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Admiral David D. Porter, The Naval History of the Civil War., Chapter 20: a brave officer's mortification.--history set right. (search)
Acting-Masters' Mates, J. D. Ellis, J. W. Merriman, J. W. Page and H. E. Tinkham. Steamer Kineo. Lieutenant-Commander, Geo. M. Ransom; Acting-Masters, Oliver Colbourn and John Whitmore; Assistant Surgeon, O. S. Oberly; Second-Assistant Engineer, S. W. Cragg; Third-Assistant Engineers, C. F. Hollingsworth, C. J. McConnell and James Manghlin; Acting-Masters' Mates, John Bartol, W. H. Davis, G. A. Faunce and W. S. Keen. Steamer Katahdin. Commander, George H. Preble; Lieutenant, Nathaniel Green; Acting-Masters, George Harris and W. H. Pollup; Assistant Surgeon, S. Robinson; Second-Assistant Engineer, T. M. Dukehart; Third-Assistant Engineers, Wm. J. Reid, W. W. Heaton and John McIntyre; Acting-Masters' Mates, A. Hartshorn, Geo. Leonard, J. W. Thode and A. Whiting. Steamer Mississippi. Commander, Melancton Smith; Lieutenants, Thos. McK. Buchanan and George Dewey; Acting-Masters, C. T. Chase, F. E. Ellis, F. T. King and George Munday; Midshipmen, Albert S. Barker and E. T
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 9. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Notes and Queries. where is General Nathaniel Green of Revolutionary fame buried? (search)
Notes and Queries. where is General Nathaniel Green of Revolutionary fame buried? Our attention has been recently called to the fact that the grave of this distinguished General and noble patriot is now unknown. His remains were originally deposited in the vault of Major Pendleton, of Savannah, but they were afterwards removed, and the patriot-soldier now rests, so far as we are able to learn, in an unknown grave. If we have been misinformed, or if any one can give details concerning this interesting question, we should be glad to hear from him.
John × parents. James Hubbard. Robert × Wilson. Rob. × Parker. John × Bouttell. Robert Stedman. Thomas Cheny. Willyam × Heally. John Palfray. Ffrancts Moore, senr. John Gove. will × Michelson. Edward Hall. William Barrett. John Holman. will. Bordman. Zacharye Hicks. Samll. Manning. Richard Cutter. John Green. Ffra. Moore, junr. John × Adams. Beiniman Crackbone. John Marritt. Nathanell Hancocke. Willyam Town. Abraham Holman. John Shephard. Samuell Frost. Walter Hasting. Nath. Green. Ester Gossom. Peter Towne. Edward Mitchellson. Andrew Belcher. Edmund Angier. Richard Park. Joseph Cooke. Jermie Fisman. John Taller. Daniel Cheeaver. John Eliot. Edward Jackson. Samuell Haden. John Jackson. Gregory Cooke. John × Parker. Mathew × Boone. Thomas Hammond, senyor. Thomas Hammond, junyor. Vincent × Druse, junyor. John × Hanchet. Job × Hides. Samuell × Hydes. Rebeccah × Daniell. Jonathan Hides. David Stone. Samuell Stone. Jeames × Cutler. John Win
the following names appear: Matthew Abdy, Thomas Adams, John Barrett, Thomas Batherick [or Baverick], Richard Beach, Joseph Bemis, William Bordman, Francis Bowman, Matthew Bridge, Thomas Brown, Samuel Buck, Samuel Bull, Samuel Champney, James Cheever, Joseph Cooke, Stephen Cooke, Benjamin Crackbone [killed], John Cragg, James Cutler, Samuel Cutler, John Druse [killed], Jonathan Dunster, Thomas Foster, Stephen Francis, Thomas Frost, Simon Gates, John Gibson, Samuel Gibson, Samuel Goffe, Nathaniel Green, John Hastings, Nathaniel Healy, Zachariah Hicks, Jacob Hill, Justinian Holden, Sebeas Jackson, Ambrose McFassett, Daniel Magennis, Amos Marrett, Thomas Mitchelson, John Needham, Thomas Oliver, Zachariah Paddlefoot, John Park, Solomon Phipps, Henry Prentice, James Prentice, Solomon Prentice, William Reed, Samuel Robbins, Jason Russell, William Russell, John Smith, Joseph Smith, Nathaniel Smith, Samuel Smith, John Squire, John Stedman, Andrew Stimson [or Stevenson], John Streeter, Gersho
chard Fairbanks, appointed, 1639 John Hayward, appointed for the Colony, 1677 Edward Randolph, appointed for New England 1685 John Campbell in office, 1704 William Brooker, appointed, 1717 Philip Musgrave, appointed, 1719 Thomas Lewis, in office, 1726 Henry Marshall, in office, 1727 John Boydell, in office, 1732 Ellis Huske, in office, 1734 John Franklin, in office, 1754 Jonathan Phillips, in office, 1787 Postmaster Aaron Hill, appointed, 1808 Nathaniel Green, appointed, 1829 George W. Gordon, appointed, 1841 William Hayden, appointed, 1849 George W. Gordon, appointed, 1850 Edwin C. Bailey, appointed, 1853 Nahum Capen, appointed, 1857 John G. Palfrey, appointed, 1861 William L. Burt, appointed, 1867 Edward S. Tobey, appointed, 1876 Post office Law passed for North America, 1710 Located in Cornhill (Washington street), 1714 Removed from Cambridge back to Boston, Apr. 25, 1776 Located corner Congress and
