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Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 1., Medford Historical Society. (search)
son, Edward B. Dinsmore, Miss Jessie M. Doland, Henry B. Dunham, Charles B. Durgin, Miss Annie E. Eddy, Will C. Eddy, Mrs. Rosalie S. Evans, Allston H. Fenton, Benj. F. Ford, Frederic W. Foster, George O. Foster, Mrs. Blanche. Gibson, George A. Gibson, Mrs. Ruth. Gill, Mrs. Ellen M. Gill, Miss Eliza M. Gill, Miss Emmna F. Gleason, Charles M. Gleason, Hon. Daniel A. Goodwin, James O. Goodwin, Mrs. Emma W. Goodwin, Dr. R. J. P. Green, Dr. Charles M. Grimes, Mark M. Guild, Gustavus F. Gunn, J. Newton. Hall, George S. Hall, Horace D. Hall, Dr. W. L. Hallowell, Mrs. Anna D. Hallowell, Miss May. Hallowell, N. P. Hallowell, Richard P. Harlow, Miss Catherine E. Haskins, Mrs. M. J. Hatch, Frank E. Hayes, Edward W. Hayes, Miss Martha E. Hedenberg, Dr. James. Hervey, James A. Hillman, Charles H. Hinckley, Miss Ella S. Hodges, Gilbert. Hogan, Mrs. Mary. Hollis, Ben
n, by whose permission it appears in the register. the Annual Meeting of the Historical Society was held in its rooms, March 21. Reports of officers and committees were presented, and officers for the ensuing year elected. The list will be found elsewhere. Facts and figures showed the Society to be in a flourishing and progressive condition. During the year past the following papers and addresses have been given before the members: April 14.—The Early Physicians of Medford. Dr. Charles M. Green. May 12.—Medford in the First Half of the Present Century. Hon. T. S. Harlow. October 18.—Medford's Interest in the Metropolitan Park System. Mr. Sylvester Baxter, of Malden. November 15.—The Hancock-Clark House, of Lexington. Rev. Carlton A. Staples, of Lexington. December 20.—Maps of Medford at Different Periods. Mr. William Cushing Wait. January 17.—Roads and Bridges of Old Medford. Mr. John H. Hooper. February 21.—Governor Cradock's Plantation. Mr. Walter H.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 6., The Lawrence Light Guard.—Continued. (search)
with the Lawrence Rifles. The conference committee agreed that the new company should be called Co. E, 5th Regt., M. V. M., and should bear the name Lawrence Light Guard, but that the captain and 1st lieutenant of the Rifles, Warren W. Manning and Fred. W. Dorr, should head the new organization. Lieut. Jophanus H. Whitney, of the Light Guard, was made 2d lieutenant. The consolidated company was organized May 5, 1874. Lieut. Dorr resigned the following September, and J. H. Whitney and Charles M. Green were commissioned 1st and 2d lieutenants. Capt. Manning resigned in 1876, and J. H. Whitney became captain. Rifle practice was inaugurated during his term of service. Through a combination of circumstances, the interest in the State militia began to wane about 1880, and the Light Guard suffered with the whole. In 1881, it is recorded under the date of September 6, the celebrated yellow day, that eight men and one officer answered roll call and started for muster. The largest com
e to vote of the Town past 13 May 1812 at $6.50, $130.00. The bill for the same quantity in 1809 was $114.00. Opposite Blanchard's Hotel on Main street, just south of the land taken in recent years by the Metropolitan Park Commission, was a town well, used principally for watering cattle. The trough was at the edge of the sidewalk. July 1, 1811, Voted to have a new pump placed in the Town's well on the south side of the river near the house of Timothy Symmes, and a good trough fixed to the same. August 5, 1811, Voted to pass Samuel Townsend's acct. for a pump in the well opposite the Hotel. $11.71. A permit was granted to Jonathan Porter to build a powder house, May 12, 1806. The structure is standing on the premises of Charles M. Green, M. D., Powder House Road. It is of brick, with small apertures for air, and a heavy wooden door. Standing Committee of the Brooks Phalanx, January 1st, 1844: Eben Waterman, David Carlton, B. H. Samson, W. B. Thomas, George Holmes.
les T. Daly, and others. Medford has reason to be proud of, and grateful to its Historical Society for putting into permanent form so much of the literary work of its members, setting aside the historical interest entirely. The fourteen volumes of the Medford Historical Register contain many valuable articles written by Miss Mary Sargent, James A. Hervey, Thomas S. Harlow, Lorin Low Dame, Abby Drew Saxe, Parker R. Litchfield, Benjamin F. Morrison, David H. Brown, Charles Cummings, Dr. Charles M. Green, Rev. Henry C. DeLong, John H. Hooper, Moses Whitcher Mann, Charles H. Morss, Myra Brayton Morss, Helen Tilden Wild, Anna D. Hallowell, Eliza M. Gill, Caroline E. Swift, William Cushing Wait, Walter H. Cushing, Fred H. C. Woolley, Benjamin Pratt Hollis, Herbert N. Ackerman, Mrs. J. M. G. Plummer, Grace L. Sargent, Charles H. Loomis, Ellen Wright, and many others. The annals of the Shakespeare Club, started in 1866 by Miss Alice Ayres, forms a distinguished chapter in the literary h
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 16., Medford Historical Society. (search)
airman. Mrs. Marion C. Williams. Elisha B. Curtis. Miss Elizabeth W. Howe. Mrs. Ellen M. Gill. Mrs. H. A. C. Scott. Abner H. Barker. Andrew F. Curtin. Papers and addresses. Geo. W. Parsons, Chairman. Mrs. Louise G. Delong. Henry B. Doland. John H. Hooper. Frank W. Lovering. Percy S. Brayton. Miss Alice E. Curtis. Miss Katharine H. Stone. Historic sites. Moses W. Mann, Chairman. Miss Ella L. Burbank. Francis A. Wait. Frederick H. Kidder. Miss Catharine E. Harlow. Charles N. Jones. Genealogy. Mrs. Edith G. Dennis, Chairman. Miss Hetty F. Wait. Miss Eliza M. Gill. Mrs. James E. Cleaves. Miss Florence S. Wheeler. Heraldry. Charles B. Dunham, Chairman. Orrin E. Hodsdon. John Albree. Chas. H. Loomis. Library and collection. Miss Agnes W. Lincoln, Chairman. Wm. Cushing Wait. Miss Ella A. Leighton. Benjamin F. Fenton. Miss Eliza M. Gill. Henry Brooks. Rosewell B. Lawrence. Rev. Henry C. Delong. Dr. Charles M. Green.
