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hoes on the road to school, from fear of Albert Johnston's ridicule. His intimate friends in those early days nearly all obtained more than ordinary positions in after-life. Among them were : Captain Wilson Duke, the father of the gallant General Basil W. Duke; Captain William Smith, also of the United States Navy; Captain William Bickley, of the United States Army; Hon. John D. Taylor, well known in the politics and jurisprudence of Kentucky; Mr. Charles Marshall (known as Black Dan), Mr. John Green, and John A. McClung. Albert Sidney Johnston was endowed by nature with an ardent and enthusiastic temperament; but to this were joined a solidity of judgment and a power of self-control, that early held it in check, and eventually so regulated it that it was only displayed in resolutions and actions requiring uncommon loftiness of soul. The feature of his character most remarked by his contemporaries was, in his early boyhood, an energy that made him an acknowledged leader among hi
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces at Cedar Creek, Va., Oct. 19, 1864. (search)
52 killed, 457 wounded, 19 captured or missing,--total, 528; Cedar Creek, 644 killed, 3430 wounded, 1591 captured or missing,--total, 5665. During the campaign the Union loss aggregated 1938 killed, 11,893 wounded, and 3121 captured or missing == 16,952. The Confederate Army.--Lieut.-Gen. Jubal A. Early. Ramseur's division, Maj.-Gen. S. D. Ramseur (k). Battle's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. C. A. Battle, Lieut.-Col. E. L. Hobson: 3d Ala.----; 5th Ala., Lieut.-Col. E. L. Hobson; 6th Ala., Capt. J. Green; 12th Ala., Capt. P. D. Rose; 61st Ala., Maj. W. E. Pinckard. Cook's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Phil. Cook: 4th Ga., Lieut.-Col. W. H. Willis; 12th Ga., Capt. James Everett; 21st Ga., Capt. H. T. Battle; 44th Ga., Lieut.-Col. J. W. Beck. Grimes's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. Bryan Grimes: 32d and 53d and 2d N. C. Battalion, Col. D. G. Cowand; 43d and 45th N. C., Col. John R. Winston. Cox's Brigade, Brig.-Gen. William R. Cox: 1st N. C., Capt. W H. Thomson; 2d N. C., Capt. T. B. Beall; 3d N. C., Capt. W.
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces at Petersburg and Richmond: December 31st, 1864. (search)
E, 5th U. S., Lieut. John R. Brinckle. Ninth Army Corps, Brig.-Gen. Orlando B. Willcox. Escort: Detachment 2d Pa. Cav., Sergeant Charles O'Brien. Provost Guard: 79th N. Y. (4 co's), Capt. Andrew D. Baird. first division, Col. Napoleon B. McLaughlen. First Brigade, Col. Samuel Harriman: 8th Mich., Lieut.-Col. Ralph Ely; 27th Mich. (1st and 2d co's Sharpshooters attached), Lieut.-Col. Charles Waite; 109th N. Y., Maj. George W. Dunn; 51st Pa., Col. William J. Bolton; 37th Wis., Lieut.-Col. John Green; 38th Wis., Col. James Bintliff. Second Brigade, Col. Byron M. Cutcheon: 1st Mich. Sharp-shooters, Maj. Asahel W. Nichols; 2d Mich., Lieut.-Col. Edwin J. March; 20th Mich., Maj. Claudius B. Grant; 46th N. Y., Capt. Victor Traxmarer; 60th Ohio, Lieut.-Col. Martin P. Avery; 50th Pa., Capt. George W. Brumm. Third Brigade, Lieut.-Col. Gilbert P. Robinson: 3d Md. (4 co's), Capt. Joseph F. Carter; 29th Mass., Capt. Charles T. Richardson; 57th Mass., Lieut.-Col. Julius M. Tucker; 59th Mass.
