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Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 30. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Appendix. (search)
. H. Edwards, J. T. Eubank, W. E. J. Fariss, J. Flood, Thomas W. Godsey, F. M. Green, John L. Holley, W. E. Ingram, J. R. Jones, J. W. Kefauver, William. Kinnear, GeoEdwards, J. E. Edwards, W. P. M. Everett, H. B. Flemming, F. W. Floyd, Charles A. Green, Charles. Hammerling, C. D. Hunt, H. C. Irvine, W. A. Kasey, J. B. Kemper, Hugh. lliam. Eads, Thomas. Eads, Samuel. Fletcher, Lucian. Gowin, James. Gowin, Sam. Green, Charles. Goolsby, Joshua. Goolsby, Louis. Hyman, Henry. Hughes, James. Johnson, illiam. Wood, Patrick. Wooldridge, Richard. Wooldridge, Beverley. Grubs, William. Green, John. Hugus, Benjamin. Johnson, Charles. Johnson, Joseph. Kersey, James. Kirsey,n, Anthony E. Edmondson, John T. Fitzgerald, Wm. N. Fisher, G. W. Fitch, Charles. Green, George W. L. Hanks, Peter D. Isbell, David D. Jones, McK. W. Kinnear, George A.
Southern Historical Society Papers, Volume 30. (ed. Reverend J. William Jones), Index (search)
A.. 39. Echols, W. H., 72. Elzey, A., 40. Ewell, B. S., 35; R. S., 47. Evans, N. G., 58. Fain, R. G., 35. Ferguson, S. W., 71. Field, C. W. 59. Fish, O. H.. 71. Flewellen, J. P., 61. Forney, J. H., 64. Frazier, J. W., 60 Fremont, S. L.. 48. French, S. G., 52. Frost, D. M., 53. Fuller, C. A., 37. Gaillard, P. C., 37. Gardner, F.. 53; W. M., 56. Garnett, R. B., 49; R. S., 49. Gatlin, R. C., 36. Gibbs, W. H., 75. Gilmer, J. F., 46. Gorgas, J., 48. Gracie, A., 67. Green. D. C., 59. Griffin, W. H., 37. Gwynn, W., 41. Hallonquist, J. H., 72. Hardee. W. J. 46. Harris, D. B., 36. Hawes J. M., 54. Haynes, M. A., 46. Hebert. L., 54; P. O., 47. Helm, B. H.. 63. Henry. M. W., 76. Heth H.. 57. Heywood. W. C.; 45; J. H., 69; R. C., 69. Hill, A. P., 56; D. H., 51. Holloway E. B., 53. Holmes, T. H., 44. Holt, G. W., 72. Hood, J. B., 66. Hoxton. L. G., 75. Huger B., 42; F., 75. Huse, C., 62. Ives, J. C., 63. Jackson, A., 93; Geo
1758.—By Samuel Cooke, A. M., Pastor of the Second Church of Cambridge.—2 Cor. i. 21. Now He which stablisheth us with you in Christ, and hath anointed us, is God. 1 Tim. IV. 16. Take heed unto thyself, and unto thy Doctrine.—Boston: Printed by Green & Russell, opposite the Probate Office in Queen Street. Mdcclix. Pp. 23.—Letter of S. F. Haven, Librarian of the American Antiquarian Society, Worcester, Mass. 1759 On Nov. 7, 1759, died Deacon John Winship, aged 66 years; Elizabeth, hisliot Charles Cutter Gershom Cutter, jr. Andrew Cutter Daniel Reed Ebenezer Swan, senior Gershom Swan Benjamin Wilson William Locke Benjamin Locke, jr. Ebenezer Hill Simeon Crosby Cambridge, July 21, 1787. Thomas Green, Pastor of the Baptist Society in said place. For the Committee of the Northwest Parish in Cambridge. 1788 Mr. Thaddeus Fiske's answer is recorded in the Precinct Book: To the People of the Church and Congregation of the Nor
a council. In Sept. 1781, the church was received, with twenty-seven members, John Williams delegate, into the Warren Association, assembled at Brimfield. Mr. Thomas Green was appointed by the Association to preach at Cambridge, the third Lord's day in November, and was engaged by the Society in July, 1782, to preach six weeks Society at length concurred with the church in calling him as the regular pastor. His ordination occurred Nov. 26, 1783. In 1790 an arrangement was made with Mr. Green to preach once a month in Woburn. The Woburn members of this Society in that year amounted to twenty-two. See Sewall's History of Woburn, p. 484. Soon af an organ and other appurtenances. It was subjected to extensive repairs about 1871, at an expense of over $11,000. The ministers of the Society have been:—Thomas Green, 1783-93; position of minister vacant, 1794-1818; Benjamin C. Grafton, 1818-23; John Ormsby, 1824-27; Ebenezer Nelson, 1828-34; Appleton Morse and Charles Mill
