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John Weld of Roxbury, and was living in 1727; Thomas and John, twins, b. 15, and d. 27 and 25 Sept. 1676. Zechariah the f. d. 5 Aug. 1702, a. 73; his w. Elizabeth d. 12 Sept. 1730, a. 93. 2. Zechariah, s. of Zechariah (1), m. Ruth, dau. of John Green, and granddaughter of Edward Mitchelson, 18 Nov. 1685; she d. and he m. Seeth, wid. of William Andrew, 26 June 1704. His chil. were Ruth, b. 11 Aug. 1686, d. 17 July 1687; Zechariah, b. 11 Feb. 1688-9, d. young; Elizabeth, b. about 1692, m. Eas an eminent schoollmaster in Boston, where he d 21 July 1761, leaving an only son Timothy Prout Hicks. Zechariah the f. was a carpenter, res. on the homestead, and d. 27 Jan. 1752, a. 94. 3. Joseph, s. of Zechariah (1), m. Bethia, dau. of John Green, and granddaughter of Edward Mitchelson, about 1693; she d. 12 Ap. 1708, a. 35, and he m. Rebecca, dau. of John Palfrey, 29 Nov. 1716. His chil. were Joseph, b. about 1694, who was living at East Hampton, N. Y., in 1751; Bethia, bap. 20 Dec.
au. of Simon Lynde, and had been w. of John Bigg of Boston. Mitchelson, Edward (otherwise written, Mitcheson, Michason, Michelson, and Micherson), m. Ruth Bushell, who came to New England in 1635. His children were, Ruth, b. 8 Nov. 1638, m. John Green 20 Oct. 1656; Thomas, b. Sept. 1639; Bethia, b. 6 Dec. 1642, m. Daniel Weld; Edward, b. 11 Nov. 1644, grad. H. C. 1665, physician, lost at sea with Capt. Scarlet 1666; Elizabeth, b. 29 Aug. 1646, m. Theodore Atkinson, Jr., and Henry Deering ofarshal General Edward Michelson shall be allowed and paid £ 50 per annum out of the Country Treasury, in lieu thereof, by the Treasurer for the time being. Mr. Mitchelson d. 7 Mar. 1680-81, a. 77, and was succeeded in office by his son-in-law, John Green. His w. Ruth d. 15 June 1664, a. about 52. 2. William, brother of Edward (1), m. Mary Bradshaw 26 Ap. 1654, and had Mary, b. 15 Jan. 1654-5; Thomas, b. 8 Jan. 1656-7; Alice, b. about 1661, bap. 3 Ap. 1663, m. John Shears of Sudbury 9 Ap. 1
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 15. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Terry's Brigade, formerly John M. Jones's. (search)
ate I. K. P. Wilkins. Co. C. Private Wm. Jesse, Benj. Tyler, James Prince, Peyton Parker, Private Cyrus Evans, J. Richardson, W. Newbill. Co. D. Corporal J. W. Bohannon, Private A. J. Diggs, J. T. Hughes, H. T. Diggs, Private L. J. M. Foster, E. Diggs, J. H. Hudgins, A. B. Hicks. Co. E. Sergeant J. H. Diggs, Corporal Peter Daniel, Private W. Lemons, William Thomas, Private Joel Thomas, G. Miller, W. C. Brooke. Co. F. Private M. Rowe, John Brown, John Green, Private E. Walker, B. F. Heywood, W. A. Cooper. Co. G. Private H. C. Lyne, R. A. Willson, R. H. T. Yarrington, Private R. C. Benton, R. A. Davis. Co. H. Private J. W. Bland, W. T. Hall, Private W. C. Scott, N. W. Corr, Private S. Riler, R. L. Williams, Private R. T. Johnson. Co. I. Sergeant J. L. Pollard, G. L. Owens, Corporal M. F. Schools, Private G. W. Ball, C. D. Chilton, Henry Cooke, Joseph Cooke, Thomas Cooke, Private W. J. Elliott, Phili
Historic leaves, volume 6, April, 1907 - January, 1908, Original English inhabitants and early settlers in Somerville. (search)
