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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 17. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.14 (search)
D. M. Lee commanding, composed of 15th, 17th, 30th and 32d regiments, General M. D. Corse commanding. Pickett-Buchanan Camp of Norfolk, Commander Samuel Hodges, 250 men. Stonewall Camp of Portsmouth, 125 men, General W. R. McDonald commander. R. E. Lee Camp, No. 2, of Alexandria, 61 strong. A. P. Hill Camp of Petersburg, 200 strong, Colonel H. R. Smith. Clinton hatcher Camp of Loudoun, First-Lieutenant Sterling. Murray Association, 60 strong. Manchester veterans, including Elliott Grays and artillery. Otey Battery Association. The Otey Battery Association commanded by Major David N. Walker, and the following members: J. H. Binford, Robert T. Briggs, R. E. Butler, A. W. Ball, Julien Binford, H. C. Burnett, C. C. Baughman, C. C. Bridges, Samuel C. Clopton, R. S. Drewry, Richard W. Flournoy, Julius C. Frederick, Parke P. Flournoy, James F. Flournoy, S. L. Flournoy, A. Grant, R. B. Gunn, R. W. Gwathmey, John N. Gordon, B. W. Hooper, William F. Harwood, A. K. Henry,
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 30. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Elliott Grays of Manchester, Va. [from the Richmond, Va., times, November 28, 1902.] (search)
Elliott Grays of Manchester, Va. [from the Richmond, Va., times, November 28, 1902.] Roll of, with history of the Company. Names in bronze of Chesterfield troops on monument at Chesterfield C. H. Judge William I. Clopton and Captain James A. Lipscomb, of Manchester, this morning left for Chesterfield Courthouse to superintend the placing of the figure of the Confederate soldier on the monument at that place. The monument will be unveiled some time next year. On each side of the monument bronze plates will be placed, containing the names of the members of the companies of Chesterfield county and Manchester, who fought in the Civil war. Judge William I. Clopton, who was one of the commanding officers of the Manchester Artillery, has been appointed chairman of the special committee to inspect the rolls of the different companies to see that persons who did not serve in the war, or who deserted, shall not have their names inscribed on the plates. Certified list. A cer
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 30. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Appendix. (search)
Appendix. Lynchburg companies in the service of the Confederacy, 1861-‘65. Thf rifle Grays, Company a, Eleventh Regiment Virginia Volunteers. First Captain, M. S. Langhorne. Second Captain, G. W. Latham. Third Capt., Robt. M. Mitchell,Jr. First Lieut., G. W. Latham. First Lieut., John W. Daniel. Sec. Lieut., Ro. M. Mitchell, Jr. Sec. Lieut., H. C. Chalmers. Sec. Lieut., James O. Thurman. First Sergt., Joseph A. Kennedy. Second Sergt., Elcano Fisher. Third Sergt., Henry D. Hall. Fourth Sergt., Peter B. Akers. First Corp., Geo. T. Wightman. Second Corp., Samuel R. Miller. Third Corp., Lucas Harvey. Fourth Corp., J. O. Thurman, Jr. Privates. Allman, William H. Bailey, James H. Benson, Henry G. Beckwith, Henry C. Akers, William L. Bailey, James W. Brown, Leslie C. Burroughs, Henry A. Ballard, James F. Cheatham, Thomas F. Cooney, Thomas. Crumpton, James A. Clinkenbeard, William E. Connolly, Jerry M.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 30. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index (search)
Early General J. A., 105; meagre force of, in Valley, 109; his movement on Washington, 216, 250. 257, 267; at Lynchburg, 307, 372; his Indian orderly, 871. Elliott Grays, Roll and History of, 161. Elliott, Gilbert, 208. Emack, Lieutenant. 113. Embargo of 1812, The, 25. Finley. Colonel Luke W. 288. Fisher's Hill, Battlebute to, 121; did not advise payment for slaves, 124, 332. Ludlow, General W. H., 84. Lynchburg Campaign and Battle of 251, 279; rolls of companies from, Rifle Grays, Company A, 314; Rifles, Company E, 316; Home Guard Company G, 317; Jeff. Davis Rifles, Company H (all 11th Va.), 319; Wise Troop, Company B, 2nd Va. Cavalry, 320;Days Battles, Reminiscences of, 147. Shelby, General, Joe, 117. Sherman, General W. T., 21; his definition of war, 235. Sickles, General D. E., 112. Silver Grays, Service of, 309. Slavery in the South, 15, 77; old system of contrasted with present conditions, 125. Slavers, Last of the. Voyage of the Wanderer, 355.
Elkins, J. A., VII., 207. Elkins Ferry, Ark., II., 352. Ellerson's Mill, Va., I., 319, 322, 364, 366. Ellet, A. W.: I., 240; VI., 35, 69, 151, 209, 314, 316. Ellet, C., Jr. I., 223, 236, 239 seq., 240 Seq., 241, 242; death of, I., 246; VI., 35, 83, 220. Ellet, C. R., VI., 151, 220, 318. Ellet, J. A., VI., 151. Elliot, S., Jr. I., 100, III., 191; VI., 272; X., 157. Elliott, Thomas Vii., 181. Elliott, W. L.: III., 318: X., 87. Elliott Grays, Virginia Sixth Inf., VIII., 383. Elliott's Salient, Petersburg, Va. , III., 193, 195, 205. Ellis,, C. S. S., I., 356. Ellis Ford, Va., Federal court martial at VII., 181. Ellis's Bluffs, La., II., 181. Ellsworth, A. A.: IV, 148; VIII., 362. Ellsworth, E. E.: I., 346, 351 seq.; a facsimile of last letter of, I., 351; VI., 94; IX., 346. Elmira, N. Y.: prison at, VII., 77; prisoners at, VII., 79; statistics of mortality at, VII., 81; only view s
or, X., 50; policies as President, X., 50; generosity of, to Confederates, X., 136; war horse Cincinnati, X., 301. Grant, U. S., Jr. IX., 119. Grant, U. S., 3d, IX., 119. Grant, Mrs. U. S.: III., 13; IX., 119. Grapevine bridge. Va. I., 279, 299. Grappe's Bluff, La., VI., 229. Gratiot Street Prison, St. Louis, Mo. , VII., 44, 46, 54 seq.,65 seq. Gravelotte, losses at, X., 140. Grave's Infantry, Confederate, I., 350. Gray, M. M., VI., 267. Grays, N. Y. Eighth Inf., VIII., 91. Graysville, Ga., headquarters of, R. W. Johnson, III., 105. Great Emancipator, Lincoln, A., I., 67. Great Falls, Md., I., 348. Great Ogeechee River Ix., 169. Greek fire used by incendiaries Viii., 312. Greeley, Horace Ii., 31, 76; in N. Y. Tribune, VIII., 66, 294; IX., 297, 299, 347. Greely, A. W.: VIII., 9, 312, 342, 343; X., 25. Green, A. J., I., 103. Green, C., VI., 119. Green, E., VIII., 153
Elliott Grays. --This gallant company, commanded by Capt. Louis F. Bossieux, and mostly composed of residents of Manchester, has been stationed since entering the service at Fort Nelson, Norfolk harbor. As will be soon by an advertisement of the Captain, the Graves have all determined to re-enlist, and wish to increase their effective force to 125 men. It is hardly possible that they will have to wait long for the number they desire to complete their complement.