Robert Underwood Johnson, Clarence Clough Buell, Battles and Leaders of the Civil War. Volume 4., The opposing forces in the Appomattox campaign. (search)
division, Brig.-Gen. Orlando B. Willcox. First Brigade, Col. Samuel Harriman: 8th Mich., Maj. Richard N. Doyle; 27th Mich., Lieut.-Col. Charles Waite; 109th N. Y., Lieut.-Col. Colwert K. Pier; 51st Pa., Col. William J. Bolton; 37th Wis., Lieut.-Col. John Green; 38th Wis., Col. James Bintliff, Maj. Robert N. Roberts. Second Brigade, Lieut.-Col. Ralph Ely: 1st Mich. Sharpshooters, Lieut.-Col. Asahel W. Nichols, Maj. Edwin J. Buckbee; 2d Mich., Capt. John C. Boughton; 20th Mich., Capt. Albert A. D Lieut. Lucas McIntosh; Va. Battery, Capt. John G. Pollock. Lightfoot's Battalion: Va. Battery (Caroline Art'y),----; Va. Battery (Nelson Art'y),----; Va. Battery (Surry Art'y),----. Stark's Battalion, Lieut.-Col. Alexander W. Stark: La. Battery (Green's),----; Va. Battery, Capt. David A. French; Va. Battery, Capt. A. D. Armistead. Third Army Corps, Attached to First Corps April 2d, after death of General Hill. Lieut.-Gen. Ambrose P. Hill (k). Provost Guard: 5th Ala. Batt'n, Capt. Wade R
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 20: a brave officer's mortification.--history set right. (search)
s, C. T. Chase, F. E. Ellis, F. T. King and George Munday; Midshipmen, Albert S. Barker and E. T. Woodward; Surgeon, R. T. Maccoun; Assistant Surgeon, J. W. Shively; Paymaster, T. M. Taylor; Chief Engineer, E. Lawton; Captain of Marines, P. H. W. Fontane; First-Assistant Engineer, Wm. H. Hunt; Second-Assistant Engineer, J. Cox Hull; Third-Assistant Engineer, F. G. McKean; Acting-Masters' Mates, R. C. Bostwick, H. B. Francis and M. Porter: Boatswain, Jos. Lewis: Gunner, Wm. Cope; Carpenter, John Green. Steamer Miami. Lieutenant-Commander, A. D. Harrell; Acting-Masters, John Lear, M. Rodgers and W. N. Wells; Assistant Surgeon, Wm. B. Mann; Chief Engineer, J. F. Lambdin; Acting-Assistant Paymaster, W. H. Sells; Acting-Second-Assistant Engineer, L. W. Simmonds; Third-Assistant Engineers, H. D. Heiser, C. C. Davis and Guy Sampson; Acting-Masters' Mates, Robert Roundtree and R. E. Stevens. Steamer Oneida. Commander, S. P. Lee; Lieutenant, S. F. Brown; Acting-Masters, Thomas Edwar
Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 23: destruction of the ram Arkansas.--capture of Galveston.--capture of the Harriet Lane.--sinking of the Hatteras.--attack on Baton Rouge.--Miscellaneous engagements of the gun-boats. (search)
illiam Green; Gunner, J. D. Fletcher. Steamer Mississippi. Captain, Melancton Smith; Lieutenant, George Dewey; Surgeon, R. T. Maccoun; Assistant Surgeon, J. W. Shively; Paymaster, T. M. Taylor; Chief Engineer, W. H. Rutherford; Captain of Marines, P. H. W. Fontane; Ensigns, A. S. Barker, O. A. Batcheller and E. M. Shepard; Assistant Engineers, G. B. N. Tower, J. Cox Hull, F. G. McKean, S. R. Brooks, J. J. Noble and H. W. Phillips; Boatswain, Joseph Lewis; Gunner, Wm. Cope; Carpenter, John Green; Acting-Masters, F. T. King, George Munday, C. F. Chase, B. L. Kelly and F. E. Ellis; Acting-Masters' Mate, H. B. Francis. Steamer Colorado. Captain, John R. Goldsborough; Lieutenant-Commander, Edw. W. Henry; Lieutenant, H. W. Miller; Assistant Surgeons, T. H. Whitney and Matthew Chalmers; Paymasters, J. O. Bradford and W. H. H. Williams; Chaplain, D. X. Junkin; Marine officers: Captain, George R. Graham; 1st Lieutenant, S. C. Adams; Acting-Masters, Thomas Hanrahan and C. G. Folsom;
Official Records of the Union and Confederate Armies, Chapter XXII: Operations in Kentucky, Tennessee, North Mississippi, North Alabama, and Southwest Virginia. March 4-June 10, 1862. (ed. Lieut. Col. Robert N. Scott), April 7-12, 1862.--raid on Confederate line of communications between Chattanooga, Tenn., and Marietta, Ga. (search)
