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that no portion of the Southern people are represented by a braver, hardier, or more patriotic hand of men. They are all marksmen, accustomed to take a fine sight upon their object, and death is sure to follow the report of their rifles. A large portion of them have left their farms and young families in the care of the old folks, and gone to distant and sickly portions of the republic, determined to drive back the Northern vandals, or perish in the attempt. While lately at the house of Amos Green, a citizen of Watanga, an honest and upright man, and a pure patriot, be told me that four of his five sons were in the army, and his wife joining in said, that if necessary the last one should go, and the women would do the work them selves, though they had the families of a son and son-in-law to take care of, and needed his help very much, as the old man was so afflicted with rheumatism, as to be scarcely able to get about. And such instances of self-sacrificing devotion to the cause ar
e miscreants took place. One of them, named Canady, was captured, says the Paris Beacon. The sworn statement of Canady was taken by a notary public. He declared that Sheriff O'Hair had sent for these men to come to Paris in squads of three or four, without arms, their guns to be brought in a wagon, and secreted until occasion called for their use; that a paper to this effect was read to him, signed by william O'Hair, and witnessed by some of the best citizens of Paris — among others, Amos Green, and we believe Jonathan Mayo was mentioned in this connection col. Mayo positively denies having signed or seen such a paper. can it be that forgery has been committed for the base purpose of inaugurating a civil war in Edgar county? The Yankee congress — Passage of an important resolution on Mexico — Thompson, the British Lectures. The proceedings of the Yankee House of Representatives on Monday last are of some interest: Mr. Davis, (Md.,) from the committee on Foreign Affa<