ysician, 1630, built without the Neck, on the Road to Cambridge. Nine of his descendants are here now. Thomas Goble, 1634, had a house and half an acre of land at the West End. He removed to Concord. Two of his descendants are here now. John Green, 1634, had a dwelling house and land at the West End in 1638. which he sold to Richard Wilson, of Boston, and Wilson sold to Francis Grissell, or Griswold. John Green removed, with his family, probably to Malden. John Woolrych, 1635, had a dJohn Green removed, with his family, probably to Malden. John Woolrych, 1635, had a dwelling house and six acres of land at Strawberry Hill. He died prior to 1647, and his widow married William Ayer, who sold the premises to Richard Wilson. Neither Woolrych nor Aver left offspring here. John Sibley, 1635, had a dwelling house and land at Strawberry Hill. A daughter, and probably only child, married twice, but not in Somerville. Thomas Pierce, 1636. His dwelling house was at the West End. Descendants of the name may not be here now, but posterity is here, as descendants
of the celebration, and who found himself the recipient of numerous congratulations. The banquet hall was adorned with flags, several of which are valued possessions of the society. A Betsey Ross flag, with thirteen stars, also several other colonial flags, graced the walls, and were objects of much interest. The various tables were strewn with pinks and ferns, and a large basket of flowers ornamented the head table. While the banquet, one of Hicks' excellent affairs, was being served, Green's orchestra discoursed a delightful programme of music. Frank M. Hawes, president of the society, opened the speech-making with words of greeting to the tenth anniversary celebration, and called upon William B. Holmes, treasurer of the organization, for a sketch of the society. See page 75. Aaron Sargent was next presented, and in his opening remarks expressed his great desire that a creditable Somerville history should be shortly produced. He then read a paper on The First Governor o
omas, 28. Goodhue. Thomas, 8, 36. Goodhue, Mrs., Thomas, 9. Gooding, Edmund H., 12. Gooding. Samuel H., 12. Goose Creek, 20. Gorham, David, 58. Gossom,———, 5. Grant. General U. S., 45. 56, 57, 65, 66, 72. Gray, Rev., Francis, 4. Green,———, 73. Green, John, 28. Green, General, Nathaniel, 15. Greene, Colonel J. D., 41. Griffin,———, 57. Griffin, General, 45. Griffin, Theophilus, 8, Grimmons, Charles A., 74. Grissell, or Griswold, Francis, 28, 31. Griswold, Francis,Green, John, 28. Green, General, Nathaniel, 15. Greene, Colonel J. D., 41. Griffin,———, 57. Griffin, General, 45. Griffin, Theophilus, 8, Grimmons, Charles A., 74. Grissell, or Griswold, Francis, 28, 31. Griswold, Francis, 49. Griswold, Hannah, 31, 49. Griswold, Joseph, 49, 50. Griswold, Mary, 31. Grocers' Magazine, 3. Guild, Governor, 74. Guiness Station, 60. Hagarstown, Md., 20. Hale, Edward A., 17. Hall, Gustina, 10. Hall, Primus, 15. Hall, Samuel, 30. Hamblen,———, 14. Hamilton, President, 73. Hamilton, Va., 20. Hancock's Corp, 58, 63. Hannaford, Edward Francis, 13. Hannaford, Frederick W., 13. Hanover, 61. Harbard, Henry, 31. Harbour, or Harbard, Henry, 31
Charles Darwin Elliot. Family history. from the latest history of Middlesex County. Charles Darwin Elliot, son of Joseph and Zenora (Tucker) Elliot, was born in Foxboro, Mass., June 20, 1837. Among Mr. Elliot's ancestors were Major Eleazer Lawrence, Lieutenant Eleazer Lawrence, Captain Jonathan Wade, Lieutenant Nicholas White, Samuel Scripture, Marshal-General Edward Mitchelson, Marshal-General John Green, John Nutting, Zachariah Flicks, and Thomas Eliot, all soldiers in the King Philip's or other Colonial wars; also, Ensign John Whitman and Samuel Champney, soldiers in the King Philip's war, and deputies to the general court; also, Rev. Nathaniel Rogers, of Ipswich, Ruling Elder Richard Champney, of Cambridge, and William Pitt, high sheriff of Bristol, Eng. Thomas Eliot, above mentioned, was admitted a freeman of Swansea, Mass., February 22, 1669, and became a member of the Baptist church under Rev. John Myles; he was one of the proprietors of Taunton North Purchase.
