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at least 3,000. Their dead bodies were tying three deep in some parts of the fort, and where they attempted to escape the ground was covered with their bodies. One "pink-buttoned" or No. 1 Mandarin was shot by Capt. Prynne, of the Royal Marines, who was one of the first officers into the fort. I have since heard that it was the mandarin "second in command," a certain "Lieutenant General I," or some such name. Among the officers who particularly distinguished themselves, I may mention Capt. Gregory and Lieut Rogers of the 44th, Lieuts. Burslem and Chaplin of the 67th, and Lieut. Kempson of the 99th, who is Aidde Camp to Brigadier Reeves, of the Fourth Brigade. Some of these officers, I believe, have been recommended for the Victoria Cross, and certainly deserve it well. The gallant old Brigadier Reeves was wounded in four places, I hear, but refused to be removed to the rear, and still remains with his brigade. Col. Travers, of the Royal Marines, Col. Mann and Major Graham it is
Important Religious movement. --A recent letter from Constantinople alludes very briefly to what may prove an important movement: "Quite recently, it is said, 40,000 Armenians have proposed to form an Armenian Episcopal Church. Dropping all the errors and superstitions which have crept into the Church, they propose to go back to Gregory, their patron Saint, who flourished in the fifth century, and adopt the doctrines and rights current in the Church at that early age."
Virginia: --At rules held in the Clerk's Office of the Circuit Court for King William County, on the Monday the 5th of August, 1861: Roger Gregory, As'ee of E. C. Cranmer, In Debt. against Joseph H. Birdsall,...In Debt. The object of this action is to recover from the defendant, Jos. H. Birdsall, the amount due unto the plaintiff, as the assignee of E. C. Cranmer, from the said defendant, Jos. H. Birdsall, by reason of certain promissory notes given unto the said Cranmer by the said Birdsall--one for the sum of $30, bearing date May 26th, 1860; another for the sum of $10, bearing date October 31st, 1860; another for the sum of $30, bearing date July 6th, 1860; and another for the sum of $32, bearing date April 11th, 1861--and all which are payable on demand, and were assigned by the said Cranmer unto the said Gregory on the 17th of June, 1861: And affidavit having been made and filed that the defendant is a non-resident of this Commonwealth, the said def
er the Sequestrations Law since our last report: Confederate States vs. Jones & Winant, to affect Field, Langstroth & Co., alien enemies. A. J. Browning — Robert C. A. Ward and John Ward, alien enemies. David Walker Haxall — Tompkins Cove Liming Company, alien enemies. James Lobban — William Orthant & Brother, &c., alien enemies. George M. MeIntire — Lozell, Marsh & Gardiner, and others, alien enemies. William A. Charters — William Hurley, alien enemy. Roger Gregory — Frederick Nangle, alien enemy. James Campbell — R. D. Clifton & Co., alien enemies. Hinsen H. Wallace — John M. Whittimore, alien enemy. Farmers' Bank of Virginia — Caroline M. Stanard, alien enemy. Bink of Virginia--Farmers' and Mechanics' Bank of Philadelphia, alien enemies. Edward M. Kerr — William J. Kerr, alien enemy. John and James Turner — New York and Richmond Coal Co., alien enemies. Bank of Virginia--Mary Chew, alien enemy.
purloining a letter addressed by John Dooley, of Richmond, to J. H. Sweeney, of Campbell; one against Abner Jackson, for stealing money out of a letter in his care and custody, as mail carrier; one against E. F. Husted, for trying to bribe the Commissioner of Patents; one against John Henson, for abetting Husted in the performance of the unlawful act; one against Charles Petz, for stealing Confederate Treasury notes. A venire facias was issued yesterday to try Abner-Jackson to-day. Roger Gregory, Esq., qualified to practice law at the bar of the Court, by taking the several oaths required by law. In the case against Allen P. Lee, to sequestrate the property of William and Joel Osborn, of New Jersey, as alien enemies, the Court directed an order of sale to be entered. It will be learned with pleasure by all loyal Virginians that the Receivers are taking measures to bring into subjection to the law all the real estate located in Richmond that may be standing in the name