Bennett. Mr. Jaquith was retained this year as Mr. Andrews' assistant. He resigned June, 1814, and was succeeded by Robert Gordon. February 25 the trustees visited District No. 5, which contains twenty-eight scholars, under the care of Nathaniel Green, and also that under Jacob Pierce, No. 4, which has fifty-eight scholars. April 12 they visited the school in Milk Row, No. 3, containing sixty-nine scholars, under Moses Hall. April 19 they visited the school at the Neck, with ninety pupifused and agitated state of the town, this was highly honorable to the instructors. The exercises closed with prayer by Rev. Mr. Turner. February 10, 1815, the trustees met at Captain Daniel Reed's (end of the town) to visit No. 5, under Nathaniel Green (number of scholars, twenty-eight), also No. 4, under Jacob Pierce. Milk Row (No. 3) was visited Wednesday, April 12, at 2 o'clock. Present, Messrs. Wyman, Miller, and Thompson, of the trustees. This school, under P. T. Gray, was in a res
Captain George A., 77. Gordon, Robert, 68, 71, 72, 92, 93, 97, 99. Gordon, Yorick S., 71, 73. Gorham, Mary, 39. Gorham, Nathaniel, 21, 42, 63, 65. Gorham, Nathaniel, Jr., 63. 66. Gorham, Hon., Nathaniel, 21, 65. Gragg, Mr., 93, 95. Graves, Thomas, 4. Gray, P. T., 70. Greaves, Doct., 83. Greaves, Katherine, 84. Greaves, Margaret, 84. Greaves, Phoebe, 84. Greaves, Dr., Thomas, 84, 85. Greene, 79. Green, General, 6. Green, James, 63. Green Mountain Institute, 1. Green, Nathaniel, 68, 69. Grubb, William, 41. Halifax, 86. Hall, Moses, 68. Hall, Richard, 89. Hall, Stephen, 85, 86. Hampton, 87. Hancock, Governor, 15. Hancock, Captain, John, 15, 21. Hancock, Rev., John, 15. Harlow, Thomas S., 1. Harris, Charlotte, 65. Harris, Thomas, 39, 44, 66. Harris, Captain, Thomas, 40, 63. Hartford, The, 51. Harvard College, 20, 23, 38, 39, 79, 92. Harvard Law School, 1, 23. Hawes, Frank Mortimer, 14, 38, 63, 90. Hawes, Levi Lindley, 25, 49. Hawes, Serg
Historic leaves, volume 6, April, 1907 - January, 1908,
Union Square
and its neighborhood about the year 1846. (search)
ter attended in Somerville, and was taught by Miss Adeline E. Sanborn, of whom mention has already been made. Between the cemetery and the bleachery the only other house was that of Samuel T. Frost, Esq., father of Mrs. Francis H. Raymond and of George Frost, both living on Spring Hill. Mr. Frost's house was formerly owned by his grandfather, Samuel Tufts, whc is said to have spread the alarm of the British march on the night of April 18, 1775; this house was the headquarters of General Nathaniel Green during the siege of Boston. Some way beyond was the bleachery, with its surrounding colony, which deserves a separate paper. On the northerly side of Somerville avenue, west of School street, was the estate of Jonathan Ireland, father of George W. Ireland, Esq., a large land holder here for many years; the only member of the family living is, I think, Mrs. Martha J. Gerry, of Jamaica Plain. Further west came the house of Osgood Dane and of Osgood B. Dane, his son, back of whic
6. 13, 14. Giles, J. Frank. 6. Giles, Joseph J., 10, 17, 19. Giles, Mary O., 10. Gilman. Charles E., 55. Gilmore, Mrs. Eunice (Giles), 6. Glass Works, The, 42. Glines, Edward, 74. Goble, Thomas, 28. Goodhue. Thomas, 8, 36. Goodhue, Mrs., Thomas, 9. Gooding, Edmund H., 12. Gooding. Samuel H., 12. Goose Creek, 20. Gorham, David, 58. Gossom,———, 5. Grant. General U. S., 45. 56, 57, 65, 66, 72. Gray, Rev., Francis, 4. Green,———, 73. Green, John, 28. Green, General, Nathaniel, 15. Greene, Colonel J. D., 41. Griffin,———, 57. Griffin, General, 45. Griffin, Theophilus, 8, Grimmons, Charles A., 74. Grissell, or Griswold, Francis, 28, 31. Griswold, Francis, 49. Griswold, Hannah, 31, 49. Griswold, Joseph, 49, 50. Griswold, Mary, 31. Grocers' Magazine, 3. Guild, Governor, 74. Guiness Station, 60. Hagarstown, Md., 20. Hale, Edward A., 17. Hall, Gustina, 10. Hall, Primus, 15. Hall, Samuel, 30. Hamblen,———, 14. Hamil
Confirmations by the Senate. The Senate, Thursday, confirmed the following nominations: W. N. Allen, Nathaniel Green, and Francis Blake, as Lieutenants in the Navy; Julius Wiere, Alexander W. Starke, and D. M. Cohen, as First Lieutenants; and James Forney, of Pennsylvania, and Louis W. Golds-borough, of the District of Columbia, as Second Lieutenants in Marine Corps; William Allen as Paymaster, Auburn, N. Y. The following civil appointments were also affirmed; Amos Tuck, as Naval Officer at Boston; Rufus Hosmer, of Michigan, as Consul General at Frankfort-on-the-Main; Willard B. Phillips, as Collector at Salem, Mass.; Jos. Russell Jones, as Marshal for the Northern District of Illinois; Cassins M. Clay, as Minister to Spain.
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