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 20., Historical Society Reaches Majority in its New home. (search)
of the Royall house. At the risk of contempt, the President regretted his recognition of His Honor, as he was about to speak of the same and to introduce Dr. Charles M. Green, president of the Royall House Association. This was then done and Dr. Green responded in felicitous remarks, alluding to the work of both organizations aDr. Green responded in felicitous remarks, alluding to the work of both organizations as important to our old city. Dr. Green is the author of the able paper, Early Physicians of Medford, and also substantially interested in the new home of this Society. Attention was called to the portraits of the late Miss Zipporah Sawyer and her brother, Rufus Sawyer, recently come into possession of the Society according to hDr. Green is the author of the able paper, Early Physicians of Medford, and also substantially interested in the new home of this Society. Attention was called to the portraits of the late Miss Zipporah Sawyer and her brother, Rufus Sawyer, recently come into possession of the Society according to her wish. A letter from the attorneys of her estate was read by Judge Wait, presenting to the Society a bill of 1794 in the handwriting of Paul Revere of One Silver Cann £ 8.3:2 to one——Whitman. This was Dr. Whitman of Bolton, Mass., with whom Miss Sawyer's father studied medicine and of whom he received his certificate as Doctor
orge H. Remele. Moses W. Mann. Miss Annie E. Durgin. J. P. D. WlNGATE. Miss lily B. Atherton. Percy W. Richardson. Miss Katharine H. Stone. Mrs. John Googins. F. H. C. Wooley. Wilson Fiske. Historic Sites. Moses W. Mann. John H. Hooper. Herman L. Buss. Miss Catherine E. Harlow. Miss Ella L. Burbank. Genealogy. Miss Eliza M. Gill. Miss Annie E. Durgin. Miss Hetty F. Wait. Henry E. Scott. Heraldry. Charles B. Dunham. John Albree. Charles H. Loomis. Charles M. Green. C. W. M. Blanchard. Library and collection. George H. Remele. Miss Agnes W. Lincoln. Miss Martha E. Hayes. Miss lily B. Atherton. Rosewell B. Lawrence. William Gushing Wait. Miss Elizabeth W. Howe. H. N. Ackerman. Melvin W. Pierce. Frederic H. Dole. House. Moses W. Mann. H. N. Ackerman. C. H. Loomis. Delegates to Bay State Historical League. Regular. Melvin W. Pierce. Mrs. John Googins. Miss Elizabeth R. Carty. Alternate. Miss Annie E. Durgi
s who found their way thither. But in the main the demeanor of the younger element was very commendable. The May meeting marked the completion of the twenty-fifth year of the Society's corporate existence, and in response to the notice sent by mail to each and every member, we had twenty-five present. Letters were read from several, regretting absence, and of congratulation and good will. Brief addresses were made, after the President's welcome, by former Presidents Wait and Eddy, by Dr. Green, president of the Royall House Association, and Miss Wild, former Editor of the Register. Former Presidents Hooper and Mann were present to enjoy the occasion, which was one of real interest. The adjournment was to meet at the call of the President, and a social half-hour, with refreshments, followed. During the year the Society has been represented at meetings of the Bay State League at Boston, Methuen, Concord and Arlington by President Ackerman and Mr. and Mrs. Mann. The Society
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 24., Medford Historical Society. (search)
nie P. Danforth. Louise G. DeLong. Edward B. Dennison. Jessie M. Dinsmore. Henry B. Doland. Frederick H. Dole. Lucy E. Draper. Charles B. Dunham. Annie E. Durgin. John A. C. Emerson. Will C. Eddy. Wilton B. Fay. Wilson Fiske. George O. Foster. Blanche Foster. Viola D. Fuller. George S. T. Fuller. Ella J. Fuller. Frederick W. Fosdick. Eliza M. Gill. Adeline B. Gill. Frank S. Gilkey. Sidney Gleason. Hall Gleason. J. H. Googins, Mrs. T. P. Gooding, Mrs. Charles M. Green, Dr. J. N. Gunn. Charlotte B. Hallowell. Velma L. Hamlin. Catherine E. Harlow. Life Member. David R. Harvey. Samuel C. L. Haskell. George S. Hatch. Charles M. Hayden. Martha E. Hayes. John H. Hooper. E. V. Hooper. Elizabeth W. Howe. D. Webster Johnson. Philip A. Jerguson. Charles S. Jacobs, Mrs. Frances E. Jackson. George H. Lane. Carolyn R. Lawrence. Life Member. Rosewell B. Lawrence. Life Member. William B. Lawrence. Life Member. William Leavens.
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