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Archer. Paymaster.--John H. Ellerson. Surgeon.--Dr. P. Trent. Surgeon's Mate--Dr. A. H. Snead. Quartermaster's Sergeant.--S. B. Jacobs. Cavalry.--Captain — J. G. Cabell. 1st Lieutenant--O. A. Crenshaw. 2d Lieut.--R. B. Kennon. Captains of the Line.--John F. Stagg, P. E. Dupuy, R. J. Denny, Stephen E. Morgan, James R. Chamberlain, Wm. J. Epps, D. W. Saunders. Lieutenants of the Line — S. S. Nicholas, Wm. R. Todd, Edward King, Jos. J. White, M. M. Lipscomb, F. B. Law, Adolphus Gary, W. P. Gilman, First Lieutenants. Wm. F. Atkinson, Robert P. Southall, A. B. Seay, C. D. McIndoe, A. A. Lorentz, Samuel H. Boykin, Second Lieutenants. Let the officers carry out their intention of drilling and preparing themselves to fill their posts creditably — let them, by falling into line and shouldering their muskets, learn to obey, and they will then have very little trouble in commanding, when required to do so. The mere theoretical knowledge of an officer's duty is not enou<
ted. Cries of "Mr. Chairman," from various quarters, and great noise in the Eastern gallery. A reconsideration of the vote last taken was finally carried, and motions were made that none but mechanics and working men be allowed to address the meeting: when, after considerable confusion, the whole subject was laid on the table. Mr. Binford resumed his remarks, and the meeting was subsequently, in response to loud calls, addressed from the stand by Messrs. Samuel Huffman and Adolphus Gary. The Business Committee returned, and reported, through Mr. A. M. Bailey, the following preamble and resolutions: Whereas, the Constitution of the United States was ordained and established "in order to form a more perfect Union, establish justice, insure domestic tranquility, provide for the common defence, and promote the general welfare," the Union itself can and ought to be sustained only so long as the basis upon which it rests is maintained in the spirit in which it was f
The Daily Dispatch: April 2, 1863., [Electronic resource], Reported Confederate triumph in North Carolina. (search)
Water Works--J. L. Davis. Superintendent Poor House--John Pearce. Captain Night Watch--Jas B. Pleasants. Jefferson Ward — Aldermen: Richard D. Sanxay, Wm. Taylor, Abel F. Ploot, James A Icles, and John Hampden Pleasants. Common Council: Mcthaniel B. Hill, Richard O. Haskins, Edward A. J. Clopton, W.Deit Richardson, and Allen Y. Stokes. Madison Ward — Aldermen: James K. Caskie, James Bray, George N. Gwathmey, George W. Gillism, and William B. Smith, Common Counch: David J. Burr, George W. Randolph, James A Scott, George K. Crutchfield, and Richard F. Walker. Monroe Ward — Aldermen: John F. Regnault, Wm. W. Timberlake, N. C. Lipscomb, Adolphus Gary, and Thomas M. Jones. Common Council: Thomas C. Epps, Larkin W. Glazebrook, Fleming Grimn, David J. Saunders, and Samuel D. Denoon. In Monroe Ward the voters made the mistake of turning out two very good magistrates, and in Jefferson Ward a gentleman was elected to that office who declined being a candid
Hustings Court. --This Court met pursuant to adjournment yesterday. Present: James K. Caskie, Recorder; Richard S Sanway, Senior Alderman, and James Bray, Wm. W Timberlake, L. T. Chandler, and Adolphus Gary, Aldermen. The application of Thomas S. Bradford; asking a license to keep an ordinary at his house in this city, was rejected. Mr. G. W. Garnett appeared and qualified as Notary Public for the city of Richmond. The application of Francis Berily, a free negro woman, for permission to remain in the Commonwealth, will be heard on Friday next. The trial of Sylvanus T. Brown, a free negro, for feloniously stealing two cities from Nathaniel Lawrence, on the 30th of July last, was continued till the October term. John N. Gary was nominated and qualified as Deputy Sergeant of the City of Richmond. Bettie Page, a free negroes, confined in jail sometime since, was ordered by the Court to be hired out to pay jail fees. Daniel Solan, charged with stea
and extortion prevailing in our community, and to take some action in regard thereto." At 7½ o'clock precisely Mr. Benjamin Bragg was chosen as Chairman, and Mr. Adolphus Gary appointed Secretary. The Chairman opened the meeting with a few appropriate remarks, during which he referred to the heartless efforts of the moneyed men to J. Ludman, John McDonald, William Taylor, Thomas J. LaPrade, and E. B. Robinson. In the absence of the committee calls were made for various gentlemen, Mr. Adolphus Gary only responding. This gentleman did not design to make a speech at that time, but would wait till the report from the committee was brought in, and then he lief of the families of soldiers in the field and the mechanics and workingmen at home. The committee was composed of the following gentlemen; E. R. Robinson, Adolphus Gary, Williams Taylor, J. P. Tyler, Samuel Huffman, J. Ludman, and Ben. Bragg. After several unsuccessful calls for various gentlemen the meeting at half-past
nics of Richmond was held at the City Hall on Saturday night last. At the hour of half-past 7 o'clock Mr. Benjamin Bragg took the chair, and was assisted by Mr. Adolphus Gary as Secretary. The report from the committee appointed at the last meeting to memorialize the Legislature on the subject of reducing the prices of provisof the war.--The Mayor's speech was received with great satisfaction by the meeting, and when he left the stand it was amid loud and continued applause. Mr. Adolphus Gary offered the following resolution. "Resolved, That a committee of seven be appointed to act as a standing committee, whose duty it shall be to further th to call future meetings, if in their opinion it be necessary." The following gentlemen were announced by the Chair as the committee called for in the above resolution: Messrs. Adolphus Gary, Samuel Huffman, John P. Tyler, Wm. D. Pemberton, Thomas J. LaPrade, James Sherry, and John Whiteford. The meeting then adjourned.
chairman concluded his remarks by calling for any report which the Committee of Seven might have to make when. Mr. Adolphus Gary, the Secretary of the meeting and chairman of the committee, presented the following resolutions, which were read sman race. 8. Resolved, That it is the duty of the Government to take care of the unfortunate, and not the rich. Mr. Gary, subsequent to the reading of the above resolutions, and before their passage, read the report of the special committee eeting, " and for some time there seemed to be a fair prospect of an unpleasant scene; but, by the interposition of Mr. Adolphus Gary, who came to Mr. A.'s. relief, and uttered some home thrusts at any one who could so far forget himself as to create meeting for about thirty minutes, he left the stand maid the enthusiastic applause of the large crowd assembled. Mr. Gary offered the following resolutions, which were adopted: Resolved, That a committee of five be appointed to present