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. Hawes & Son. Schr. Jno. Collins, Predmore, Philadelphia, coal, J. H. Lester. Schr. W. Roark, Roark, Philadelphia, coal Wirt Roberts. Schr. Kadosh, Williams, Philadelphia, coal, P. C. Larus, Ag't. Schr. Express, Tylor, Philadelphia, coal, J. L. Statton. Schr. Revenue, Grady, Philadelphia, coal, J. R. Anderson. Schr. Arkansas, Dandy, Alexandria, pig iron, J. R. Anderson. Schr. Wm. G. Tufts, Russell, Albany, lumber, Jno. A. Belvin. Schr. Wm. E. Leggett, Gibson, Albany, lumber, Jno. A. Belvin. Schr. Thos. Martin, Cleveland, Albany, lumber, S. C. Robinson Schr. Wm. Henry, Sharlott, Albany, lumber, I. J. Mercer & Co. Schr. Caleb H. Vanname, Vanname, Albany, lumber, E. F. Ragland & Co. Schr. Thos. W. Dawson, Brooks, York River, wheat, E. Wortham & Co. Schr. Rough & Ready, Mason, Eastern Shore, wheat and potatoes. A. Millspauth. Schr. St. Cloud, Gwatney, Smithfield, wheat, W. H. Pleasants. Sloop New Packet, Gray, Smith
Naval Intelligence. --The following named officers have been ordered to the U. S. sloop-of-war Cyane, now at Panama, to relieve the officers at present on board. They will take passage in the steamer of the 21st from New York: Commander Bissell, Lieuts. Vanzandt and McGannegh, Surgeon Harlan, Assistant Surgeon Gibson, Paymaster White, Boatswain Lavery, Gunner Dugan, Carpenter Nash, Sailmaker Nash. A new crew will also be sent.
r Jackson, John E. Hays. Gloucester--Dr. T. C. Clopton. A. W. Robins, Wm. Ap W. Jones. Goochland — S. A. Guy, James W. Logan, J. M. Trevilitan. Grayson — S. W. McCamant, Charles Hale, Hastin Fulton. Greenbrier--Dr. J. J. Moorman, Wm.Smith, D. S. Creigh. Greene — William T. Sims, John T. Early, Daniel Miller. Greensville — Tamlin Avent, J. R. Chambliss, Sr, Wm. H. Spratley. Halifax — S. B. Major, William H. Clarke, John E. Edmonds. Hampshire--Charles Blue, E. M Armstrong, David Gibson. Hancock — Benjamin Griffith, Wm. M. Porter, Thos. Bambrick. Hanover--Dr. Henry Curtis, Wm. R. Winn, William F. Wickham. Hardy — Thomas Maslin, G. J. Barbee, Charles Lobb. Harrison — James M. Jackson, Aaron Criss, James McCauley. Henrico — Sherwin McRea, John B. Young, W. B. Randolph. Henry — C. F. Thomas, William Martin, George W. Booker. Highland — A. Stephenson, Geo. W. Hill, Andrew H. Byrd. Isle of Wight — Wm. M Crocker, A. Atkinson, F. M. Boykin, S