itable Williams of Camb., m. 10 Apr. 1777. Grant, Abraham, of Camb., and Charlotte Yates of W. Camb., m. 30 June, 1824. Daniel and Sarah P. Pierce of W. Camb., m. 29 Aug. 1824. Gray, Sarah, and Silas Cutler of W. Camb., m. 3 June, 1827. Green, Rebecca—granddaughter of John Williams, deceased—adm. Pct. ch. 13 Dec. 1761. Thomas, was pastor of the Baptist Society in Camb. N. W. Prect. 21 July, 1787, and continued in that office till 1793. He was grandson of Dr. Thomas Green, firstDr. Thomas Green, first pastor of the Baptist Church in Leicester, and b. at Worcester, 3 Jan. 1761. He came to Cambridge by letter from Wrentham. See Green Family in Vinton Memorial, pp. 408-9,421, 435; Arlington Baptist Church Book; Sewall's History of Woburn, 484-85; Hanson's Hit. of Danvers, 247. Lucy, m. Isaac Tufts, 12 Mar. 1807, Camb. Har-Riet Maria of W. Camb. m. John Parker of Brighton, 6 May, 1813, Leonard, Esq., d. 1 July, 1840, a. 60. (See Bond's Wat., 261.) Greenleaf, Sarah A., and Joseph B. Mott,
in and Godding, 11, 12, 22, 262, 263, 299, 301, 328 Goffe, 7 Goldsmith, 262, 263 Goldthwait, 67 Goodwin, 173, 184, 222, 262, 263 Gookin, 253, 275 Gordon, 53, 61, 63, 64, 65, 78 Gore, 13 Gorton, 7 Goss, 253 Gould, 63, 66, 63, 64, 77, 81, 141, 167, 226, 263, 291, 296, 349 Gourley, 342 Gowen, 253, 269 Gracie, 263, 322 Grafton, 176 Grant, 133, 166,194, 201, 263, 281, 336, 344 Graves, 167, 349, 351 Gray, 118, 154, 209, 212, 263 Greeley, 342 Green and Greene, 37, 100, 106, 108, 160,170, 172, 175, 176, 263,264, 280, 312, 322, 343 Greenlaw, 349 Greenleaf, 24, 264, 277 Greenough, 254 Greenwood, 68, 83, 264, 277 Griffin, 228 Griffiths, 18, 154, 289 Griggs, 264 Grimes, 68 Griswold, 140 Grover, 343 Guild, 346 Hackelton, 200, 254 Hadley, 194, 243, 254, 255, 343 Hagan, 341 Hagar, 141 Hale, 14, 206 Hall, 19, 20, 27, 28, 34, 37, 53, 66, 78, 83, 91, 92, 96, 106, 111, 112, 114, 116, 119,121, 124
Homicide. --Thomas Green, who returned from Texas on Monday, was shot and killed by Boone Judy, at Mount Ida, Montgomery county, Ky., on Tuesday last. Green's familiarity with Judy's wife, it is said, led Judy to attack him. Judy was arrested and lodged in jail, but subsequently made his escape. Homicide. --Thomas Green, who returned from Texas on Monday, was shot and killed by Boone Judy, at Mount Ida, Montgomery county, Ky., on Tuesday last. Green's familiarity with Judy's wife, it is said, led Judy to attack him. Judy was arrested and lodged in jail, but subsequently made his escape.
ion is that it is a sluggish, muddy stream. There is a pretty field for strategy in the region between Bear creek, Tennessee river, and the two intersecting railroads, and the streams of that region may yet become as interesting in military history as the Rhine, the Sambre, and the Mouse. The Lincolnites in East Tennessee. A correspondent of the Knoxville Register narrates an incident which occurred in Jefferson county, Tenn., on the night of the 22d of March, as follows: Thos. Green, a respectable and well known Southern-rights citizen, noted for his devotion to the South and for his constancy as an humble Christian, was awakened about one o'clock in the morning by some one calling him at the yard fence. Supposing them to be some of his neighbors' boys, he paid no attention to their calls. But this availed him nothing. They continued their calls until he left his room and started to the fence where the calling came from. On arriving within a few paces, to his sur
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