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Harper's Encyclopedia of United States History (ed. Benson Lossing), Ingersoll, Joseph Reed 1786- (search)
Ingersoll, Joseph Reed 1786- Legislator; born in Philadelphia, Pa., June 14, 1786; graduated in Princeton in 1804; practised law in Philadelphia; served in Congress as Whig in 1835-37 and 1842-49; and was an ardent supporter of Henry Clay; and was United States minister to Great Britain in 1852. He published Secession, a folly and a crime; Life of Samuel Breck, etc. Ingersoll, Robert Green
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 34. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), chapter 1.39 (search)
ted lieutenant; died since war. W. H. Cleaver, killed Cedar Creek, 1864. John Cox. George W. Cullop, lost leg at Chancellorsville; died since war. J. R. Cullop. John J. Dix, died from wounds received, Chancellorsville. Adam Dutton, died after war. James A. Dutton. G. M. Dudley. C. O. Davis. James W. Duncan. W. P. Francis. G. H. Fudge, lieutenant; wounded, Fredericksburg; Judge of County Court, Smyth. John W. Fudge. Robert Fulwiler. Edward Falkie, wounded. Robert Green, wounded First Manassas. Henry Goodman, killed, May 12th, Spotsylvania. Ambrose Griffith, color-bearer; wounded at Chancellorsville and before Petersburg. Moses Gibson. James J. Gill, lost leg at Gettysburg. Harris. J. F. Harris, died since war. William Henegar, killed, Cedar Creek, 1864. W. R. Henegar. Henry Henderlite; died since war. Ephriam, died from wounds received at Chancellorsville. John Hogsdon. John N. Hull. Abram Hutton, died after war. Jo
Proceedings of the Courts. Mayor's Court. Tuesday, Dec. 9 --Timothy Cavanagh, arrested on a warrant charging him with keeping an ill-governed and disorderly house, was required to give $800 security for his good behavior, and, falling, was committed to jail. Lowis, slave of Robert Green, was examined and sent on to the Hustings Court for final trial, on the charge of stealing thirteen thousand dollars worth of Confederate States scrip, and other valuable papers, the property of James Smith. Jackson F. Lawrence, charged with drunkenness, disorderly conduct, and drawing a knife in the Varieties Theatre, Monday night, was committed in default of surety for his good behavior. His Honor said he was determined to preserve as good order in such establishments as in churches, and that while he could prevent it nobody should go there to disturb peaceful people who only sought to be amused. He disclaimed the ownership of the knife, but His Honor was of the opinion that the
Another Reffentual attempt was made to postpone the election until Saturday, but after some tery discussion the House proceeded to the confederation of the joint order, when. Mr. McDonald moved that the House adjourn, upon which the eyes and nays were demanded and resulted in the negative eyes 18, nays 83. Fomiactions for Senator.--air. Anderson, of Rockbridge put in nomination the Hon. Wm. C. Rives, which was ascended by Messrs. Prince, Mag Rives, and Staples. Mr. Anderson, of Botetourt, nominated Judge John J. Allen. Mr. Green, of Jefferson, presented the name of Hon, Chas. W Russell Wheeling, which was accorded by Messrs, Edmund and Lairdly. Mr. Wynne nominated Gen. John B Floyd, each gentleman taking occasion to pay an appropriate to the candidate of his choice. It's being found impossible to conclude the election today, its further consideration, was on motion, postponed until 15½ P. M. to-morrow, and, at 4½ o'clock, the House adjourned.
rroting and robbing W Story, on the 17th of December of a silver watch were examined and committed for trial before Judge by us. John T. Maxwell, a small free negro, was tried for stealing on the 5th of January a gold watch worth $100 from Louis State. The proof did not justify his further accusation and he was acquitted. slave of David was tried for the on the 6th of January of a $50 coat, belonging to C W and being found guilty, was ordered 39 a small boy owned by Robert Green, and employed on Myere's barber shop, was tried for on of December, stolen $3,100 in Confederate Treasury the property of Janies Smith, who had guns to the bobber shop to get shaved. The property taken while the operation was being performed; and as appears, most of it destroyed afterwards. The war ordered 39 Mayors Court, Tuesday, January 13th --Charles to beat his was examinated Mary slave of J. M. no paners and pinions in the dach go William Edward, drunk, lying on t
ssing upon the premises of H. R. Hendrickson, associating with negroes, and threatening to burn the house of Mr. Hendrickson, was committed to jail in default of security to keep the peace. Maria, slave of Mrs. Young, and Martha, slave of Robt. Green, were charged with stealing one thousand two hundred dollars, the property of Julius Meire, and Lucy, slave of Robert Green, was charged with receiving the same, knowing it was stolen; but there being no evidence against the accused they were Robert Green, was charged with receiving the same, knowing it was stolen; but there being no evidence against the accused they were discharged. The following cases were continued: Robert, slave of Royal Mason, charged with stealing clothing from Caroline Carter; Edward S. Gentry, assaulting and beating Margaret, a slave; Elihu, slave of William J. McDowell, charged with stealing boots and other male wearing apparel from Isaiah Sleet, and William Wayne, Sr., and George Cannell, charged with purchasing large quantities of fresh beef within the corporate limits to re-sell at their stalls in the First and Second Markets.