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c. 17, 1772.Mercy Tufts, m. Isaac Greenleaf. Mar., 1774.Rebecca Tufts, m. Thomas Manning. Dec. 21, 1775.Anna Tufts, m. Abel Richardson. Mar. 26, 1776.Eunice Tufts, m. Joseph Trask, of Boston. Nov. 14, 1776.Rebecca Tufts, m. Aaron Blanchard. Aug. 21, 1777.Elizabeth Tufts, m. Daniel Swan. Nov. 3, 1777.Mary Tufts, m. Daniel Collins, of Gloucester. Nov. 20, 1777.Lucy Tufts, m. Benjamin Hall, jun. Nov. 25, 1777.Mary Tufts, m. Richard Clark, of Watertown. Feb. 5, 1778.Eleanor Tufts, m. Isaac Green, of Lexington. May 19, 1778.John Tufts, m. Elizabeth Perry, of Cambridge. May 11, 1779.Benjamin Tufts, m. Lydia Francis. Nov. 24, 1779.Abigail Tufts, m. Joshua Symonds, jun. May 23, 1781.Sarah Tufts, m. Asa Richardson, of Billerica. Mar. 31, 1783.Abigail Tufts, m. Joseph Tufts, of Charlestown. Sept. 30, 1784.Rebecca Tufts, m. John Blanchard. Dec. 16, 1784.Esther Tufts, m. Hezekiah Blanchard, jun. Jan. 13, 1785.Jonathan Tufts, m. Deborah Bucknam. June 12, 1785.Francis Tufts, m. Ha
ks—Aunt Becky. Robert Caldwell lived in her house and carried on the farm. This house was remodelled and used by Mrs. T. P. Smith for a boarding school in the fifties. The school was known as Mystic Hall Seminary for Young Ladies, and was very popular in its day. Nearly opposite lived Miss Rebecca's brother Caleb, on the present site of the railroad station. One of the first station agents of the Boston and Lowell railroad at West Medford lived there afterward. He was known as Dontey Green. This house was destroyed by the great tornado. A few rods beyond lived Eleazar Usher, in the house owned by his brother-in-law, Leonard Bucknam. Uncle Leonard was the keeper of the almshouse. Opposite lived Major Gershom Teel and afterward Captain Joseph Wyatt. This house, occupied quite recently by Mr. William J. Cheney, is standing in 1905. Just below the Usher house lived Deacon Amos Warren. Warren street was cut through the deacon's estate and named in his honor. Later Mr. Re
Medford Historical Society Papers, Volume 8., Records of the Revolutionary War. (search)
Records of the Revolutionary War. Receipts found at City Hall, Medford, 1905. Medford, July 10th, 1780. We the Subscribers doe Severally Inlist ourselves as Soldiers for the Town of Medford and Severally Promise to March to Clovorack or elsewhere and Join the Army and Doe Duty for the Term of three Months Five Thousand Dollars Each After our Arrivell There as Witness our hands (1000)Andrew Floyd 250 Dollars & Shoes 130Dos(1000)334, HattIsaac Green (1500)William tufts 835Benj. Francis (1000)500 HattJeremiah Stewart (1000)Stephen Butterfield (1000)John Watson 1000Ebenezer Tufts Robert Polley Felt 100Do 300Do1000Peter Connary 1000(300)John LeBosquet Note 300010001000Joseph Willson Note 30001300(700)Francis Cutter 300200DoIsaac Connary 150 Stockg & Hatt1000DoNathaniel Peirce Medford May 27, 1779 Recvd of Benj Hall Ebenr Hall Selectmen of Medford Forty five Pounds for which I Promise to Duty as a Soldier in Tivertown or Else where
. 2.Cato Carter,P. M. Tabb & Son, Agents. 3.Jim Christian,P. M. Tabb & Son, Agents. 4.Sam Peed,P. M. Tabb & Son, Agents. 5.David Wilson,P. M. Tabb & Son, Agents. 6.Charles Cullen,Doctor Cullen. 7.Bingey Jones,John W. Jones. 8.Isaac Jones,John W. Jones. 9.Edmond Harrison,Mr. White. 10.William Blunt,Mr. White. 11.Walter Blunt,Mr. White. 12.Jim Harrison,Mr. White. 13.Geo. Shelton,Mr. Smith. 14.Green Lacy,Mrs. Lacy. 15.Geo. Johnson,Peyton Johnson. 16.Israel Crouch,Free man. 17.Isaac Green,Mr. Phillips, Agent. 18.Junius Harris,James M. Harris. 19.John Pulliam,Mrs. S. J. Pulliam. 20.Jacob Powell,Mrs. Powell. 21.Jim Howard,Free man. 22.John Trabue,Macon Trabue's estate. 23.Ryland Trabue,Macon Trabue's estate. 24.Lebo Howard,Mrs. Howard. 25.Milton Depp,Gustavus Depp. 26.Mat. Fureron,James Fureron. 27.Robert Hopson,Doctor Hopson. 28.Shadrach Adams,Mrs. Adams. 29.Tom Corbin,Doctor Charles S. Mills. 30.Tom Wooldridge,Doctor Thos Wooldridge. 31.Thornton,Mrs. Gilliam