Frost, Rebecca, 20. Fuller, J. F., 58. Gage, General, 52. Gardenville, 32. Gardner, Mary B., 47. Gardner, Miles, 47. Gardner Row, 47. Gardner, Thomas, 5. Gates, General, 51, 54. Geddis' Twine Factory, 12. Gerrish, Elizabeth, 43. Goddard, Thomas, 19. Goldsboro, 39. Goodhue, Eliza, 10. Governor John Winthrop and His Ten Hills Farm, 61. Grand Army of the Republic, 68. Gray's Elegy, 76. Gray, Rev. Francis A., 63. Great Bromley, Essex County, Eng., 1. Green, Marshal-General, John, 53. Grover, Benjamin, 9. Grover, Elizabeth, 9. Grover, General, 65, 66, 68. Hague, Rev., William, 11. Hale, Sarah Josepa (Buell), 31. Haley, Mary A., 25. Hanneman Tub, 14. Hapgood, Emily (Chase), 22. Hapgood, Nahum R., 22. Harvard College, 29, 46. Harvard Square, 9. Hastings, Jonas, 45. Hastings, Joseph S., 45. Hastings, Lucy, 45. Hatch.,——, 45. Haverhill Historical Society, 64, 83. Hawes, Frank M., 8, 41, 72. Hawes, Levi L., 64. Hawkins, Guy C., 47
. Gilman, Edward L., IV.—30. Glen Street. Somerville, III.—18. Gooding, Edmund Il, II.—37, 39. Goodnow, John, II.—13. Gowell, Mary, I.—8. Great Pasture, boundaries of, I.—24 Greene, General, headquarters of, I.—24. Green, John, Recorder, III.—8. Green, The, IV.—9. Greenville Street. III.—16. Grist-Mills, Prospect Hill, I.—7. Groton, England, IV.—9. Grover, General, IV.—30. Gypsy Lane, II.—14. Hadley, Benjamin, II.—16, 20. Hadley House, location ofGreen, The, IV.—9. Greenville Street. III.—16. Grist-Mills, Prospect Hill, I.—7. Groton, England, IV.—9. Grover, General, IV.—30. Gypsy Lane, II.—14. Hadley, Benjamin, II.—16, 20. Hadley House, location of, 1853, III.—15. Hale, Joseph, IV.—29. Hall, Benjamin. II.—10. Hall, Dudley, II.—13. Hall, Ebenezer, II.—10. Hall, Fitch, II.—10. Halltown. I.—34, 35. Hammond, Captain, Lar, III.—10. Hammond. Henry C., IV.—29. Hampton Roads. IV.—31. Hancock,. Governor John, II.—25. Hancock. Major-General, I.—37. Hancock's 2nd Army Corps, I.—39. Hannaford, E. P., IV.—23. Harbour, J. L., I.—14. Harbour,
hter—she in time became your grandmother: the other a son—that was myself. No other child did my mother have. When I was in my fourth year, my father's family were all taken sick, except myself, with a fever; all recovered except my mother: but, alas! she died; and O! how to this moment my heart aches for little children deprived of their kind, careful and prudent mother. My father, again a widower, remained so in Worcester four years; then having an opportunity, sold his place to Dr. John Green, and bought a tavern stand in West Cambridge, near the old meeting-house, and with his children moved to his native place. Soon after he married. for a third wife, the widow Elizabeth Bowman. She had three children by her first husband, and owned a black wench and a little brat. Gov. Hill says the possession of this accession of blacks was regarded in the light of an annoyance. It was common in those times for the more wealthy inhabitants to own slaves. They were tenderly treated
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