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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
tead, Henry Cousins, Jas. R. Cowles, E. K. Daniel, R. B. Davis, Private James Dunlop, Jr., H. Fitzgerald, T. S. Gilliam, Benj. Harrison, J. R. Jolly, R. H. May, B. J. Peebles, A. S. Rainey, J. C. Riddle, F. M. Robbins, W. H. Rogerson, W. T. Tannahill, F. C. Willson, R. C. Sibley. Co. F. Sergeant J. A. Whitehorn. W. S. Davis, Corporal J. D. Ivey, A. S. Allen, R. H. King, Private H. W. Barnes, J. A. Collier, R. H. Candle, D. Eason, Private A. J. Ferguson, Joseph Gray, R. H. Harrison, W. M. Hogwood, William Hitchcock, T. W. Seward, W. E. Wacker, J. A. Taylor, Wm. H. Mitchell. Co. G. Sergeant Wm. C. Mayo, Private L. J. Dickenson, Private E. K. Gunn, Jas. M. Siddons. Co. H. Sergeant S. F. Jordan, Private W. J. Branch, Wm. M. Brownley, Wm. H. Davis, A. A. Delbridge, Joseph Delbridge, Robert Delbridge, A. J. Dobbs, William Harris, Private R. S. House, James Hough, J. C. Johnson, J. W. Lufsey, J. W. Manning, J.
Larceny. --Among the culprits at the Recorder's Court on Saturday was a free negro, named Joseph Gray, charged with stealing a gold watch, valued at $30, from Henry, slave of Miss Nancy Ellett. The investigation was postponed until Tuesday.
ed with stealing a gold chain, valued at $25, was arraigned yesterday, and witnesses made such positive statements in regard to the matter, that the Recorder could do no less than send him on to the Hasting Court. We have heard statements, however, that go to show that the prisoner is a victim of unlucky events, and we hope he will be able to establish his innocence hereafter. It is perhaps well for those who set such a high value upon the chain, that it was not produced yesterday. Joseph Gray, a free negro, charged with stealing a watch from Henry, slave of Miss Nancy Ellett, was remanded for trial. Since the time that an enterprising Yankee opened a trinket store in Richmond, where everybody and family were invited to "take their choice for one dollar," the colored population have had an unconquerable passion for "jewelry," and those who can't come by it honestly will get it anyhow. Two persons, named Wm. Riley and Dan'l. Bresenham, to whose movements or characters ther
s Court commenced yesterday. Present--Recorder Caskie, and Aldermen Sanxay, Bray, Lipscomb, Timberlake, Anderson, and Clopton. John Walthall, charged with the murder of Wm. Hamilton, was examined and remanded for final trial. Wm. Watkins, charged with stealing $63 from Wm. H. Major, was examined and remanded for final trial. Wm. Clarke, charged with stealing a bag of pepper, a coat, and a pair of pants, from Bernard Gattleib, was examined and remanded for final trial. Joseph Gray, a free negro, charged with stealing a silver watch, valued at $40, from a slave named Henry, was tried and convicted; whereupon the Court sentenced him to be sold into absolute slavery, according to the provisions of the act of Assembly passed March 29th, 1860. John Houke and Richard Sealing, indicted for retailing ardent spirits without license, severally appeared and plead guilty, and were fined $60 each. A nolle prosequi was entered in the case of John C. Crewson, alias John