wife. The bride herself was but twenty-three, a woman of resources and of presence of mind, as she needed to be in that primitive settlement. Children and cares came apace to the young wife, and we may be sure confined her moreher with his best words and deeds, and the next morning conducted her safely to her father's. The Palmers were a hardy, liberty-loving race of farmers, and Joseph Garrison was a man of unusual force and independence of character. The life which these early settlers lived was a life lived partly on the land and partly on the riv
Paley, William, Rev. [1743-1805], 2.110. Palfrey, John Gorham, Rev. [1796-1881], 1.464. Palmer, Abijah, removal to N. B., 1.4; namesake of A. Garrison, 12. Father of Palmer, Abijah, 1.12. Grandson of Palmer, Daniel [b. Rowley, Mass., July 31, 1712], Maugerville grantee, 1.3; ancestry, marriage, family, 3; cabin flooded, 5; patriot, 6, 7. Palmer, Joanna, 1.24. Palmer, Mary [bapt. Rowley, Mass., Jan. 11, 1741; d. Jemseg, N. B., Feb. 14, 1822], removal to N. B., 1.3; marries Joseph Garrison, 4; adventure on the river, 5; removal to Jemseg, 11; marries Robert Angus, 12; characteristics, 12; revisits Mass., 12. Panoply, 2.424. Parish, John, 1.392. Park, John C., witnesses Boston mob, 2.17, 25, 32. Park Street Church, G.'s discourse, 1.126; ejects a black pew-owner, 253; lectures by M. Thacher, 269. Parker, Mary S. [d. Jaffrey, N. H., July, 1841, aged 39], in mobbed A. S. meeting, 2.12-14, 15; greets G., 47; host of Mays, 67; hospitality to G., 69, 95; lodges hi
Francis Jackson Garrison, William Lloyd Garrison, 1805-1879; the story of his life told by his children: volume 1, Chapter 1: Ancestry.—1764-1805. (search)
n, N. B., where his daughter Mary marries Joseph Garrison. Their son Abijah marries Fanny Lloyd oftees, for five hundred acres, was that of Joseph Garrison; The twenty-ninth name on a list compi, is Galishan,—— which clearly stands for Joseph Garrison. (Compare this writer's spelling of Marae, who, with doubtful propriety, includes Joseph Garrison in his Loyalists of the American Revolutithat its shores were curiously visited by Joseph Garrison, and that he was the first to notice its d to him where so little was required. Joseph Garrison's occupation was that of a farmer, which n stock as exists on the continent. Of Joseph Garrison, except that he died at Jemseg in Februarns of supporting herself and family after Joseph Garrison's death, she appears to have practised thand other (unnamable) stirpes. By her, Joseph Garrison became the father of nine children, viz.,nd among the baptisms: Hannah. Daut'r of Joseph Garrison of St. John's River in Nova Scotia but hi[4 more...]<