closures.] engine-Stealers. 1. M. J. Hawkins. 9. Elihu Mason. 2. William H. Reddick. 10. W. W. Brown. 3. Jacob Parrott. 11. William Knight. 4. D. A. Dorsey. 12. Robert Buffum. 5. W. Bensinger. 13. William Pittenger. 6. J. R. Porter. 14. David Fry. 7. Alfred Wilson. 15. J. J. Barker. 8. Mark Wood.     Bridge-Burners. 16. T. McCoy. 21. R. White. 17. P. Pierce. 22. H. Mills. 18. B. Powers. 23. J. Tompkins. 19. John Walls. 24. G. W. Barlow. 20. John Green. 25. John Wollam. No. Name. Residence. Charges. 1 Wilson W. Brown Ohio Engine-stealing; spy. 2 Martin Ross Court-martialed and sentenced. do Do. 3 W. H. Campbell Court-martialed and sentenced. do Do. 4 John Scott Court-martialed and sentenced. do Do. 5 Perry G. Shadrick Court-martialed and sentenced. do Do. 6 G. D. Wilson Court-martialed and sentenced. do Do. 7 Samuel Slavens Court-martialed and sentenced. do Do. 8 S. Robinson Court-martia
ation; it lost in that action 134 men taken prisoners. Thirty-Seventh Wisconsin Infantry. Hartranft's Brigade — Willcox's Division--Ninth Corps. (1) Col. Samuel Harriman; Bvt. Brig.-Gen. (2) Col. Anson O. Doolittle, R. A. (3) Col. John Green. companies. killed and died of wounds. died of disease, accidents, in Prison, &c. Total Enrollment. Officers. Men. Total. Officers. Men. Total. Field and Staff             13 Company A 1 13 14 1 8 9 109   B 1 14 15   10 10 n after to the First Brigade of the First Division, General Willcox commanding the division. It participated in all the succeeding battles of the Ninth Corps, and in the dangerous duty in the trenches during the long siege. Under command of Colonel Green it took a prominent and honorable part in the successful assault of April 2, 1865, which resulted in the capture of Petersburg. In that assault, three companies of the Thirty-seventh were the first troops to effect an entrance in Fo
A runaway slave's testimony.--The following is the verbatim testimony of Luis Herod, a slave, who came into camp at Newport News, Va., June 24: I was 22 years this last April 15th gone; I was borned in Mulberry Island; my massa's name was John Green, sir; he has been gone now, reckon about four weeks; he is now in Yorktown; he was a real bad man; he has licked me dyvers a time; he always licked me wid a cowhide, made out a cow's skin; he went away telling us colored folks dat dese ere dam Yankees were coming to work us like mules, and dat we must hoe his corn and stay by de old home; I stayed dare four weeks after massa quit; day geb us only two pounds of meat, and a peck oa meal to feed us a week, and lick us hard at dat; I was in Yorktown week afore last to see my mass', me and six more oa de boys, and day put us to work cutting hay for de horses; I worked in Yorktown on de fort dare; found it warry hard; I reckon ‘bout hundred warry poor white folks worked wid me and us ode
er, slightly; George Cook, slightly; George McGowan, slightly; J. B. Blair, slightly; Geo. Frine, slightly; Neston Gier, slightly; M. C. Cobb, slightly; Sergeant Geo. Ludlow, slightly; privates Barseley Dewry, slightly; Parish Mazier, slightly; Samuel Campbell, slightly; John Botts, severely; Charles Meddler, slightly; Fred. Eikoop, slightly ; Fidel Armbuster, slightly; John Brink, slightly; Taylor Brink, slightly; James Freel, slightly; Robert T. Lane, slightly; James F. Barnes, severely; John Green, severely. G. A. Mccall, Brigadier-General. Gen. Ord's report. camp Pierpont, Virginia, January 19, 1862. sir: In obedience to a letter, dated January 13th, 1862, from the Secretary of war, and in accordance with paragraph 743, Revised Regulations, I have the pleasure of transmitting special recommendations of commanders of regiments and the battery, at the affair of Dranesville, December 20, 1861, with this my recommendation, that the officers named therein be brevetted for t
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